Igor’s 7 Rules Of Wealth Attraction

Money works in not-so-mysterious ways. Money and success move predictably. They are drawn to and away from certain behaviors, habits and mindsets. In this episode, Igor explains how to think and behave to be friends with money.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host, Igor Kheifets. So did you know that money is energetic, that money actually moves around in a certain way? And you can control it by applying principles to your behavior that will allow you to become magnetic to money. Now, this episode's going to be loosely based on the principles that are described in Dan Kennedy's book called No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy. But what I want to touch on are some of the specific principles in my life that have governed the attraction of money because just to put things into some context for you, I was born in a family of a middle-class Ukrainian family, basically.

My dad was doing all right and by the Ukrainian standards, but obviously, I grew up in a very poverty consciousness society. And up until the age of 12 or so, I was literally surrounded by very bad people, very bad habits, and very bad influences. People around me were drinking. Nobody wanted to work. Oftentimes, you'd see really good people honest people and hardworking people get stuck without a job, without any sort of income. We would see things like people literally begging for food, right. And that was normal. That was really just normal like a normal person, you know wouldn't be immune to borrowing money to just buy groceries. I'll even take it to the next level for you. And I know this is going to be really shocking for most of you out there in North America, but a lot of times people couldn't even buy groceries if they wanted to and even if they had the money because groceries came and short supply. The only thing you could get in abundance was probably bread and butter maybe. The rest was sort of on and off.

So I grew up in the society where people believe that you supposed to go to school and study hard and maybe get some kind of some kind of a government job. The government job would allow you to have the connections and the paycheck necessary to survive well that's why my dad spend a long time in the Red Army as a Red Army officer because Army took care of its people because it was a governmental body. Now, then the Soviet Union kind of fell apart and I was born around that time. I was born in the '88, and the Soviet Union fell apart, I think '89 or '90 or something like that, right? So the world starts transitioning from being very government conscious and very communism conscious and very equality conscious where everybody would get a little bit but everybody would get pretty much the same stuff. All of a sudden too, it transitions into this economy where each man or and women to themselves.

Basically, where people take care of themselves and their family and they would do it even if they had to step over other people's heads. Even if they had to kill, lie, cheat, steal, etc. And so you couldn't really survive in that economy unless you were shrewd, unless you were willing to break your moral standards, often times you have to break the law. I'm not ashamed to admit that my dad, when he left the Army, when the Soviet Union fell apart, there was no point staying there. He started a couple of small businesses and a lot of times he had to break the law just in order to survive because the law was built in a way where it wasn't business-friendly not to mention that as soon as you started a business that automatically attracted the criminals, the racketeer. The people who would come to you and demand money for protection services so to speak. So you kind of had to be friends with criminals if you wanted to operate a business, and you had to literally lie, cheat, and steal at least from the government in order to make a living.

And my dad again, I'm not necessarily ashamed of this but I know that a lot of people will disapprove this, but my dad he would sell things like cigarettes and alcohol, things that I wouldn't necessarily encourage today, but he did that's how he made a living because that's what people are buying. Which once again tells you the quality of the environment that I grew up in. People would literally get hammered just not to think about their problems, and that was sort of like the national Pastime in Ukraine. So over here, in North America, if you're bored you go to see a show. You watch TV, got Netflix. Over there, if you're bored, you just go and you get drunk with your buddies or you just get drunk at home in the kitchen. There's really a no limit to how often you could have gotten drunk.

And that's why I think Ukraine never made it to become like a proper European country and it just kind of got stuck in the 1950s or something. And to this day it's really difficult to live in Ukraine and that's why my parents immigrated to Israel when I was 12 years old. Now, in Israel things got a little better, right, because in Israel there was a little bit more abundance. People never went hungry. There's always enough food and it's this Oasis in the desert where these Israeli's build this amazing place where you couldn't have built a country, but the Is pulled it off. They figure it out. They used technology to pull off amazing stuff and still though, a lot of what we consider abundance today in North American society, that still only available to the privileged people in Israel.

