Why Hype, Claims and Proof Must Go Out Of The Window

I used to run the largest coaching program in the Solo Ad space.

But I got tired of babysitting people.

And now I only privately work with my Solo VIP Club members.

The VIP club is where work with beginners.

I help them become top earners.

And one of the biggest challenges for a beginner top earner is not having proof.

Which means they can’t make claims to attract prospects.

But little do they know – they don’t need proof.

They don’t need to make claims.

In fact, making claims achieves the complete opposite – it makes you invisible to the prospects who are allergic to claims.

There’s a faster and easier (100% ethical) way to get prospect’s attention and win over their heart and wallet.


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle with your host
Igor Kheifets. The other day I was browsing my Facebook feed and I noticed
something; I live in a very small town. It’s only 25,000 people big and 15,000 of
these people are Russian so it’s a very tight community and everybody knows
everybody pretty much. You can’t really do anything without your neighbor telling
the other neighbor and pretty much the whole town knows. So when I was browsing my
Facebook the other day, I noticed that quite of few ads actually that I never
noticed before, and these ads came from people that I know do not have a business.
In other words, people who are working full-time job, some of them work two jobs
that are not trying to offer a solution of some sort and become entrepreneurs.

Now, I get it and becoming an entrepreneur is sort of the _____ right now, the
entrepreneur celebrated entrepreneur as the hero so everybody wants to do
something and say “I am an entrepreneur” and that’s perfectly fine but these
people, they have no understanding of to advertise, they have no understanding on
how to run a business and quite frankly just started offering the services and
here they are competing for the same ad space as their established competitors.
Now what this tells you is that the internet has completely eliminated the
barriers that used to stand in the way of businesses having to advertise whether
that was budget, whether that was technology, whether that was connections, the
internet has eliminated all of these and now anybody who has a brain and a pair of
hands and is not lazy to put a Facebook ad can literally go and advertise their
business in the same exact places, in the same exact spots as established
businesses do. Now this is perfectly fine with me.

In fact, I thrive when I hear things like that because it means that as a society
we are moving forward and the economy is booming and I love that. Everybody gets
an equal shot at success and that’s awesome. But as a marketer what I see is
people constantly hammering solutions. They are constantly advertising solutions.
They are trying to say my thing is bigger and better than this thing. My solution
is faster and easier than that thing. So it’s always about their product and what
it does for the customer and how it does it better and faster and easier than any
existing competitor on earth.

Now the problem with that is that is as a marketer this is the wrong thing to do.
Now since this is a marketing show, this is exactly what I want to share with you
today and that is I wanted to urge you to stop selling products in your ads and in
your content. I wanted to urge you and remind you that doing so puts you in the
same exact compartment as far as your prospects is concerned as your competition
so if you’re selling a face cream and you’re now coming out with a brand new face
cream and say, “Brand new for 2017, face cream that eliminates acne within three
seconds or less” what you have just done is you’ve automatically allowed the
prospect to say, “Oh here is another face cream guy. Here’s another face cream
solution. Here’s another one of those people that sell lotions and potions that
are supposed to make me beautiful.” So that happens automatically whether you want
it or not, whether you like it or not because that’s just human nature, that’s the
way the brain works at this stage because let’s face it we are being hit with like
6,000 to 10,000 ads a day now, a day not even a week, a day. What this does, it
forces the brain to create patterns in order to analyze and try to make sense of
it all. So that is why my advice to you is to not sell your products if you want
to stand out in this marketplace. In fact, you would be doing the complete
opposite by selling products because you will not stand out regardless how amazing
your product is.

Now instead what you want to do is you want to sell ideas. The difference is that
when you sell ideas you almost never talk about the product. When you sell ideas
in your content; when you put out prolific content that sells ideas what this does
it speaks directly to the customer in their own language. It allows you to simply
add at the very end, you can say something like “And if you’re interested in XYZ
check my product here” and then they click the link. So if they go and they check
out your product after you sold them on the big idea of the product and let’s face
it; every good product has at least one great idea behind it and if it doesn’t
then you either have not looked for it hard enough or you got a really bad product
and you should sell something else. So when you sell this big idea what you’re
truly doing is you’re allowing the prospect and the prospect’s brain to process
that information and to really put you in a different category than everybody else
you’re competing against, everybody else. Right now all I see is marketers that
simply don’t get this concept even though this is not a new concept. This is the
interesting part. This concept goes back to Eugene Schwartz and that guy used to
write copy a long time ago. He was one of the best copywriters in my opinion that
ever lived. He introduced the concept of the big idea a long, long, long time ago
and so this concept can be and should be used by anybody.

I mean I don’t care if you sell lotions and potions or business opportunities. It
really doesn’t matter you need to have one big idea and it better be a good one,
an idea that doesn’t only stand out but also makes a lot of sense to the customer.
For instance, recently I released a new product through the traffic agency called
Stilled Traffic and this product is again was positioned through one main idea
actually there were several ideas, several smaller ideas that led into a big one.
So the ideas were first off, the competition. The marketplace is extremely,
extremely saturated right now and what this does is it drives the ad costs up
because you could actually get a Facebook ad to convert at 50 cents a lead a long
time ago but today you know even the biggest marketers, even the companies that
are really, really good at split testing and tracking and optimizing offer, you
know they are aiming towards to $8 to $12 dollars per lead. Okay that’s a lot of
money especially if you’re getting started. So the letter begins with this big
idea that the marketplace is saturated and that if you want to get leads cheaper
and better then you better follow a different path and then I introduce the path
so if you subscribe to my list you probably seen that letter that I’m referring to
but the point is I could stand on the shoulders of an idea to deliver my message
and as a result I’m able to get the response I’m looking for in the marketplace
even though let’s face it the traffic marketplace has gotten so competitive that
there is literally hundreds and hundreds of competing agencies that are available
to my prospects literally if they just Google something like a traffic agency.

So my point is this, it doesn’t matter how competitive your marketplace is, it
doesn’t matter what you sell or how long you’ve been selling it, you need to make
the transition to make a shift from selling products to selling ideas and when you
do you will instantly stand out from the crowd, you will be instantly be perceived
as a different kind of business, a business that gets the prospect, a business
that the prospect may feel comfortable looking into until then you’re just one out
of many potential solutions that are just noise in the marketplace that’s all you
really are.

There is a great song by Scorpions on Dust in the Wind so that’s really what
happens if you all you’re doing is selling product, you’re just dust in the wind
and the prospect just walks right through this sandstorm with their face covered
and they don’t even pay attention. So if you ever wonder why you could run a
Facebook ad for two month and it doesn’t do anything for you, right, that is the
reason why. If you ever wonder about how come I mail out to my list everyday yet
nobody seems to respond to anything it’s probably because you’re not introducing
exciting ideas. Now they don’t have to be new, they just have to be exciting, and
they have to make sense so if you’re struggling to kind of break through the
clutter in the inbox, it’s because your ideas aren’t there. Your big ideas either
don’t exist or they are too weak and too if you will saturated or well let’s put
it this way they don’t sound different enough for the prospect to really feel like
they need to invest the time to check them out.

So hopefully that gives you some food for thought and inspires you to create
better marketing so you can stand out in this saturated marketplace. This is Igor
Kheifets, thank you so much for tuning in and until next time we chat, have a good

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