The 60 second Activity You Do Everyday That Could Generate Up To $10k A Month

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Unlock your financial potential with just 60 seconds a day! Tune in to learn about common pitfalls to avoid and the four-word question that you should never ask a man, and more. 

[00:00] The podcast explores the 60-second  activity that can earn you a lot of money, the common pitfalls to avoid and how you can work from anywhere, all by breaking down the concept of a four word question you should never ask a man.

[00:44] Do you like Igor’s AI-generated voice?

[02:23]  The four-word question you should never ask a man:

  • There’s a four-word question that you should never ask a man if you want to keep him in your life and make him fall in love with you.

  • That ad is from the relationship niche, and the offer is specifically for women who struggle to keep a man around.

  • The concept of the ad was all about this one mistake that you are making without even knowing that it is screwing up your chances of achieving whatever goal you are looking to achieve. So it can be easily applied to anything.

[05:30] Why do people click on ads?

  • It doesn’t reveal the exact question in the ad. But, people still go and watch it. Because they have to confirm whether what they guessed is right or not. 

[05:45] The 60-second Activity:

  • It’s sending out an email because on average, how long does it take you to send an email?

  • I’m kind of giving them hints like when people do it, but I won’t disclose exactly what it is, and all the way through the ad, I don’t disclose what it is, and I send them to the offer to find out what it is.

  • Maybe tease them some more about it because I really want to get people to a point where they’re like, I have to know or I will die. You know, like, but that’s like if this shows promise, that’s what I’ll do next.  

[07:53] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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