Igor’s 7 Biggest Regrets of 2019

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Many people claim they have no regrets, but is that really true? Igor challenges this notion and shares his own regrets from seeking permission to be successful to neglecting to schedule date nights. We’ll explore the common themes that lead to regrets and provide actionable steps to help you live a life without regret. Don’t let another year go by with unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities. Tune in now and start taking control of your life!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor shares his top & regrets of 2019 and how he aims to fix them.

[01:55] Why Most People Don’t Have Any Regrets?

  • I’m finding most people, don’t answer it. But instead, they go and they try to tell me that they have no regrets.

  • People are ashamed of having any regrets about anything or maybe they’re free to admit it to themselves. They have some or maybe to other people when they’re alone in the shower.

[04:53] Igor’s Biggest Regret of 2019:

  • This year I regret most about seeking permission to be successful from other people.

  • That’s one of the reasons why I’m still considering whether or not to join Strategic Coach. But you know, joining the Genius Network, and meeting people who were willing to pay $25,000 a year for membership in a mastermind with other people just like them.

  • I would always look up to people I would consider more successful, almost looking for permission for them to tell me to be more successful as if there’s something wrong with me as I’m not allowed to.

  • So I would always like to limit myself to a certain level of success, and never hit the kind of level of success that I felt I wanted.

[09:19] Not Scheduling Date Nights:

  • The second regret that I’ve got is not scheduling date nights.

  • It took me a good 10 years that everything is becoming more important and gets higher priority on the list of things to do, than dating your wife.

  • What are the most important people in your life upon whom you probably have like 90% of your happiness depends, you get to spend the least quality time with them.

  • So scheduling at least one date night a week is an absolute necessity. that would have significantly improved the quality of our life. Because it’s really hard to spend quality time together when you’ve got two kids and the business.

[12:02] Scheduling Thinking Time:

  • Not scheduling the thinking time was something that I believe to be a regret.

[13:38] Not Buying A Bentley:

  • I know I can afford it. It’s just me. I can’t make myself go and invest so much money into a depreciating asset.

  • I regret not buying a Bentley. I intend on fixing that, and I’m committing right here on the podcast.

[15:13] Ed Milett’s Steak Analogy:

  • If you eat a steak, you like steak, and you and you have a really good steak tonight, and you really enjoyed the steak, and you love the steak, and it’s just the best freakin steak you’ve ever had in your life.

  • Three days from now, would you want another steak? Chances are you won’t say no to a steak and you will enjoy the next day just as much, if not more, does that make the other steak that you ate two years ago? Two days ago, three days ago? any worse? No. Does it take away anything from that steak? No.

  • It’s just that’s the nature of that, you know, that’s the creatures we are.

  • I don’t know many people who are just satisfied with what they’ve got. I don’t know many people who are just enough people.

[16:19] You Don’t Need Permission To Do What You Want:

  • Who says we need permission, or justification to drive a Bentley or Ferrari or whatever your car is, or maybe it’s not even driving cars, maybe it’s, you know, maybe it’s wearing $2,000 designer bags, maybe it’s, you know, staying in the Four Seasons, hotels, who says we need permission.

  • That’s a made-up concept. And it’s not true.

  • You don’t need permission, or anyone’s approval to do things that are good for you and that you want to do for yourself, as long as you don’t hurt anyone in the process.

[17:07] Not Building A Real Estate Portfolio:

  • Building a real estate portfolio seemed out of reach for me.

  • So not building a real estate portfolio is definitely a big regret. Because I’m thinking man, with my income, I could have started a long time ago and by now would have a bunch of properties.

  • For the legacy reason, real estate, I believe, is one of the most stable and secure ways to park your money and grow your wealth.

[18:21] More Trekking Days Needed:

  • Another regret of mine is being a shallow person, not doing more trek days.

  • Now trek days, if you’re not familiar, is when you go to a racetrack for a day. And you get to drive a bunch of different cars.

  • The point is you get to drive around the track in a race car or a supercar exotic car, with an instructor, and you get to really have some fun and really test your own limits.

  • It’s one of those types of fun that makes me forget about everything else. And it just clears my mind.

[19:37] Appreciating The Loved Ones:

  • Not that I’m not appreciative of them. I am very much appreciative of the people in my life. And I do my best to just say it to them and to show it to them. But the problem is a lot of times I feel like there’s a barrier that’s stopping me from saying things.

  • I’ve been consciously working on it and forcing myself to say things to them that I really mean, say how much I appreciate them.

  • So my goal is to just express appreciation to at least one person in my life every day, for 365 days. And you know what, even if I missed a mark, and I only do it half the time, that’s still a big win, huge win.

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