How To Travel The Carribean And Make Six Figures

4 years ago Ben Martin set out on a journey that would entail lots of trial and error.

He started a YouTube channel that failed.

He built a network marketing organization that caved in when he lost his only source of traffic.

He paid thousands of dollars to coaches that never delivered.

But eventually he would succeed at living the list building lifestyle.

Ben shares how he’s making six figures exclusively with email and even breaks down his exact email writing system!


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Can email marketing get you both your dream girl and your dream income?
Sometimes it can. My next guest is Ben Martin. Ben has been traveling across the Caribbean
for the last four years, funding his lifestyle entirely through email. In fact, Ben admits that
he's making 90% of his income simply emailing his list about things that happened to him
on daily basis. Now, Ben's life wasn't always this way.

He started out as a struggling YouTube marketer, and just at the point when he was
getting some traction, YouTube shut him down. He lost his entire business and his
entire income, and he had to find any way to make money. At the time he heard
someone tell him that the money is in the list, so he attempted to build one, but
nothing was happening, until the point when he figured out how to make his emails

In other words, Ben is now relying 100% on email marketing to pay his bills and
fund his travel, and fund has amazing lifestyle living in the Caribbean. In this
episode, I grill Ben about his technique and get him to reveal his entire business
model, so you too can discover how to take everything and anything that happens to
you in your boring, mundane, day to day life and turn those events into money
making emails.

So join me and Ben Martin as we reveal to you how to make as much money as you
need to fund your lifestyle with simple and straight forward emails. Welcome back
to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host, Igor Kheifets,
and this episode is all about mailing for money with my good friend Ben Martin.
Ben, how're you doing my friend?

Ben Martin: Doing really good Igor, how about you?

Igor Kheifets: Not Bad. Just trying to get back into my routine after the seminar
when you and I shared a stage, and I think I bumped you off, didn't I? I think I
went for so long that they bumped you to the next day.

Ben Martin: Yes. You went for so long that they moved me about by three days.

Igor Kheifets: That was all me? I got to send you a gift to cover for that. I'm
going to get something real nice for your doggies. All right well, today is all
about mailing for money. As you know, it's the List Building Lifestyle here, and
our show, the primary audience is the list builders.

So I know you're a master at taking the stories that are basically the life
situations that happened to you, and turning them into stories, which is I think
one of the most exciting skills anyone can ever have, because, the storyteller is
one of the most highest paid professions right now, and it's really going to be
that way for the next a good 50 to 100 years. That and of course investing in
Bitcoin but you know, we'll keep that for another episode. So what I would like to
start with is, for you to share, how did you become an email marketer? Because I
know you weren't always making money with email.

Ben Martin: Yes correct. I really didn't become an email marketer by choice to be
honest with you Igor. There was really two reasons I ended up becoming an email
marketer. I'm going to tell you what those two reasons are, then I'm kind of going
to elaborate on it. Reason number one, I became an email marketer if I'm very
honest and to the point is because, basically my life sucked. That was reason
number one.

Reason number two is, after I got past my life sucking and some things I'm going
to share with you in a minute, I finally found a way to make money with YouTube,
only to have YouTube turn around and shut down my main channel. I had 320
something videos on a channel that were all generating me free traffic, and making
me money-

Igor Kheifets: Ouch.

Ben Martin: - and YouTube just shut my channel down. Originally before I found
YouTube and email marketing, basically I was living with a friend. I was going
through a really tough financial stage in my life. I was going through some
emotional stuff and I was kind of carrying a lot of baggage.

And I'd got to a point in my life where, I just felt like all my hopes and dreams
and everything I'd planned for my life were dead. I couldn't see a way forward.
And at the time, I was living in the back bedroom of this friend's house, and I
mean if anybody has ever seen some of the pictures I'd put of this room. The walls
in the room were snot green. I had no closets-

Igor Kheifets: Snot green? Ben Martin: - it was dark. Yes. Snot green walls. It
was like decoration from the 1970s. This room was horrible, and outside my bedroom
window ... so my bed was right by a window that overlooked this concrete apartment
block, where basically heroin addicts used to collect drugs from their suppliers.
That was what I used to look out to every single. I used to be in that room
thinking, how the hell I'm I going to get out of the situation, and how did I end
up in this situation in the first place?

