How To Make $70,000 Per Month With Product Launches

What if you could have other people send you their best traffic for free, making you $50,000-$70,000 a month, while you sit back and do nothing? This week I’m interviewing Brendan Mace about his life-changing success with product launches. Brendan is averaging $50,000 per month working just a few hours a week using the product launch model. This is a valuable episode for anyone isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty in exchange for unlimited free traffic.


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Welcome back to another addition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host,
Igor Kheifets. Today I've got a great guest, somebody who has been who I've been
trying to get on the show for a long time now but it's really hard because he's
either traveling in Morocco or he's lunching in a brand new place [crosstalk
00:01:13] conducting 17 webinars one after another in a span of three days.
Brendan Mace, thank you so much for joining us today.

Brendan Mace: Hey man, what's going on? Thanks so much for having me on, dude.
I've been a huge fan for a long time so it's a big honor.

Igor Kheifets: Oh, trust me, it's mutual because, you know, you've succeeded in
affiliate marketing and launching products. You've been really one of the most
active players in the game recently. In fact, that's one of those things about
this industry is that you don't see people stick to it over the long haul. It's as
if things are so easy for some people that they find a way to screw it up and they
kinda move to other things, you know? Or maybe just the shiny object syndrome, who
knows. But I know that you have been very consistent at following one particular
model that's been making you about 60-80, correct me if I'm wrong, thousand
dollars per month.

Brendan Mace: Yeah that's pretty much the ballpark. I'd say it's anywhere from
about 50 to 100. Yeah, so 60 to 80 is right in that average spot for sure. Yeah, I
pretty much have this formula down that I've been kinda tweaking and testing.
Every single month I kinda get a little bit better at my craft, so to speak and I
think you're probably right in the fact that a lot of people kinda probably get
bored and move on. The way I view things, I more just streamline it so it doesn't
involve me as much anymore and I can kinda mostly have an automated business that
brings in a pretty good income.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, because I mean, just in the last month when we were trying to
setup this interview, I know you traveled to several different countries and while
you did that you were still able to make that kind of money. You were still able
to operate your business and you know, you're really and truly living the sort of
lifestyle that most of our listeners aspire to live. Not to mention that you go on
to build ginormous buyers lists virtually for free so I'm really excited about
this call. I'm really excited to, you know, dive deep into your strategy and get
understanding about how exactly you pull it off. But before we do, just to give us
some context, can you share with us when did you start online, what were some of
the things you tried that didn't work and how did you end up finding out about
this particular approach?

Brendan Mace: So I basically jumped online maybe about like, eight years ago.
Something like that but for a large portion of time, probably six or seven years,
the vast majority of that time I didn't really take it too seriously. I was making
like, little bits of money here or there but I never really took it that seriously
at all. Kind of when I started to, you know, build a brand and become much bigger
in business was about a year and a half ago. That was a huge transition and
turning point for me which, like you said, I started to focus on, you know, like
being on the other side of the transaction. Becoming a seller, creating these
product launches, getting these buyer leads and then leveraging those buyer leads
to make money. So it was kinda the turning point for me. I used to be a high
school teacher so this was kinda stuff that I'd be running on the side but I think
kind of like a mindset thing like you were sort of hinting towards earlier.

If you're really comfortable it's hard to have that breakout success so because I
was getting paid a salary from teaching and I was making little bits of money I
never really had that, like, fire. That burning desire to push it further. It was
only kind of in between when I kinda quit my job, kind of went through the worst
in my life that I managed to come out of it and sort of figure out this formula
that's been working for me.

Igor Kheifets: So you're a high school teacher turned a full time multiple six
figure internet marketer where you're able to make this outrageous amount of money
part time while having other people build you a buyer list for free. Now as
somebody who specializes in paid traffic, as you know, and somebody who preaches
paid traffic, this idea is, of course, very interesting to me and most of my
listeners, I'm sure. But I also understand that it's not like, a one-two step
kinda thing. So there's probably some intricacies to the system. There's probably
some challenges to it so can you give us just a straight up, you know, how it
works and exactly what are the components we need to have in place in order to
pull this off?