And so when I made the transition from living in Israel to now having spent a year in Canada, boy oh boy, did my standard of living and my definition of wealth and abundance change. In fact, with that standard my income standard changed as well because what I thought was a lot of money, what I thought was wealth and abundance, what I thought was amazing achievement is no longer considered so because I'm seeing people all around me, people who aren't necessarily smarter than me, people who aren't necessarily more proactive and people who don't necessarily think bigger, but they make more money just because they operate in this society and just because they're connected to other people in the society and that's how the society rewards people over here.

So that's why I kind of got back to the whole idea of wealth creation and wealth attraction because it is my sincere belief that we all make exactly what we deserve. We all make exactly what our financial thermostat allows us to make and we control the knob on that thermostat, but most people aren't really willing or wanting to play with it, in any way, because they're afraid to screw it up. They're afraid to start making less, but what I feel that everybody should be doing is working towards increasing their financial thermostat and changing their behavior to attract more wealth.

For example, one of the principles that is really necessary for you to attract more wealth is basically getting rid of the fear of not being wealthy or not having enough. So going from the idea that money comes in a really short supply and really scarce and limited supply, as if it's a zero-sum game. You have to get rid of that notion and accept the fact that money flows abundantly and it usually flows into the hands of people who already have a lot of it. Which means the moment you start spending more time with people who have a lot of money, it will automatically rub on you a little bit. You will be able to pick up on those behaviors that will allow you to start attracting money as well.

Now another behavior that could really just dramatically and really quickly repeal money is making excuses. So I'll give an example. I've had this employee a while ago who instead of being proactive and instead of trying to show value and trying to basically be of more service, constantly made excuses. That's all he did. Anytime I would ask him to do anything, anytime I would suggest an idea, anytime I would ask him to make a change to his routine, all I got was excuses. Now, the interesting part is that we no longer work together because usually, people who make excuses all day long don't stick in my life, but what I can tell you is that progressively for those people things are only getting worse. So for that employee of mine, things have gotten worse since we worked together. In fact, he can't find a job for the last year and a half.

Another friend of mine who's also a master at making excuses is perfectly capable of building an online business, right. However, at the same time he's even more skilled at making excuses, why he can't or why he shouldn't and as a result nothing comes out of it and he's just kind of got stuck in his own little frame of mind, getting back to a job he hates and a life his unfulfilled with, yet he gets to do what he's really comfortable with and that is make excuses. It's a cliche but it's true. You can be great at making excuses, or you can be great at making money, but you truly can't be great at both.

Now, another thing that I noticed about money is that it seems to be attracted not so much to the skilled, worker as we used to think back in the day when as long as you had a profession of some sort or any kind of Professional Knowledge, you could probably make a lot of money and that's when Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow rich, right? Or Dale Carnegie. One of them said that Professional Knowledge is what's going to make you wealthy. Well, what I'm seeing here is that money's on being attracted to the professional. Money is actually being attracted to the celebrity.

So it is my belief now, again, this changed in the last year, but it is my belief now, that is more important to be famous or seen than it is to be a professional. In fact, we could see this principle in action the looking at someone like say Robert Kiyosaki. So Robert Kiyosaki is seen, right. He's seen everywhere and he's like this financial industry activist, and he's making a lot of money talking about real estate, educating people about real estate, but I'm pretty sure that there is a lot of people out there who are way more knowledgeable than Robert Kiyosaki in real estate, but they're not making nearly as much money as he does, right.

So anytime you're thinking, "How can I create more money in my life in my business?" As long as you keep that principle in mind and you just create more visibility and more visibility and more visibility, you will most likely create more and more wealth all the time. In fact, my friend Steve Sims is kind of an expert in this stuff. He's really good at creating visibility and presence of an authority even though in many ways and in many industries, he wouldn't even qualify to be an authority. If he if he goes on to speak to a bunch of dentists, or public speakers, or real estate investors, he's neither, right? He's neither. He's not a public speaker. He's not a real estate investor. He's not a dentist. Yet, he can easily get in front of them and get on stage and close them as clients. So again, being seen is way more important than being a professional or to have some sort of a skill. A lot of times you'll see that, right. You'll see people who are seen everywhere, but they don't usually show or are able to present any kind of skills set, yet they get paid a lot of money. That's the principle at work.

