Hustle Hard, Win Big with Nick Penev 

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Ever wondered how an unconventional late-night job could lead to a remarkable entrepreneurial journey filled with twists, triumphs, and a unique philosophy on business relationships? Dive into this captivating story spanning e-commerce, sales, and unexpected adventures! 🌟🛒

Guest: Nick Penev, originating from Bulgaria, transitioned from a salesman to an e-commerce luminary. His trajectory showcases a remarkable evolution, ascending to become an e-commerce superstar and later a major influencer in the e-commerce JV space. Nick’s journey epitomizes resilience, strategic acumen, and visionary prowess within the dynamic landscape of digital commerce, offering inspiration to those navigating this ever-evolving industry.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Nick Penev to discuss his journey from Bulgaria to success in sales, entrepreneurship, and e-commerce, sharing experiences, challenges, financial achievements, missed opportunities, and reflections on partnerships while setting the stage for further revelations in part two of his story.

[01:20] Introduction and Expertise in E-commerce and Sales:

  • I’ve been deeply involved in e-commerce and sales for quite a while. Currently, I oversee a few companies, one being a partnership agency that aids businesses in expanding through partnerships without relying on paid marketing strategies.
  • I’ve shifted gears from spending extensively on marketing to teaching others how to grow organically. Additionally, I manage a partnership network comprising 1500 e-commerce founders, promoting collaboration and growth without financial exchanges.
  • Recently, Igor became one of our partners, and though our initial meeting had a different agenda, we’re exploring other collaborative avenues.
  • Also, we’ve developed a SaaS solution facilitating practical referrals and introductions. Instead of waiting for referrals to happen organically, users can request them directly through our platform.

[11:00] Early Sales Career Beginnings in Bulgaria:

  • I finished high school in Bulgaria and swiftly headed to the USA for university, with my first day coinciding with the September 11 attacks.
  • After a stint in the States, due to personal reasons, I returned to Bulgaria without notifying my parents. In hindsight, it turned out to be a wise decision, especially since I’m happily married now.
  • Starting fresh without any educational qualifications, I found my footing in sales at a company competing with GoDaddy. The founders, Bulgarians who moved to the States, managed offices in San Diego and Sofia. I volunteered for the late shift, from 10 pm to 7 am, a slot most employees didn’t prefer.
  • Surprisingly, I stuck with it for five years, a feat not many achieved, driven by my adaptability to the unconventional work schedule and the substantial income, a stark contrast to the minimum wage at the time.
  • The sales job was commission-based, and while many colleagues stopped once they hit their quotas, I persistently continued, aiming not just to be the best but to outperform others significantly. Over time, I built a substantial client network, making the workload easier, but I never slacked.
  • By 26, I had paid off my apartment and remained debt-free since. However, the company’s acquisition brought an abrupt end to my successful sales streak, leaving me without a job and facing other personal challenges.

[23:37] Entrepreneurial Ventures and Business Start:

  • Transitioning from this setback, I ventured into e-commerce, initially selling a unique product in the health niche. The business took off remarkably due to early Facebook advertising, generating massive sales at incredibly low advertising costs, predominantly in European markets.
  • We faced competition, copied products, and struggled with platform suspensions, eventually shifting our marketing strategy from paid ads to partnerships and affiliates.
  • Diversifying into various business opportunities, including cryptocurrencies and joint ventures, expanded our portfolio. However, missteps in investments led to a realization that not all ventures guarantee success.
  • Alongside, I found myself advising companies on partnerships, leading to the establishment of a partnership agency focused on helping businesses grow through strategic collaborations.

[23:37] Lessons Learned and Philosophy on Business Relationships:

  • I employ a philosophy of giving before receiving, fostering a collaborative network of e-commerce professionals through mutual support rather than monetary transactions.
  • I’ve learned that by assisting others without expecting immediate returns, the value returns multifold unexpectedly.
  • Tune into Part 2 soon!

[31:36] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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