And I was just basically going for a pity party in life, feeling sorry for myself,
feeling angry, blaming everybody else, and just not in a good place at all. And
eventually I was searching for these different ways to make money on the internet,
and I came across, just stumbled across a girl who was already doing internet
marketing, and that girl reached out to me via Facebook.

She messaged me and she said, "Hey, looks like you're trying to build a business
online. I'm basically in a nutshell, I feel like I can help you out with this."
And at the time she was making about 10 grand a month. I was like, "Okay, I'm
really struggling."

Now we started to chat, and I remember saying to this girl within about 15 minutes
of chatting to her, I said, "One day when I come to America, we're going to hang
out together." Now, the crazy part about that story is, we became boyfriend and
girlfriend, and for the last four years we've been traveling around the Caribbean
having a blast. My prediction was pretty accurate.

Igor Kheifets: Well, can you tell me, if should I buy or sell my bitcoin then? I
mean just, you know. No, but this is crazy. So you're saying that, the girl who
helped you get back up on your feet actually became your girlfriend, and you're
now living together and making money together and enjoying and traveling the
Caribbean. And I forgot to mention that you actually do live in the Caribbean. You
literally live in paradise.

Ben Martin: Yes, it's a crazy, crazy story, but it's true. What happened is,
basically at that time I was ... I got to a stage where I was so hungry to get out
of the situation that, she started out as my mentor and she used to, when she told
me to do something, I would do it like I would do 10 times more than what she
asked me to do, and basically within about 90 days of meeting her, I went from
completely broke to having my first $10,000 a month on the internet.

And primarily a lot of that was done through traffic hours generating from
YouTube. That's where I started really. YouTube was really good to me for quite
some time. And then stupidly enough at the time I was not growing a list. I didn't
understand the value of it. I kept hearing people say, grow a list because the
money is in the list, but nobody really took the time to say, this is why.

And then one day I woke up and I got this notification from YouTube that, "Your
channel has been shut down. You can't appeal this decision." And I tried writing
to them, and they really never gave me any reason at all as to why I was shut
down. I never got an answer, no answer.

Igor Kheifets: You never do. You never deal with these guys.

Ben Martin: I just couldn't understand it because as far as I was aware, I didn't
break any rules, at least not purposely. And it was at that stage I really
thought, I've got to dive more into this thing that people keep telling me about
building an email list, and the money is in the list, and it was at that moment
when my YouTube income was gone, that I turned to methods like originally solo ads
for getting leads on my lists.

But the problem then what I found was is, I was now getting these leads on my
lists, but when I was emailing them, and I just thought it was a case of you just,
I'm just going to send an email now, and I'm going to make millions of dollars
because that's what they told me. And what I was finding is, every time I emailed
them, nothing was happening. I wasn't barely getting any opens, barely getting any
clicks. I was now and again I was making a sale here and there, but it was just
not a great deal of activity going on. So, it was really a big mystery to me at
that time. It was like, you know like if you dangle a carrot in front of a donkey,
and you can see the carrot is in front of your face, but you can never quite get
the carrots. That's kind of how I felt with email at that time.

Igor Kheifets: I've been the donkey. I've been the donkey more times in my life
than I care to admit, but I know exactly what that feels.

Ben Martin: That's how I was feeling at that time. And then, what actually
happened was in kind of time periods, kind of get muddled because so many things
have gone on, on this journey. But at some period in time, I remember making a
post on Facebook and basically saying, "Does anybody know someone who's really
good at cocky and can help me?" And that's actually the first time I got connected
with you Igor.

Somebody tagged you in my Facebook posts, and then obviously I went on to do some
mental shit with you which, you know, if I'm being completely honest, I don't
think it went according to plan for either of us but, I would have to put that
down as one of the points in my life which opened my eyes to what I really needed
to do and say in an email to make people buy.

That was probably the main thing that I learned from you. How to actually use
words in an email or on a sales page or anywhere you can write cocky to actually
persuade people to listen to you and buy, and it was actually very powerful
turning points on my journey which set me off in a really completely new
direction, which I've continued to go down even up until today.

Igor Kheifets: What is happening here, what I'm seeing here is that, you went from
a YouTuber, which is basically not even, doesn't even count as a business at this
point for me, because there are so many kids out there who do it and they brag
about having a million subscribers and all that, but, when it really comes down to
it, they don't make any money.

