Why You Should Make More Offers

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You don’t have to wait to run your next offer. Igor recommends you make offers all the time. Tune in to explore various ways to make multiple offers that convert.

[00:00] The podcast explores the significance of offers and how frequently should an affiliate marketer make offers to their list. 

Why should you make more offers?

[00:11] Recommended Frequency of Offers: 

  • I think one thing you should be doing is making offers all the time.

  • If you could make exciting offers, sexy offers to your audience, because there’s no limit to how many exciting, great offers you could make to your audience.

[00:29] Consumer Psychology Behind Making More Offers:

  • The thing is that if somebody gives you their email address or is following you in some way and they like to buy from you, that’s what they do. That’s what they expect from you, and that’s what they wait for you to do.

  • They’re waiting for you to pitch them something new and exciting.

  • Having an audience that is interested in the product or service is an asset from which you now imagine lots of little streams.

  • Now, these streams are promotions you’re running for different products and services. And the reason you can create multiple streams of income is that there’s no limit to how many products and services and how often you can promote them to the audience. 

[02:22] How To Make Multiple Offers?

  • If you’ve got an audience of golfers, which is a very passionate market, off the top of my head, based on what I’ve seen in the movies growing up and what I know, I would imagine a country club membership with the best golf courses around.

  • You could also sell golf comfortable clothes for golfers. You could sell an opportunity to play with a pro or at least hang out with a pro. You could sell shoes. I mean, there are lots of things you can do and that’s besides any training or coaching that you can sell to golfers. 

[03:16] Choosing a niche:

  • I’m into soccer, so you can sell me a lot of stuff related to soccer. So having a list allows you to do that. Otherwise, it’s just a one-time purchase.

  • Not to mention all the people you didn’t convert, all the people who took interest but didn’t buy.

  • 90 plus percent of people who see the stuff you promote, don’t buy it.

[04:13] Promoting productivity offers:

  • Anyone’s a productivity junkie will almost religiously be paying attention to techniques and tips and software.

  • Like, you basically have this thing, your list, your e-form, to which you come back again and again and again and again with different products and offers. And so this way, you’re creating multiple streams of income. 

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