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Traffic sources are a lot like apples. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and tastes. Some are sweet, some are bitter and some are rotten. So which one is best? And which one is best for you? Listen to discover Igor’s #1 all-time favorite traffic source.

[00:00] In today’s episode, Igor is being interviewed about his #1`traffic source by one of his star students, David Dekel.

What is Igor’s #1 Traffic Source?

[2:53] Email marketing as a traffic source:

  • My traffic source is email marketing.

  • I found out that super affiliates have email lists and they get 90%, if not more of their own sales, including those big ticket sales, right? So [I’m] talking thousand dollars, $5,000, $10,000, they get those sales from their email list.

[3:22] The best way to build your email list:

  • The best way to build an email list is probably with people who are already subscribing to other people’s lists because they are in that mindset, they’re already raising their hands saying, “I’m interested in this type of product.” They’re already investing time and money in order to educate themselves about that category or niche that means that they’re passionate about it.

  • I want people that I can reach, like now. So if I decide to sell something or market a product right now, I want to be in front of my prospect in 30 minutes. And so the only thing that really qualifies me for that is email. Because I can just email my list and I’m there.

  • Email is still the media for transactions. And to this day, even though a lot of people are saying the email is good, Facebook messenger is the new email, whatever, no, email is still the number one media producing the highest ROI for online marketers compared to everything else.

  • So I started approaching these people and I started offering them cash. I said, Look, I don’t have a list, but I’ll pay you. And so we agreed on a payment. And these people started mailing me. And I would literally have another person every day.

  • What I discovered is that I was actually finally making sales almost the same time the traffic was coming in. Like I was literally getting sales as I was getting the clicks. And from there, I was able to take the money I was making, reinvested [it] back into [generating] more email traffic, and kind of do the whole circle. And I rinse and repeat that enough times to build a large email list. So now I can just send an email and make money.

  • Most of my traffic is still originating from the email list because it’s huge.

[06:03]  Email Ads vs. Facebook Ads:

  • It’s really hard to max it out because you think that there are like, 2 billion Facebook profiles out there and people say, oh, Facebook is taking over the world, but there are over 7 billion email addresses. And better yet, you can’t really have a Facebook profile without having an email address first. So it kind of gives you the scope of the traffic source. That right there is basically all the traffic you would ever need.

  • The approval process is nonexistent when it comes to email ads.

  • You literally agree on a price, and that’s it. You send a link to whatever capture page you’re promoting, whatever link to whatever offer you have, and that’s it. You can’t get banned, nothing can happen. 

  • Essentially, again, assuming the owner of that email list accepts what you’re promoting, and really it’s not even about accepting it, it’s more of if it’s a match for their list.

  • And as long as they feel it’s a match to their list because they don’t want to upset their email subscribers by mailing something they didn’t subscribe to in the first place. They will most likely say yes.

[09:51] When you don’t have the budget for an email drop:

  • You ask them, “how big is your list?” And they say, “My list is 10,000.” People say, “Cool, so how much would it cost to mail that list?” And they say, ”It would cost $500 to mail my list.” Now you only have $50. So now you’re out, right? You have a $450 gap you can’t really close. But here’s what you can do.

  • If you use the excuse of saying, “you know what, I want to test it out first. I don’t want to scale to $500 right away. Let me test it out with a solar campaign.” To them, it makes perfect sense. And they’ll take your $50 and they’ll mail their 1000 subscribers.

[12:40] How Igor changed David’s life:

  • This is, by the way, the exact traffic source and the exact strategy that took me from zero to where I am today.

  • That was essentially what you Igor kind of drilled into my head.

  • I remember my very first month, I reached almost 3000 subscribers. And to me, it was a huge achievement. And the dollars were a very big correlation between the amount that I was making in the list that I had. It wasn’t exactly like $1 per se, but it was very, very close. And then the next month, I built it to over 6000 subscribers. And the next month I made $9,000. In the next month after that, I built it to over 10,000 subscribers. And the next month after that, I made $12,000, basically. So as you can see, the bigger your list is, the more money you can make.

[14:00] Your income can triple without increasing your workload:

  • Once you have the email list, it’s the same work to sit down, [and] send out one email. It’s the same work to send it to ten subscribers as it is to send it to 10,000 subscribers or 100,000 subscribers because of the same email that goes out.

  • When you have basically your own list, you are essentially breaking the chain between time and income.

  • When the list tripled and I invested the same amount of time and effort to write the emails to that list, and I promoted the same products on that list, all I got was just three times the result, because there were three times more people on my list.

  • This is why it’s so powerful. This is why it’s not a fad. This is why it’s not something that’s going to be gone tomorrow. Because you’re building this stuff as an asset, and you’re bringing more and more and more when you do it right as people stick with you for years. I have clients who have been buying my products for the last seven or eight years.

  • So start building your email list, and a year from now, two years from now, your situation might be like, you might start as we all think about this is like, “oh man, eventually, I’ll be able to go to Disneyland or something with my kid, and eventually I’ll have that car.” Eventually, it finally shows up one day, and when it shows up, it’s awesome because you’re able to do all these things that you thought before were, like, completely impossible.

[19:19] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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