Brendan Mace: Okay so the way that I look at it is that kind of I'm also in the
paid traffic business, as well, but just sort of in a different way. The paid
traffic, for me, is paying these affiliates essentially to send traffic to my
product and when you're just starting out it's actually a successful win if you
just break even and I'm sure that's kind of probably similar to going to paid
traffic and funnels model as well. Because if you break even and you're building
up your buyers list, now you have a database of customers that you can contact any
time and make money with. Now in my industry there's kind of like three groups of
people. There's the consumers, there's the affiliates and then there's the people
that actually list and put out the product. Now when I had my first major success
and made more money online than I ever had before, because I was making maybe
about six or seven thousand, was kind of what I got to was how I was making money
online before this.

The first time that I put out a product I made 70 thousand that month and it was
totally a game changer for me. What I found kind of along the way is as long as
you can keep the ... if you're the vendor, as long as you can keep those other two
groups of people happy, you can make a lot of money.

Igor Kheifets: Right so if you can keep the consumers happy and the affiliates
happy, obviously for two different reasons. Consumers must be happy so there's no
refunds, so they wanna buy the product and so any time you launch a new product,
which is another part of the model, you have to keep doing this, I guess
occasionally so they keep buying. So the affiliates are, again, I'm just kinda
bridge the gap for some of the people who may not understand all the terms. So
affiliates are the people who are driving traffic to the offer you put together
and are getting commissions for referring the sales. So in other words, if you're
putting out a product that costs 50 bucks and I'm your affiliate, I'm sending out
an email to my list with my special link and if somebody buys through my link I
get, say, 25 or 30 dollars out of the 50 as my affiliate commission. Is that

Brendan Mace: Exactly. That's exactly how it works and I think for a lot of the
successful vendors in my space, we make it very attractive for the affiliates to
promote our products. Actually, something you'll learn later on and I don't wanna
get too, kind of, far ahead of it here but a lot of the money can be generated on
the backend. So once you get these buyers, these people that have bought into you.
They've bought into your low ticket product for whatever the price is. Actually
you can make way more money by then, you know, having happy customers that you can
pitch more stuff to at and even better products at better prices. And if they're
happy with the original product that they got they're gonna take you up on your
other products. That's where you can make a lot of the money. So what I do when I
do these product launches is I give like, the majority of the money away to the
affiliates because I just want them to send me as much traffic as possible. I
wanna build as big of a buyers email list as possible and I know that if I put out
a good product that people that bought from me through those affiliates are gonna
keep buying from me again and again and again.

Igor Kheifets: Yes and so what this is called in marketing, it's called leader
loss. A loss leader, where you're willing to give up the line share, if not all of
it. The line share of your profits on the front end just to get the buyer because
you recognize that one buyer, or one subscriber on your list has monetary value to

Brendan Mace: That's entirely what it is, yeah.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. And I can testify to the effectiveness of the strategy
because first off, you know, you guys have been hearing me say this for years,
build a list because a list is your asset. Now the other thing I've noticed lately
is that I make more money with my list over time. In other words, when most
people, they think that when they build a business they must sell the customer
right away or at that point, you know, the customer starts spending less money or
they have a less likelihood of buying with you or, maybe you've heard this myth.
People think that you only have 14 days since the person joins your list before it
can convert him and stuff like that.

Well for me it hasn't been the case because I ran a series of three different
webinar promotions to my listeners the last two months and what I noticed is that
in between those promotions I've had different people purchase the products and
many of these people have spent more than 90 days on my list without buying
anything, which kind of goes to show you that just having them on your list alone
is a prerequisite to big success. Now what I also love about this strategy is that
it focuses on building this asset, right? It focuses on building your real
business and not just based on a fad or a gimmick. Like where people do say, you
know, YouTube marketing, right? So when people get on YouTube and they launch a
video and they're like, getting a couple thousand views but then it dies off real
quick and they got no more asse- like they got no asset to the business.

So building that list is highly important and I'm happy that we can highlight this
particular part of the system just to help our list builders understand that the
purpose of every strategy that drives traffic to your business is to first, build
your list. Now, but you're building the highest possible quality of lists. You're
building the filet mignon of lists, right? You're building the buyer list which is
people who have spent money with you, have voted for you with their wallets and
from this point forward it is very easy for them to invest with you again and
again and again. Which allows you to then build a huge backend income for your

So can you dive a little deeper into what happens with your potential, well,
they're not potential. They're actually customers now. What happens with your
customers? How do you market to them? What do you offer them once they become a
part of your customer database?

