Here’s Why You Should Keep A Success Diary

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Are you ready to level up your achievements and unlock the secrets to success? Join Igor in this groundbreaking episode as he shares his personal journey of starting a success diary at a young age. Discover how this simple yet powerful practice can transform your mindset, boost your self-esteem, and supercharge your motivation. With Igor’s unique insights and practical tips, you’ll learn why success is not just about winning, but about recognizing your own efforts and growth along the way.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor shares his personal experience with starting a success diary at a young age and how it transformed his mindset along with his children’s.

[00:30] A.I. Intro Feedback:

[01:44] Starting A Success Diary:

  • I started my success diary only when I was 18 or so.

  • If you think about it, how many of us grew up being told we’re good or doing a great job every day?

  • The only time I was being told I was doing well or that I was a good boy was when I brought some maybe good marks home or maybe I excelled in some kind of tournament.

  • It was kind of like an expectation, but there was never really a lot of encouragement along the way.

[02:34] The Meaning of Success:

  • A distinction that if any of you want to be doing a success diary with yourselves or with your children, is that success doesn’t mean a win.

  • I want to instill in my kids that I’m putting in an effort, attempting a new thing, showing initiative, and attempting to problem-solve things, that is a success to me.

  • In other words, you know, if you participate in a competition and you don’t win, you can still recognize tons of successes from this competition for yourself by simply focusing on your own behavior.

[05:25] Memory Improving Exercise:

  • It’s also a memory exercise too if you think about it because I’m actually making him remember what happened today.

[06:24] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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