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Today, money is being attracted to the visible not so much of the professional. Now, another really interesting money sort of like attracting mechanism actually goes back to email marketing for me personally because in email marketing what I learned and then direct response marketing in general, is that most sales don't occur when the very first interaction. In fact, what happens is most sales occur way later after a gruesome follow-up. I mean, sometimes it can you go on for a year and a half, two years, sometimes it's six months. Sometimes it's 90 days. It really depends on your list and the relationship on what you're selling in the buying cycle, but where we can all agree on is that most sales do not occur right away. In fact, only just a tiny little percentage of people will buy from you right away. Usually roughly around 2%, if we're talking about cold traffic and probably roughly 10% and maybe up to 20% if we're talking about an endorsement traffic. But most traffic will only buy after they go through your follow-up.

Now the same thing happens in every other type of relationship. So if you're looking to get a joint venture with somebody, you'll probably have to follow up. If you're looking to get an endorsement from someone you're looking, you probably going to have to follow up and it's going to take your multiple follow-up attempts before you're going to get any kind of an answer. And with wealth, that's always how it works, every single wealth-building action that I ever took always required some kind of follow-up. And that connects to another principle to building wealth and that is not giving a fuck about rejection. And this is big, this is really really big. So same as if you're trying to date women right now, or maybe if you're ... I mean, obviously, this example is more relatable to guys but even if you're a woman, just pretend you're a guy for a second. So if you're a guy and you trying to date a woman or find someone to date, approaching women is a very intimidating thing and most of the time, you kind of strikeout.

So you approach a woman and she's not interested or your approach her at the wrong time. The interaction doesn't have the right energy. So any time you're getting out, anytime you're "Hunting." You will always be running a risk of being rejected. And that's okay. And it's those who are okay with rejection, or at least, don't let it scar them in a significant way. Those are usually the ones who end up attracting massive, massive wealth. Now, perhaps it goes back to the principle of learning through failure, it could be. But it also probably goes to the idea that more often than not, we need to go through a few no's before we can get to a yes. It is very unlikely for you to strike a yes on every attempt that you make to build your wealth. Just doesn't happen. Just doesn't happen. So that's not a big principle.

Now another one that I was reminded by my wife a couple of weeks ago, she started listening to this great book. It's called The Aladdin effect and the book talks about asking, right. So ask for what you want and the universe will present it to you. Now, I'm not a big fan of metaphysics. I'm not a big fan of the Law of Attraction, and I don't believe that just by asking for something it kind of magically appears in your life. If I'm going to ask for a Playboy model appear in my home office right now. Right now. Yeah, it didn't work. Okay, it didn't work. So it's not as magical as it sounds, but what I do believe in is setting very specific targets. And what I found this year is I got really good at doing that. I got really good at setting extremely specific targets for myself and as a result by knowing exactly where I'm heading, I was able to take the actions necessary together and things just started falling into place for me.

For example, soon as I set an intention to write a book, immediately I was introduced to three different professional agencies that helped me with that, and I was also able to score an introduction with another person that basically helped many of my marketing friends write their books. So it was only because I set that specific goal and now my mind was paying attention to those things in my surrounding. So ask and you shall receive is a very important principle to wealth traction. You need to ask for it. You need to be very specific about the amount of money you want to make, and the amount of time you want to work to make that money. You want to be very specific about the deadline you set for yourself to make that money, and you want to be very specific about the circumstance in which is that money will appear in your life. The moment you do, even if it doesn't occur exactly in that fashion, it will still most likely occur if you take action and go for it.

Now another principle that I learned this year, as far as wealth attraction, is no matter how like ... If you set a small income goal or a large income goal, you will most likely invest the exact same amount of effort to try and attain it, so you might as well go for the big one because even if you don't hit that goal, you're still going to fail into a position where you're way, way, way ahead of the lower goal that you could set. And I learned that after going after this really ... I mean, now I look in hindsight, it now seems are like a very modest goal. But at the time it seemed to me like an okay goal. It was fairly ambitious. I knew it wasn't stretching me by any means but it was enough to make it interesting. So I went for it and for three months, I worked really hard to achieve that financial goal.