Brendan Mace: So that's a great question and actually I've seen it both ways
because I'm in an industry where people put out a new product every month and I am
one of those people as well. So the majority of the time I only put out like one
of my own products in a single year because I only have so much information that I
wanna share with people. But what I will do is I'll actually go out and find
people that are experts at one topic whether it's growing an Instagram channel
making money there or growing a YouTube channel or whatever. I'll create a course
on each of these different experts. Now I've seen it happen both ways where people
get these customers and that people that launch every month and they can't make
any money from their list and they must have thousands upon thousands upon
thousands of leads but nobody trusts them because they do kind of a burn and churn

Now I've also seen people that, you know, have just one product launch. They get
just one batch of, you know, buyer leads. 1,000 or 1,500 buyer leads and they can
make a small fortune out of that and leverage that and turn it into a legitimate,
kind of real consistent and reliable income and pretty much the whole thing that
determines that is how much people trust you. So kind of like the burn and churn
way is to kind of just jam a bunch of offers where it's very obvious that you
don't actually, you know, recommend or have tried or care about what you're
recommending to your people and Igor, when you say that you have people that buy
from you way after 90 days, that's because your people know that they can trust
you and they know that your recommendations ... you're not just throwing anything
at them. You've actually researched and you know what you're showing them.

So for me, I spend a lot of my time traveling so what I like to do now is I like
to do like, live videos showing people where I am, what I'm doing, allowing them
to kind of like be a part of my life and connect with me and I find the more that
people connect with me, personally, the more they're willing to trust me and the
more they're willing to invest in the recommendations that I give them. As long as
I can protect them by always giving them good recommendations and, you know,
always looking out for their best interests, they're gonna know, you know, in that
whole minefield of people that they're following, that I'm the one that they're
really gonna pay attention to.

Igor Kheifets: Absolutely and, you know, one of the most important things if you
wanna make big money with your small list and you really don't need a huge list to
make big money and I've been, again, I've been saying this for years on this show.
One of the most important things is to keep an integrity with your list, with your
people because they, first off, they vote with their wallets like we already said,
right? Then that's a huge, huge part of it. They give you a ton of trust so don't
violate it but also, they rely on you sometimes blindly. Like I've had people who
purchase certain products that later came back to complain to me because they
didn't get the results from those products and that's a real uncomfortable
conversation because, you know, even while I can prove that I'm getting results
from the product I can't control what the other person's gonna get.

So when you realize that it's not just a number on the list, I'm just opt-in data.
It's not just a megabit of text or code on your computer screen. That it's a real
person with real dreams, real desires, real, you know, challenges, you know? What
you have to absolutely do is you have to only promote things that you fully
believe in that you can stand behind. I know a lot of it I don't see it online
anymore. Like I used to see a ton of affiliates do what you and I do. When they go
promote something, they go full out. They'll put their face on it, they'll build
pages around it. They'll write a report for it. They'll do like a podcast episode
on it. They'll do like a series of 15 YouTube videos, you know? Reviewing the
entire product and showing the results they're getting from the product. But these
days all I'm seeing is just this churn and burn approach where all they want is
give me a known brand like, a video without any branding, give me a sales funnel
where there's someone else's face on it so I can go and I can promote it and I can
make money incognito style. You know?

Or maybe tell me how to build a Shopify store so I can promote like, a sewing
machine or something and make money that way but nobody will know my name and none
of my relatives or friends will find out I'm actually doing the forbidden thing
and trying to make money online.

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So yeah. I agree with you completely about having that integrity. About really, if
you recommend something, recommend it only because you believe in it. Now, doesn't
mean that you can't do it often, right? You can do it every month, every week,
whatever. But it has to be something legit and there's plenty of legit things out
there for you to recommend. Now I wanna kinda circle back to what you said. So
you're a vendor. Many times you're a vendor, sometimes you're an affiliate but to
successfully use the strategy, you have to create offers. Now most people I know
that are trying to make money online, they simply don't understand what an offer
is. They don't know what a product is, you know? When you tell them, "Go create a
product" it's like, for them, you just told them, "Go and solve the Rubik's cube"
they have no clue. So can you simplify it for us? Can you explain to us in a very
simplistic way, what the hell is a product and what the hell is an offer and why
would anyone buy it or promote it?

