3 Reasons Why Solo Ads Win Big Time Over Facebook Ads And Google Ads

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With Solo Ads, you get what you pay for however, that is not always the case with other online advertising platforms like Facebook or Google Ads. Tune in to learn the top 3 Reasons Why Solo Ads win big time over Facebook Ads and Google Ads, how to keep your email list fresh, the best practices to avoid scammers, and more with Igor and special guest Jason Webb. 

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is accompanied by Jason Webb to discuss the top 3 Reasons Why Solo Ads win big time over Facebook Ads and Google Ads especially with selling digital products, good traffic vs. bad traffic, how to avoid scammers, and more!

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Why Solo Ads Win Big Time Over Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

[02:05] The Problem With Facebook:

  • It appears targeted, but it’s not.
  • Facebook disabled quite a few targeting options that you used to be able to do. 

[02:35] The Best Platform For Targeting:

  • The best targeting you can possibly go for can only be done by Google because Google owns a lot of that information about us.
  • Not only our demographic information but also the keyword information.
  • You’re probably better off using Google Ads and especially Google Local Ads. 

[03:20] Selling Digital Products via Google Ads:

  • When it comes to selling digital products, using that exact strategy (using Google Ads), is very expensive.
  • You can probably expect to pay $15 a click sometimes just to get that one click from the search engines, from the paid search.

[03:35] Great Traffic is Expensive:

  • Great traffic is just extremely expensive. And it really depends on the niche, too.
  • If you’re an insurance agent, you’re paying like $50 a click. If you’re a lawyer, you could be paying $100 per click. So all these niches are really competitive. 

[03:47] How Does Google Work?

  • It’s a bidding system and Google has way more customers than it can possibly serve, they have to auction it off.
  • If you’ve ever been to an auction or seen something being auctioned, you can see how fast the price can go up. 

[04:00] Facebook and Its “Crap” Targeting:

  • The targeting is crap. Really, really just crap.
  • You’re paying per view, and the newsfeed is so crowded that at this point, people just develop blindness.
  • If you want to get in front of them and you want them to pay attention, you have to run 15 different ads. Some of the videos, some of them as text, some of the messenger bots, you basically end up paying at the very least $12 per opt-in.

[04:58] This Is What Igor Couldn’t Figure Out About Facebook Audience:

  • The one thing I could never figure out with Facebook and I would be willing to pay $12 per subscriber. But the one thing I was never able to figure out, is how do you get them to open up those emails.
  • Most of them just don’t want to check their email. But the email is where the money is. So that was really really difficult.

[05:17] Facebook’s Compliance Issues:

  • Facebook changes its terms of service every 20 seconds.
  • The moment you have optimized the great campaign, your account gets shut down. That has happened to me like twelve times by now.

[05:44] How To Succeed On Facebook?

  • Anyone who is successful with Facebook ads usually is a master of starting new accounts before their old accounts get shut down.
  • If you get into that game, you have to expect to lose your accounts and start over every now and again. That’s just not a game I want to play.

[06:00] Igor’s Business Goals Aligned With Solo Ads:

  • I want to build a castle and I want this castle to stand and to be there and to withstand a siege. I want that castle to be rock solid because I need to rely on something.
  • That’s something I was able to do with Solo Ads. Because first of all, it’s really reliable.

[06:12] How Do Solo Ads Work?

  • You approach a list owner, you tell them what you want, they tell you how much it costs, you give them the money, and bam. They send out an email.
  • Second, automated. You don’t have to sit there and optimize anything.
  • You’ve run a campaign that runs without you. You can purchase most of these sold from your cell phone.
  • The third is these are email subscribers that want to open your email. 

[06:40] Benefits of Solo Ads: 

  • Price wise you are looking at paying anywhere from I would say $2, probably maybe a little bit under $2 and maybe up to $5 per subscriber.
  • The level of targeting you’re achieving, is because of the level of interest that you can hit with those lists because what happens here is not just that you’re getting a click, but you’re getting a click that was driven to you by a tribe leader, by a list owner, by somebody who has a relationship with the audience.

[07:21] How Much To Expect To Pay For A Click?

  • It will vary on the criteria of a niche because for example, in the make money online space you can get clicks for as little as thirty cents and as high as $2 in self-help or personal development.
  • If you’ve got a product about coaching people, life coaching, anything like that, hypnosis, stuff like that, you can be paying $3 a click.
  • You can probably expect also to kind of climb towards that $3 a click in the weight loss. It’s probably going to be up there at $5 a click.
  • It also depends on the quality of the list you’re hitting. 

[08:00] Why Should You Be Vary of Cheap Traffic?

  • One of the reasons why so many people out there will try and sell you really cheap traffic from the solo list is because they don’t know how to monetize them at all.
  • A lot of these lists are really not that great. So they end up discounting it so much that they basically end up dancing on your greed glands.
  • With solo ads, you do tend to get what you pay for. So expect results according to the price you’re paying. 

[08:52] Solo Ads and Fake Traffic:

  • You can end up getting lots of fake traffic.
  • When you buy that volume you work with tons of different solid providers and you have to be really careful about how you track because in between that volume, someone can sneak in, and can inject some crap.

[09:51] How To Discover Fake Emails?

  • One of the reasons we discovered this is because our sender score on our emails went way down and all of a sudden we started appearing on Blacklist.
  • So we had to kind of really revisit how we protect ourselves.
  • One of the simplest ways you can protect yourself without getting super technical is by having a conversation with your vendor and asking them some really specific questions that would put them in a position to reveal where they’re getting their traffic, how are they emailing their list, getting on their list in the first place to see whether they email or not.

[10:44] The Facebook Mafia:

  • All of these people originate in one Facebook group. And if you go looking for solids on Facebook, a lot of times you end up working with them.
  • They kind of count on the fact that while most people need the traffic and a lot of times they reach out to them, they just don’t have the technical knowledge or the marketing knowledge necessary to judge whether or not they get bad quality traffic.
  • 20% of the time they get caught but 80% of the time they win. 

[12:02] You’re being bounced!

  • Bounce is when you email someone, like just any email address and your email comes back and says did not make it to their inbox or got rejected.
  • There are a couple of reasons that can happen. First off, maybe the inbox is full,
  • A lot of times it happens because maybe the email is misspelled or maybe the email used to exist but doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe just not real and was just made up.
  • It hurts your sending score with the email service providers, your email rates go down, and overall, your domain can get flagged, which means your domain may not be categorized as a bad spamming domain. 

[12:54] The quality of your list is very important:

  • The email service providers use to determine whether or not you’re a good egg when it comes to email marketing is whether your list is clean, whether when you mailed the list if those emails actually receive the emails, and whether you keep it fresh and clean.
  • The freshness of the list is also very important.
  • As soon as they get the message that he’s emailing really old and dead email addresses, oh, he’s emailing and he’s bouncing back. They don’t like it, so they lower your score.
  • You have to take your email to the shower every now and again.

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