And then so, you went from successful YouTuber who was making money, to losing the
account, to rediscovering a different business model, to then learning how to ...
and this is, I mean, I really cannot put it in a more exciting and sexier way. You
learned how to put words on paper, or digital paper that would result in people
giving you money.

Ben Martin: That is basically, if you could sum up email, that's exactly how you
would sum up. I came up with a method where, I was basically getting paid to
share, at that time it was primarily all the pain I'd been through in life. And
the way I explain this to people is, a lot of people say to me, Ben, why do you
email? And of course I email for the money, but actually, emailing for me even to
this day, is almost kind of like a free therapy session.

Igor Kheifets: Yes.

Ben Martin: Really, that's what [inaudible 00:13:21] email. I'm sure you can
relate to that Igor, right?

Igor Kheifets: Yes, absolutely. I mean email, I noticed, it was about two years
ago I noticed that, I didn't write the emails for five days to my list, although I
had a bunch of them going out automatically, because there's, at this point I have
so many emails that can repurpose, not that it's ridiculous. But I noticed that,
the mere act of writing has become a therapy for me.

So I have developed habits where I now write everyday regardless of whether or not
they create content, regardless of whether or not I write emails. For example,
there's a great exercise that a friend of mine shared with me just writing about,
what great happened today, and what would you like to happen tomorrow, for

And it's just, you sit down and you write these 300 to 500 words about, what
happened today, what you would love to happen tomorrow, and just the mere act of
you putting your thoughts on paper, or going through that exercise of extracting
the thoughts you need to put on paper in a certain sequence, is that just makes me
feel so much better about myself. It just releases tension. It's just crazy, and
of course, for guys like me, if we also get to make money in the process, then
it's just the best damn job I've ever had.

Ben Martin: It's an amazing. It's an amazing feeling, and I kind of almost
struggle for words to describe it, but yes, for me, that's exactly what it is. I
realized that, hang on a minute, I can take anything from my life, the pain, the
good times, the bad times, the in betweens, and rather than go into a counselor, I
can open up an email, write an email, and I realized that, if I'm going through
this stuff in life, good things and bad things, there are obviously other people
who are going through a similar journey too.

And what I've found is with the emails, the more open and transparent about what I
was going through where I was on the journey I was, the more sales I began to
make, and the more frequently I started to send these kind of emails, the more
money that came in. And eventually, I got this whole process down to basically, I
call it my 10 minute morning method. What I actually do now is, I send out an
average of three emails a day, and each email takes me 10 minutes or less to
write, and that process generates me thousands and thousands and thousands of
dollars per month. So literally something that is a 10 minute act, makes 90% plus
of the income I make.

Igor Kheifets: It's the famous 80-20 rule. And you know, what you just described
reminds me of that story about John Lennon and Paul McCartney, when they wrote a
swimming pool. When they wanted to buy a new swimming pool, and I think John
Lennon said to just, okay, let's write a new song. So they wrote a song and they
bought themselves a pool. And when it comes to email marketing, and the foot
marketing, you're now what we categorize as super affiliate. That is truly the way
it's done. I mean, right now you have a list, you have an audience, you have a
skillset and you can email your way to pretty much anything you want. For example,
and of course I'm sure you've got something out of your own life that, where you
can support this. But for me, I just literally just now I'll have purchased a six
year old Mercedes S class. It got like the 5.5 liter engine, the massage seats and

And it just feels like one of the best buying decisions I've ever made, depending
right, and we'll see what's going to happen till the next two years. But it was
really good value for money, but it's an extra $30,000 that I needed to come up
with. And guess what? I emailed my way to it.

In other words, I didn't have to tap into my savings. In other words, I didn't
have to tap into my savings, I didn't have to take on a loan, I didn't have to get
financing. I just mailed my way to the $30,000 in my bank account. Again I'm sure
you have similar stories where you did the same.

Ben Martin: Yes, exactly. It's like when people ask me, well, how have you been
traveling for four years? And I basically say, I email. I've used email to fund my
travelling lifestyle. Between 2014 and 2018, I've lived in three or four different
countries, and all of that was funded via email. Basically every time I decide I
want to hop over to another country, it's like, I email my way to move in

Igor Kheifets: Moving is expensive. I mean, as someone who just moved countries, I
can testify that moving is freaking expensive. So it's really not that you need an
extra couple of hundred bucks. I mean, when you move you need literally, a good
$15,000 to $25,000 to get some new furniture, to get the house, to put a down
payment for six months to the new landlord because you have no history. Like,
there's a bunch of things, and it costs a lot of money, and obviously my head is
off to you for emailing your way to living anywhere you choose.