And you know what? I actually did it. And when I did, I felt so bad because I realized I've invested three months of my life to achieve a goal that was below my potential. So then it hit me, "Wait a second. So it doesn't matter if I set a goal of a million dollars or 10 million dollars, for the next three months I'll still work on that goal, I'll still invest the same amount of hours. I have only so many hours in the day and as far as the focus, attention and brain energy that I'm going to put into that goal. It's all going to be the same."

In other words, whether you're drawing a big tree on a sheet of paper, whether you drawing a big three or a leaf, it's always the same effort. You still have to pick up your pencil and do the brush strokes. So that is why you need to set really big ambitious harry bozy goals because when you do, again, you'll spend the exact same time and the exact same effort trying to attain those goals, but you will always walk away with more money. So that's a really big principle that I'm incorporating into my life this year, and I'm also taking it not only in the wealth creation department, but I'm also going to be doing it in my personal life where I refuse to settle for smaller things, small relationships, small experiences, right? So I'm going big this year, and I suggest you do the same.

Now, another great principle that you absolutely have to embrace, especially if you plan on making a lot of money, and especially if you're operating in the information marketing world, one of the online marketing world that is, you need to think of value and not time or deliverables. Meaning that you can you can write a 10-page report that solves a problem and most people, when they decide to sell a 10-page report, they'll try to sell it for 10 bucks, 20 bucks. The brave ones will sell it for 50 bucks because it seems like it wouldn't be fair to charge 1,000 bucks for something that's only 10 pages long. But the truth of the matter is it's not really the amount of words in that report. It is the value that that report brings to the person. Meaning that if that report teaches how to double your open rates, and somebody who does not have a list buys that report to them, that's probably worth 10 bucks.

But if that report teach us how to double your open rates and someone with a list of 100,000 people who is now getting 10% open rate buys that report, meaning that they can go from getting 10% open rate on the 100,000 email subscribers to getting 20% open rate on 100,000 email subscribers to that person that report is probably worth a good $10,000 over the course of the next 12 months. So that is how we need to start thinking about the value you put out into the marketplace and the value you're buying as well. So a lot of times, what I'm noticing is that people get hung up on the deliverables instead of seeing the kind of value they get from the information, the coaching, the resources the access, the network they can get, and it stops them. It truly stops them from getting progress in their life and it's a shame and truly is a shame.

Now, last but not least. Another principal to wealth building that I wasn't really aware of consciously until Dan Kennedy, pointed it out to me in his book again. The book is called No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy. He talks a lot about energy from people. And so another author that I heard talk about this is Robert Green in the 48 Laws of Power, where he spoke about that you shouldn't be spending time with sick people. Meaning that, if you spend time with a sick person, even if you don't get physically sick, you will get sick in your mindset.

Their mindset will be contagious and it will put you down, even if you have this amazing will power it will still kind of override your personal preferences and you will eventually subscribe to that mindset. So what you want is you want to make sure you're hanging out, physically hang out with people with high wealth energy and high productivity energy because if you spend your time with people with low goals, with low self-esteem, with low energy, with low expectations, right, with low productivity values, then you will not be able to break out of that cycle. It's just impossible to do it.

You need the physical environment to make that transition and that's why I believe that environment again, especially physical one, environment triumph's habits. It triumphs will power. It triumphs very much everything and environment is the single most effective way to completely change your game and change your life and change your business in a very, very, very, very quick fashion. So consider that and ask yourself, how can you change your environment? Where can you go to hang out with wealthy people, who think differently with a different, energy values and productivity values, so you too can become wealthy by default?

So that covers some of the principles that I picked up this year. Again, my advice to you is go on Amazon right now and pick up a copy of No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy by Dan Kennedy. Dan breaks down amazing, just in such a thorough and impossible to ignore way. He's giving you 28 principles for you to incorporate in your life to just become magnetic to money, and if there's anyone who's qualified to give you that advice, it's Dan Kennedy. So with that said, thank you so much. Hopefully, 2019 is going to be bigger and better and more prosperous for you than 2018 was. And I'm definitely going to be looking forward to getting more feedback and more questions from you guys because I've been getting so many messages and so much fan mail from you. Some people even send me snail mail and postcards for Christmas. Truly, truly appreciate it. Thank you so much and until next time we chat, have a good one.

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