Brendan Mace: Okay so that's a great question actually but I think basically there
was a very good marketer back in the day. He's still a marketer now but not in
this industry, called Alex Jefferies and he used to have this saying where he
would say, "You can't copyright an idea." So essentially what you can do is, you
know, a lot of people have bought many different courses. I mean, I don't even
know how many products I've bought but I bought products on pretty much every make
money online information topic out there. What you can do is you can buy those
products, you can test them out for yourself, you can get a little bit of results
with them and then once you've gotten those results you can actually create your
own information product just documenting what you did and basically an info
product is just showing people step by step what you've done to make money. So you
know, if you can just implement something, take a little bit of action on a proven
system that 100% does work, get a little bit of results with it and then show
other people what you did, you can make a lot of money that way.

That's what happened for me because I was making six or seven thousand dollars per
month and so I said, "Okay, I've got some information here that I know would be
valuable to people to share with them" so I created my first product. It was
called, "Zero Hour Work Days" it's actually available for free today 'cause I
wanted to give it away to everybody that goes to see it. Basically in Zero Hour
Work Days, I taught people how I made that $7,000 dollars and what I did. But I
made $70,000 showing people how I made that $7,000. So it's kind of like that
analogy that I know has been used a few times where they talk about who gets the
most rich and like, the gold rush, is the people selling the shovels, right?

There's nothing really ethically wrong about that because essentially you're
giving people the right information for methods that legitimately work that are
going to make them money when they actually execute and implement them but then
the meta, the even bigger picture is that you can actually make even more money by
showing people about those methods.

Igor Kheifets: Now, I can already hear a question, you know, somewhere in the dark
hallways of the List Building Lifestyle people building, if there is one. There's
somebody who's brand new to the business or who's not brand new but maybe have
been trying to do this for six to 12 months and wondering, "Okay, I understand
that I need to create a product but you just said that I need to show them some
results and well, lo and behold, I have none." What do I do then?

Brendan Mace: You have a couple different options. First of all, you know, the
very simple way, if you're gonna do it all yourself then the simple answer is you
can't really put out a product if you don't have results 'cause that's not really
ethical. You're essentially trying to teach people about something you're not an
expert on and just wasting everybody's time and money. So really if it's gonna be
your product you do need to figure out a way to make money but there are a ton of
proven systems out there that, you know, the reason why you're not getting results
probably is because you haven't taken anything serious enough and I know that
'cause I've been there because I was online for eight years and I had many years
where I made almost no money 'cause I never took anything seriously.

Then, you know, all of a sudden one month I just kinda decided, "You know what,
I'm actually gonna put some effort into this." And I managed to scrape together,
you know, a thousand, two thousand bucks in a month. Right there, and you don't
even need to make a ton of money to have like a sexy sales headline like, "Dropout
college kid makes a hundred dollars a day with a new system." Like that right
there, you know, is gonna sell a lot of copies but if you're sort of like, you
wanna put out a product before you're getting results then you need to form a
partnership and essentially that's what I do a lot in my business. I find somebody
that brings one piece of the puzzle and then I provide the other pieces of the

So what I do every month is I find somebody that's an expert that has really good
information on one topic and I will run the rest of the product launches, which is
actually pretty easy to do. So if you don't wanna create your own product you can
find somebody that does have a good product and offer to sell it for them. Be sort
of like a launch manager in that respect and then work out a 50/50 deal so that
both parties can get all of those buyer leads.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah exactly. So what you're saying is look, there's two components
to launching an offer. Either you sell it and market it or you create it. Now most
marketers, they try to do both but the reality is you can easily partner up with
people who suck at marketing, who don't wanna market, have zero desire to do it
and may not even have free time to do it because they're experts in their field.
They're probably in demand and already investing their time into something. Then
take their knowledge and launch it as a mutual product with both of your names on
that product and then take the results, split the profits and get the leads as
well. So I've done it, even I've done it, right? 'Cause I can create products and
everything but there were a couple things I was really passionate about.

For example, I've had an encounter in my life where I realized that my voice
sucked. Where I realized my voice was undermining my presence with other people in
real life and even like, across the web as well when I'm doing like, voice only
recordings like this podcast. So what I've done is I've done some voice training.
I purchased a product from a social conditioning coach that educated and showed
how to take a nasally, weak voice and turn it into this confident voice. Maybe not
Morgan Freeman voice but still, like, a confident version of your own voice and it
really helped me a lot. So what I done is I asked this person to create a course
that I could market and I called it, "Voice that Makes Millions."