Ben Martin: It's been an amazing journey, and the crazy thing is, when I first got
started with this, and I never set out to be an emailer as I said. In fact, what I
set out to do was, I just wanted enough money to pay my bills, basically get
myself respect back and just be in a position where, I'm not somebody who likes to
smoke, I don't drink a lot, I don't gamble, I don't do anything like that.

But one thing I really do enjoy, is I like to eat at nice restaurants, and one
thing that used to kill me when I was struggling for money, is when I used to ...
I remember I used to walk through the town where I lived sometimes and I would
look in the windows at lunchtime at these people eating these nice steaks and
think, man, I wish I could afford a steak dinner right now.

Emailing allows me just to basically do all the cool things in life that a few
years ago just were not affordable for me. Email makes them affordable, and the
crazy thing is, normally by the time I go and do these things, I've made two or
three times the money via email. If I'm out eating the dinner for 100 bucks, by
the time I'd come home I'd probably made two or three times that, just by having
an email queue docked to [inaudible 00:20:04].

Igor Kheifets: Basically email makes your world go round.

Ben Martin: Yes, totally. For me, email isn't really something I do. Email is
really something I am. I can't separate Ben the email from Ben the normal guy.
Email is my life. It's not something I'm interested in, is something I'm addicted
to, obsessed with and it's just a way of life for me now.

Igor Kheifets: Well, if there's anything to be addicted with, it's going to be
email. So let's go ahead and dive into the process, because what I really love for
the list builders to discover is exactly the process you go through in order to
take a mundane situation, and turn it into a profitable email.

Ben Martin: That's okay. So let me give you an example. I'll start with some
advice a friend once gave to me. This friend actually, he's in his mid '30s, he's
already retired. I'm not going to say his name because he's a kind of a ... He's a
guy who doesn't really like exposure. He's one of these guys who basically lives
in the mountains of Montana away from the rest of the world type of figure.

And he once said to me about email, "Ben, if you want to get really good at email,
the first thing you've got to do is, slow down and begin to notice what's going on
in the world around you." And He's told me to make sure wherever I went I had a
pen and paper, or some kind of way of recording things, because everything that
was happening practically at every second of the day was a potential email that
could make money.

And, I really took what he said to heart, and I really began to ... Most people I
find are so unaware. For example, while I'm on this call, not only am I able to
speak to you, and you're going to give value to your listeners, but I'm also
noticing in the room, the windows are open. I can hear the birds chirping outside,
the curtains are blowing.

I'm noticing the lights on the internet box are flashing and I'm hearing all these
different noises and noticing all these things that are going on around me, and
any one of those things potentially, it'll be something you could spin into an
email. So, I'll give a concrete example, and this was really an easy one.

I remember one time I was in the Bahamas, I was living over in the Bahamas in 2014
to, in fact, between 2014 and 2016, and I remember one morning, I go into the
bathroom and I literally was just opening the bathroom door and undo my zipper,
getting ready to go through pee, and I found a snake in the toilet. And-

Igor Kheifets: Oh man. You told me this. This is the craziest story ever.

Ben Martin: So I found a snake in the toilet and I was like, now at that moment of
kind of like, what do I do? I really need to go to the bathroom and there was a
snake in the toilet, and being the brave guy that I am, what I did is, I actually
walked out of the bathroom backwards, shut the door and just waited for the snake
to disappear. And I just went, [inaudible 00:23:21]

Igor Kheifets: That's how I used to do deal with my money problems. It never went

Ben Martin: Your money problems just never seem to go away. But I was like, well,
hopefully this snake will just crawl down through the toilet pipe, and
fortunately, well I think it did, I never saw it again. But straight away, that
was like the best email idea ever. I mean, a snake in the toilet. Now, I don't
know if you remember this Igor, but do you remember the film, snakes on a plane?

Igor Kheifets: Yes, I remember it. I hated it. I thought it was one of the worst
movies ever. But, I remember it.

