How To Create Winning Angles For Your Email Promotions

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Why aren’t you earning as much as these top affiliates? Hear it from a super affiliate himself! Tune in to collect some valuable gems as Igor reveals the most critical aspects of email marketing.

[00:00] The podcast is a continuation of Igor and David’s discussion on various affiliate marketing techniques, specifically, email marketing campaigns.

How to create a successful email marketing campaign?

[00:34] What is an “angle”?

  • An angle is your way to get someone’s attention and to position what you’re promoting as relevant product or service information to the experience that your prospective subscriber is going through.

  • You can position the angle in many different ways. And often the spin you put on it will determine how seriously people will take it. How many people will actually pay attention and what sort of open rates and clicks are you going to get? 

[02:39] The Psychology of A Subscriber: 

  • People make the critical mistake of trying to sell right away. They email their list and they say, “go buy this” with no context whatsoever. This is no good.

  • Nobody likes it when we push stuff down their throat. But people love making buying decisions because that feels empowering.

  • We need to quite simply present that offer in such a frame. And I’m going to explain what frame means in a second that it would make total sense for them to buy because it serves them. So they end up wanting to buy because it just makes perfect sense.

[05:42] Igor shares his pre-promotion preparations:

  • The first thing I would do after I choose the product, I would literally sit down and list 20 different ways that I can position the offer. And when I find the right positioning based on what I know about my list, I would just write an email talking about that particular problem.

  • I’m basically focusing on what you are getting in terms of benefits rather than deliverables. Then I would write an email that talks about the big problem. I make the problem very vivid, and very visible. And now what do I do? I got them dressed up and had to tell them where to go.

[07:15] How to frame the product to your traffic?

  • I send them the traffic off to a link that would basically tell them more about the product. So what I’ve done is I framed the product. That would be the most basic way for me to promote it.

  • For example, if I was promoting a course on Search Engine Optimization by David for $10. But let’s just say my list was a list of real estate brokers. So maybe I’m like marketing to real estate brokers, and I’m teaching them to get more clients. So what I need to do is I need to frame it so it makes sense to them. And what I would have done probably focused on the local aspect, and I would tell them, “Here’s a way to become the greatest agent in your city by following this course from my friend David, who teaches you the secrets to local SEO.”

[08:53] Most affiliates are making this mistake vs. what they should do instead:

  • What I see a lot of affiliates do is that they’re just like, “Here’s a link. Go buy this.” or “Hey, I found this new thing. Go buy this.” And that doesn’t work.

  • People don’t like being sold to. But when you discuss the problem with people, first, you make the problem really vivid and explain how this is actually a solution to the problem they already have that allows you to bypass all these selling barriers.

  • And then it’s like their decision to go and check it out. It’s not you shoving it down their throat. It’s their decision to go and review the offer.

[09:40] Using multiple frames in a promotion:

  • I always go beyond the first frame. I would choose the three most likely, sometimes four frames, based on my experience with my email list.

  • Before I knew what would work, I just randomly ran the frames and crossed my fingers, and then I saw what worked and what didn’t. And now I understand, after doing this for a few months, I now understand exactly what my list wants and what my list responds to, so I can play on the frames accordingly.

  • I do several frames because the thing about your list, it is very forgiving. I mean, you can mail it out today, and today’s campaign can completely fail, right? So you walk away instead of making $1,000, you walk away with $10. But then tomorrow you’d be like, okay, so that frame just didn’t work. Let’s try another frame. Then you made a different frame, and you come back and you kick ass and you make two grand. So the list is so forgiving. It allows you to test different angles in different frames.

[11:21]   “What if I end up annoying my email list?”

  • Your list will get annoyed with you if you’re sending out the exact same thing every single day. But if you’re sending out a new thing every day, or a fresh piece, or their daily entertainment routine. Same as they check their Facebook feed and look for something new to see. Same as they are checking their networks, looking for a new show to watch. They’ll check their email inbox looking for fresh and interesting things that come across their desk. 

[12:35] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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