The One Question You Should Ask Yourself Every 10 Years

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All of us hold onto experiences we would rather forget. But, revisiting our past also allows us to grow. Tune in to find out how Igor used his past to motivate himself to work for the immense success he has achieved now!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor reflects on his past successes and mistakes, the importance of celebrating your successes, and the one question everyone must ask themselves every 10 years. 

[00:38] The One Question You Should Ask Yourself Every 10 Years:

  • It immediately shows this person’s deepest, most sacred, most inner, intimate thoughts and feelings if they’re able to answer this question honestly. Of course, this happens only about 50% of the time because people are afraid of being vulnerable in public.

  • It helps me make sense of my environment and the people in it and find out who are the people that I actually want to hang out with.

[02:06] What would you say to your past self?

  • One of my favorite questions to ask people is if you could go back in time ten years or 20 years, it doesn’t matter, and you could meet yourself from the past, what would you tell yourself?

  • It shows you what that person’s biggest regret in life is.

[03:58] People who regret nothing in life:

  • I’ve had all sorts of answers, but when they say, I wouldn’t change a thing or I’ve got no regrets, I just want to say bullshit.

  • Second, oftentimes people fail to admit to themselves that they have regrets, and it’s okay.

  • For some reason, many of them will look at their life and they will almost try to give themselves this pat on the back and say, I don’t regret anything. Almost to say that they lived the best life they could have lived.

  • I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think I’ve lived the best life I’ve ever had.

  • We hold back. We let fear take over. We don’t take advantage of opportunities.

  • At the very best, over the course of our entire life, we might have taken advantage of one big opportunity, one, we might have overcome one big meaningful challenge, one for the most part. And most people don’t even do that.

  • So I really don’t buy the idea that you can live life without regrets, but I do buy the idea that you can. And you should learn from your regrets.

[06:07] How to motivate yourself?

  • When I find it difficult to motivate myself  I will try and motivate myself by sitting down and imagining what it would be like on my deathbed if I didn’t do this.

  • In fact, this is the biggest thing that got me moving when it came to getting me to finally lose some weight and getting into the dating game. 

[08:08] The Dickens Exercise:

  • I was listening to that program, and Tony Robbins did what he calls the Dickens exercise.

  • It is all about making whoever’s misbehaving realize what they’re doing wrong and change.

  • And the way it’s done is by showing them what they were in the past and the way they hurt people in the past or the way they hurt themselves in the past. What’s going on in the present that they’re failing to see and what’s going to happen in the future if they don’t change direction?

  • I sat down and I did that exercise in writing about myself, about what if I don’t lose weight? I remembered all the hardships I went through as a fat kid in school.

  • That motivated me right then too, first off, cut all sugar from my diet. I’ve literally gone and I said no to sodas, to ketchup, to sweets of all kinds.

  • I also started jogging three times a week. I got a jump rope and I started doing jump rope three times a week. And I really got serious about my fitness. And within two months, I lost about 25 pounds. 

[12:06] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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