Ben Martin: Me Too. I hated the movie. I thought it was terrible, but I knew a lot
of people would know that film. So what I did is with my email, I did a spin off
of that film instead of snakes in the plane, it was snakes in the toilets. I
basically wrote this email to my list where I said, hey, I'm going to give a few
tips here. I like to get a little bit playful. So sometimes I'll open up my email
instead of saying, hey Igor, I'll say something like, hey Chico. Just something
really kind of playful. And I just started rising this email about, this morning
as I was going to the bathroom to take a pee, I was taken by complete shock and
surprise, and now here is why. As I opened the bathroom door and began to undo my
zipper, I suddenly saw this python staring back at me. And I went into this whole,
just a story of basically what happened, and then I always remember you saying to
me, actually Igor about, learning how to bring in super smooth transitions.

Igor Kheifets: And segue.

Ben Martin: How the hell do you segue from that to, selling there a product? And
this is what I did. I basically, this is a line that I use regularly in my emails.
This is a great way of segue, and I just basically said, "This weird events in the
bathroom kind of reminds me of a lot of the snake oil salesmen in internet

And then I basically started to talk about, how there's a lot of people in the
internet marketing, who are slithering around like snakes and taking people by
surprise. And my call to action was basically like, if you want to avoid game bit
in the ass by a viper, then you're going to need this light software that gets you
traffic and free minutes.

Igor Kheifets: Beautiful. Smooth transition.

Ben Martin: So I'm hoping from that example that, the people who are listening to
this can see. It doesn't have to be something as crazy as a snake in your toilet.
You could be for example, you could be driving through the McDonald's drive
through and on the parking lot, you could notice a piece of garbage floating
around the parking lot, and you could turn that into, this is kind of like a lot
of the garbage you see in internet marketing. It could be the smallest thing that
you just turn into a playful story and then you just transition into whatever
you're selling.

Igor Kheifets: What I noticed is you become most effective at writing, at turning
whatever happens in your life into emails, is when you start looking at life from
a philosophic perspective. In other words, just like with the garbage example as
you just gave, or the whole dust in the wind, I think the old scorpion song. Or
maybe, think about it this way. I was actually giving this exercise because at a
point I was a part of this cult. There was really a weird time in my life, but I

And so they sent us outside, and they told us, go and find meaning to everything.
Basically, go observe things and give it meaning. Because you can give meaning to
anything in any way, and that's how the human brain is. Where we see a thing and
we give it some meaning that relates to us. And so I was walking around, and I saw
the squirrel. And the squirrel was under the tree, in the grass, and it was trying
to make its way through the ... it wasn't a squirrel.

I'm sorry, it was like a little bird that was jumping. It wasn't walking, it was
jumping. And so it was jumping in the grass, and the grass was taller than the
bird. And I was looking how the bird is afraid to jump towards the road, and
because the grass is so tall, it basically keeps the bird within a certain
frameworks, a certain area, and the bird cannot see for some reason, cannot
overcome that fear of jumping onto the road, where it can see more and move around

And so I was like, man, I'm exactly like that bird. I'm like, I'm stuck in my own
little world. I'm stuck in my comfort zone, and I see all these huge walls which
in reality aren't even walls at all, and I still allow these walls to limit me.
And so bam, I just gave meaning to this mundane absolutely meaningless thing. But
that is how you turn everything into an email.

Ben Martin: Yeah. That's an awesome example. And at the end of that email I'd
probably would have been like, maybe some kind of self help product. But I found
this thing that basically helps me smash through my barriers that's worked wonders
for me. You might like it too, check it out here. So it's Kind of like, you just
given a very casual recommendation to a friend. I was saying to some of my
students the other say, the less salesy and pitchy you can be, the better.

And the more you can sound like, if you're at a bar ... me and Igor were at a bar
and you said to me Igor, Ben I got some bad news. I found out that I've got
cancer. That would be horrible news. But, if you told me what type of cancer it
was, and then I knew of several people who'd been treated by a certain doctor for
that cancer and recovered, I wouldn't be really pitchy and super hypey with you.
I'd be like, Igor, listen, I got tell you, you know what I mean?

I'd be very casual and just be wanting to help you as a friend, and if you can
really get a cross that in your email, that you're not being super hypey and
trying to pitch him, but you're just casually trying to help him as a friend.
You're going to make a lot of sales.

