Secrets Of a $100,000 Affiliate Campaign

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Undoubtedly, not all traffic is created equal. Hence, before making adjustments to enhance leads and sales, you must first understand how traffic interacts with the products. That is precisely how you become a super affiliate. Tune in to gain more insight into how this recipe helped Igor become a top affiliate with just one promotion.

[00:00] The episode delves into the details of how a single promotion earned Igor $100,000 in only seven days. Igor also provides his secret sauce for selecting the perfect affiliate program, product, and the best market for it.

How to make $100,000 with one promotion?

[03:12] How did the opportunity fall into Igor’s lap?

  • I hopped on the bandwagon to promote this program that pretty much everybody in our industry had already promoted.

  • I did a promo to my email list for that product, and within seven days, I walked away with nearly just under $100,000 in sales.

  • And I continued to promote that offer in the same sort of time spent over the course of the next few months. And as of today, I already crossed $220,000 in commissions.

  • I managed to promote seven other products that augmented me anywhere from $18,000 to about $120,000 in that same time spent. So what shocked me was just how much money there was on my list.

[05:34] How to filter products for promotions?

  • The first thing you look for is a passionate market, meaning that it’s a market that’s actually willing to spend money on the thing that we’re selling.

  • I promote primarily programs in the Internet marketing space because I really connect with the market. I’m really passionate about making money and I’m really passionate about making money from my home. So naturally, I kind of keep my eye out for this particular industry.

  • Now, there’s nothing that necessarily stops me from going into another industry like weight loss or survival prepping, or financial space. I just don’t happen to enjoy any of that stuff and I don’t really want to get into that. There’s plenty of money in this market, right? So if you don’t know which market to choose for now, then you can just stick in this market and you’ll be just fine now.

  • The second thing I want us to look at is what is going to be the average conversion value that I’m going to get as a result of referring people to that program.

[08:35] The easiest explanation of a sales funnel:

  • The sales funnel is basically an equivalent of you walking into the store and communicating with the salesperson, getting presented with all these other offers besides the core offer you came in to buy, and then leaving the store.

  • So when you buy the first offer for, say, $50 and you continue to the next page, you may be presented with another offer for $500. And if you say no to that offer, you’ll be sold to something for $200.

[10:22] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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