The Problem With The Self Help Industry

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It’s a billion-dollar industry but there is something seriously wrong with the self-help industry. Tune in to learn Igor’s main issue with this industry and his recommendations for a better approach.

[00:00] The podcast explores Igor’s beef with the self-help industry, and his recommendations on the correct approach every self-help “guru” must consider in order to form loyalty and long-lasting relationships with their list.

What is the problem with the self-help industry?

[00:20] What is Igor’s beef with the self-help industry?

  • The beef that I got with pretty much every single guru in the game, whether they sell productivity advice, relationship advice, advice to lose weight or build muscle, or anything else, is that we all sell fast solutions to complicated problems.
  • That’s just wrong, and that’s not how life works.

[01:41] Why are you not getting the desired results?

  • For the most part, people set really bad expectations.
  • They’re completely off when it comes to the realistic timeframes that it takes to achieve any measurable success, especially if they’re just starting out.

[02:29] The issue with the self-help industry:

  • The self-help industry sells fast solutions to complicated problems.
  • Nobody wants to buy a complicated solution to a complicated problem. Nobody wants to hear the truth.
  • People don’t want you to tell them to count calories and go to the gym, which is really the only sustainable way anyone can lose weight.
  • They want you to tell them, “Hey, you can keep going to McDonald’s. Just make sure to stay away from this product and this product and get a diet soda instead of a sugary soda. And, don’t put so much ketchup on the bun. Instead, use half the size of the ketchup package.”
  • But, it’s not a sustainable and fundamentally correct way to achieve that outcome. But that’s what people want.
  • For a very long time, people have focused on the feel-good stuff rather than on the realistic, real-world stuff. And I think it’s the realists that get ahead in life these days because they’re not diluted by the idea of super fast and easy success.
  • This is where that famous phrase comes into play, “Tell them what they want, and give them what they need.”

[05:30] The correct approach:

  • You get people into a training program, making an emphasis on the ideal outcome. But once they’re motivated, in order to keep them going, you have to start injecting some realism into it.
  • We all love the idea of having the best relationship or being able to lose weight very quickly or being able to make money very quickly. But before that can happen, you have to lay a foundation in place. 

[06:14] Treat your business like a bamboo tree:

  • Eben Pagan said that you have to treat your business like a bamboo tree.
  • The difference between a bamboo tree and a regular tree is that a regular tree, as soon as it’s planted, starts adding a couple of centimeters a year to its growth. While a bamboo tree for four or five years doesn’t go above ground at all, it spends all its time building that foundation.
  • As soon as that stage is over, what that tree does, the bamboo tree starts adding like eight or ten or whatever centimeters a year, while a regular tree continues to add one or two a year.
  • If you spend enough time and effort and energy and resources on building the right foundation, even if you don’t see the results right away.
  • You will then see how your business quickly shoots up like a bamboo tree and becomes tall and powerful really, really fast. 

[07:40] The time when Igor was a “diehard shiny object seeker”:

  • For three years, I had nothing going on. I was trying this and I was trying that. I was trying all kinds of techniques. I was a diehard shiny object seeker.
  • Then once I hit my stride, I went from making my first dollar to making $10,000 in the span of a month in just six months.
  • By the end of that year, I hadn’t been making less than that per month ever since. And I believe that is true only because I spent time building my foundation.

[08:37] How Facebook misguides your expectations?

  • I actually removed the Facebook app from my phone, and I blocked Facebook on my computer.
  • That’s because you go on Facebook and you feel like the world’s biggest loser and an idiot.
  • I scroll through my feed and everyone’s chiseled. Has a six pack, lives in this giant house, drives an amazing car, makes a ton of money, and is super happy.
  • You really have to be careful about what you choose to consume and the ideas you choose to take on because the price you’ll pay may be extremely expensive in the form of misguided expectations that would make you believe that you’re not moving towards your goal.

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