And what I find is with stories, why I love everyday stories so much is, if you
think about the story, information has been passed on through thousands of years
by story, by word of mouth, by you know like, how do you think we know now that we
can eat an egg from a chicken, because somebody discovered that one time and they
passed down the story. And what I find is with stories, stories tend to bypass
people's guard against being pitched, and almost allow you to pitch somebody
without them feeling like you were pitching them.

Igor Kheifets: Yes. Stories are amazing. But we've been talking about stories in
the podcasts forever, and we even released a program about how to use story
selling in affiliate marketing to promote other people's programs. You can check
it out at, [inaudible 00:30:39]. But stories are also amazing because, it's the
only thing people will remember. The reason that it's the stories that make it
through the ages, is because they're the easiest to remember, and then to tell

And something about that, I mean, I remember commission expo, when I spoke, the
next day people kind of approached me about what I said. The only thing that they
remember was the story. Like when I asked the five things I shared about building
a super affiliate campaign, guess what, nobody remembered anything.

But everyone remembered my story of growing up in Ukraine, then moving to Israel,
then my dad going through a heart attack, and then me needing to figure out a way
to help my parents and all that. So everybody remember that, but no one remembered
the content. So what this tells you is that stories are a form of entertainment
through which you can deliver valuable information, and move people into action.

And I really agree with you on this one point where, look, if you have something
that helps people, it is your obligation to sell it to them. It is your obligation
to at least let them know about it really, because you can't really force them to
buy unless they really want to. And yes, if you do have cure for cancer, or you
know where to get it, and your friend, neighbor or relative or anyone you know,
has that sort of form of cancer, guess what, you are doing them a huge favor by
telling them about it.

Ben Martin: Yes, exactly. You are doing them a favor. And this is sometimes where
I see people go wrong with emails. Even when I receive emails, it's like, if
you're going to tell, if you're going to agitate and bring up somebody's pain, and
make sure you provide them a cure.

And a lot of the time I see people who, they kind of agitate my pain in an email,
but then I'm like, well now, I'm actually feeling as I read this, I'm ready to go
buy something, but you didn't give me a link to click, you didn't send me
anywhere, you just left me hanging. You never really want to do that with your
subscribers. Once you've agitated the pain, you want to say, hey, here's the cure.
Now Igor hit on a big word there which is, entertainment.

And that's really all marketing and emails come down to is, people are bored, they
open up an email because they're looking for a distraction from their life, and
the person who can fill that moment with the most entertaining thing, is going to
win their attention. And as somebody really smart once said to me, the first step
in making money is getting people's attention.

If you can't get people's attention and keep it, then that shows how not going to
give you their money. So that's what I do is based on my stories, are based on
entertaining little things that have happened in my day that I just share with
other people. And that is my entire business model right there.

Igor Kheifets: [inaudible 00:33:35] Well first off, thank you for sharing that
model with us. And I'm really happy you did because it just reinforces everything
we've been trying to share with you list builders, is that you can email your way
to your new life. And Ben, now we can't keep ongoing. I know this is your entire
business model, but obviously I know you can go way, way, way, way deeper into
explaining to people how to create those money making emails out of mundane

So what I would like to do is, I would like to ask you for one more example of a
bonding thing that happened to you that can be turned into an email, or if you're
open to the idea, to do a high wire act, allow me to give you an example of
something that happened to me, and see if you can spit it into an email.

Ben Martin: You're giving me [inaudible 00:34:22] Let's go for the difficult
option. [inaudible 00:34:25]

Igor Kheifets: Putting Ben in the spot, that's what I'm good at. All right Ben, so
check this out. A couple of days ago here in Canada, there were crazy strong
winds. I'm talking about like, I think 40 miles a second or something, like it was
crazy, crazy strong. And when that happens, all kinds of things happen to your
house. I know people whose roofs got turned off.

But for us, we just moved into a new home, and one of the windows, actually the
window in my daughter's room got pulled out completely with the frame and fell
straight on the ground and crashed and smashed. Right where my wife was standing
about 15 seconds prior because she was just entering ... When she entered the
home, she closed the door behind her and she heard a bam. So the window crash.

There was like a good 10 to 15 seconds that there were in between me being married
to a really healthy beautiful wife, and me being married to a, maybe beautiful but
less healthy or maybe even not. So anyway, you get the point. So that happened.
Please help me spin that into an email.

