Igor’s Team Building Manifesto

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In a world filled with diverse individuals, it’s essential to unlock the true potential of each team member to maximize your business’s success. Join Igor as he unravels the secrets of effective client management and unveils a game-changing approach to building cohesive teams. This episode is your golden ticket to gaining invaluable insights on hiring, training, and managing the right people for your business. Don’t settle for walls when you can create teams that thrive. Tune in now and embark on a journey of unleashing your team’s full potential.

[00:00] Donald Trump Introduces The Show!

[00:29] In this episode, Igor will take you behind the scenes of business hiring.

[02:10] Micromanaging Your Hires:

  • There are some positions that require some creativity. And if you micromanage them, or checklist them too much you’re smothering them.  
  • There has to be a set of standards that they know they need to sort of fit in. However, there has to be enough creative freedom for them to roam within those standards. So they feel like they’re actually letting their creative juices flow. 

[04:22] The Perfect Team Members:

  • Your loyal team members in a way where they will learn all your checklists, they will understand your vision, they will understand your thinking process and they’ll kind of become a version of you. So you can step away and they can just replace you.  
  • They won’t necessarily be as creative, but they will be way more reliable.  
  • I’m talking people who even if they don’t feel like working, even if they’ve got ridiculous health issues, even if they just went through a terrible terrible thing like a divorce or something, you know, they will never allow themselves to not execute, or to miss a deadline. 

[06:11] The Time When Igor Was Betrayed:

  • When I got someone who showed potential, I started teaching them everything from the inside out. And I was really thinking that they can take over my business, I can step away, only to realize that three to six months down the road, they quickly realize they don’t need me for this. And they go and they start an identical business just like it just like you know my own without letting you know, and sometimes even take your clients with you.  
  • Within just a couple of weeks, he was able to poach about 40 of them, my income went down, and Justin disappeared. And I only found out what he did later, when some of my clients came back saying, “Igor, I owe you an apology, I shouldn’t have listened to Justin, I shouldn’t have gone with him.”  
  • Don’t look for the one person who can replace you in every way. Instead, start building these micro projects.

[09:53] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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