Ben Martin: What I would probably do with that, and this is just obviously very
quick off the top of my head. Obviously the story is about, how there was an
unexpected storm, and it caused some damage to your house and basically nearly
killed somebody that you treasure and love dearly.

So what I would do is, I would literally tell the story in the way you told it,
and then I would relate it back to something that personally happened to me and I
would say, what happened with my wife or girlfriend kind of reminds me about a
tragic event that happened to me back in 2013 over on YouTube.

What happened was is, I built this really big channel and everything seemed
awesome. I was beginning to make money, but then suddenly just like that
unexpected storm that blew out the window from my house, YouTube pulled the rug
right from under me and removed my entire channel. Do you see what I'm saying

Igor Kheifets: Yes, absolutely. This is brilliant. This is-

Ben Martin: And then in that email, what I would do is, if I was, because now I'm
kind of in the email, I could go one of two ways. I could go one direction and
say, if you're interested in YouTube when you want to make money on that then,
here's how to do that without making the same mistakes that I did back then, or I
could almost steer people away from YouTube and say, so basically what I did then
was, I found out how to build something far superior, something that I own,
something that is storm proofing can never be taken away from me. I call it my 10
minute email method, and if you want to avoid YouTube shutting you down, then
you've got to build your own list by doing this. Check it here, check it out here.

Igor Kheifets: Beautiful. I absolutely love it. So let me try and reverse engineer
the formula for the list builders. So what happened first, you hear me give you
this story and you take on the macro approach. Rather than being micro in the
story, you take a step back, you observe it from the top and you say, okay, so
here's what happened, an unexpected weather condition causes damage to your house,
causes for the house to fall apart in the way that almost kills your wife.

So this is very unexpected and it could have ended in a very tragic way. Then you
link it to another event in your life that had the same sort of tragic emotional
charge to it, and then you link that to a solution that helps your list or your
clients prevent that from happening to them.

Ben Martin: Exactly. So the moment you talked about an unexpected weather events
blowing out the window from your house and could have potentially harmed or killed
your wife. In my brain, I'm thinking at some point I've got to transition that
story to kind of something that could happen in business. So in my brain, my brain
is already going, how do I link Igor's wife nearly dying to something that people
are going to experience in business that I experience, that I can help them avoid
if they buy this product.

The thing is now because I've been doing it for so long, my brain has got very
quick at joining those dots, and the more you do this, the faster you get at it,
which is why probably after 30, 60, 90 days of doing this, this is why you can
knock out these emails in 10 minutes or less because your brain just gets used to
looking for the deeper meaning behind the story.

Igor Kheifets: Beautiful. I absolutely love it. Now, Ben we're officially out of
time, but before we end this episode, I'd like to share something with the list
builders. Guys, if you would like to learn from Ben, more about how to mail for
money, more about how Ben goes around, lives in the Caribbean, travels from one
island to another, and funds all that purely based on his emails. I highly
recommend you to check out his program that's called, Mailing for money.

You need to go to, for money, and grab this program. It's
$197, and as soon as you land on that page, you will have 48 hours to take action.
I highly recommend you, grab it because Ben is one of the best email super
affiliates I know. He's definitely someone who's been in across several
industries. He used to be an MLM as well. He used to be in YouTube, so he got a
taste of a bunch of different business models, and that's the business model he

That's the business model that's currently funds his lifestyle. And Ben is a
master. He's a master at taking either a very boring story or a very exciting one,
and turning that into a money making email, which you can not only use ones, but
you can repurpose it again and again, because everything we've talked to you today
about is evergreen. I mean, I can easily tell the snake story today and then
repurpose it 60 days later, with anyone who joins my list in between that time.

So trust me when I say that email marketing is an asset and it can make you money
for a long, long time. So guys, once again, if you want to learn more from Ben and
how he does that, how he emails his list, and makes a lot of money doing it in a
very simple and straightforward way, you definitely want to go to Ben, thank you very much for sitting down with me
and sharing all these insights and giving us your business model.

Ben Martin: No problem. Thanks for inviting me on. Anytime I get a chance to talk
about email, I'd love to talk about it all day long.

Igor Kheifets: Email makes the world go round. So thank you very much for tuning
in for another episode of the list building lifestyle, and until next time we
chat, have a good one.

Thank you for listening to The List Building Lifestyle. Make sure to subscribe on
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This is Igor Kheifets, and until next time we talk, have a good one.

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