It's online available and sells for $197 right now. You can go to
Voice.Igor[inaudible 00:23:38].com and basically this product, when I launched it
made me $10,000 it was an internal launch to my own list. Me and my partner we
split the profits. We never launched it to affiliates or anything like that. I
didn't have a need for it. I got busy with other projects but yes, that strategy
works because we were able to leverage his case studies, his material and his
expert status and all I had to do was come up with the right angle to sell the
product to my audience. As simple as that and you know, I didn't even have the
rights to the product. You know what I mean? He kept the rights to the product, he
hosts the product, he did everything. I just handled the marketing. So he owns his
part, I own my part. Really cool one time partnership and then he got hired by a
big company to do all kinds of creative work for them.

So he kinda stepped away from that. My point is that it doesn't matter if you're a
beginner or a seasoned veteran. If you don't have a product on the particular
topic but you know you wanna tap that niche for whatever reason, you can always
find an expert that will be happy to provide you with the content and the proof
while you are going to create the marketing. And let's face it, if you can't
create the marketing then what the hell are you doing trying to be an internet

Brendan Mace: Yeah.

Igor Kheifets: Alright cool. So let me ask you this, you've been doing this for a
little while now. You've been successful using this strategy on an ongoing basis
so I'm assuming you've developed a system, an approach and you've made a fair
share of mistakes that, you know, when you kinda go back and think of them you'd
be like, "Oh my god, I missed, you know, I left $100,000 on the table over there
and $200,000 on the table over there." So what were some of the most painful
mistakes that you've ever made with this strategy?

Brendan Mace: I'll look at a couple things. So first of all, I definitely found
out sort of over the last maybe eight months, maybe a year even now, that the
majority of the money is in high ticket purchases and you know, I sell things
typically on the front end for $13 and they're really solid courses for $13 but to
become rich off of selling $13 products, especially when, you know, the
affiliate's getting most of the money just really doesn't happen. So if you wanna
make good money you need to look at your business as sort of like a funnel but
always extending to kind of like, better offers and better prices for you. So I
look at these product launches as a vehicle to get people into my main, kind of, I
have my flagship, main program which is $2,000 and I use these launches to kind of
funnel into that.

I do these workshops where I show people like, you know, "Here's the overview of
my business. Here's exactly how I'm running everything. These are the three
different steps or the three different stages of my business." And at the end of
the workshop I say, "Hey if this is you know, this is a business that you'd wanna
dive into and you wanna get some really good results with, I have my 2K program
where I show you everything that I know step by step. Has all this done for you.
Whatever, resources or whatever."

But the lion's share, the majority of my money comes from that high ticket
purchase and it comes from those loyal customers that have had good experiences
with me on the lower ticket purchases. So I guess one of the mistakes is I did a
few product launches where I didn't have any backend strategy in mind. I didn't
have any, you know, better product or high ticket product where I was really kind
of giving the most amount of value for the biggest price. So that was kind of a
big mistake. The other thing that I've really learned from doing these product
launches is the product launches that do the best of mine are the ones that are
the most differentiated and the product launches that have done the worst for me
are the ones that look the most cookie cutter. They kind of like blend in and I
think with my market and probably with a lot of markets online, people don't wanna
buy something that they've bought before and a lot of people have bought a lot of
these products.

Myself included, I bought a ton of these products. So it's like we're always
looking for the new thing, the different thing. Because why am I gonna waste my
time buying the thing that I've already bought, you know, three times before? It
doesn't make any sense. So I'm really only gonna be continuing to invest my money
on something that I think is different than what I've bought before and might give
me that piece of the puzzle that I need to kind of make a run at this.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah absolutely. So the two most powerful words in advertising is,
"new" and "free," right? So if you can position your stuff as new even if it's
not, you will usually make more sales and that is why everything that you see
coming out, even though most of these things are not new by any means, they're
positioned as this groundbreaking new thing. In fact, one of the most profitable
promotions of all time that's still going on, I mean, it's in every green
promotion that are onto my list in the followup, is called the New Traffic Source.

Now incidentally it happens to be a completely new traffic source like this is the
one time where it's not made up but with the word, "New" added to the very
familiar word, "Traffic Source" alone has completely transformed the landscape of
the business and I have clients who have purchased traffic from us then they see
that promotion they say, "Hey, can you pause my stuff and I would like to run that
only on the basis that it's new" and obviously because I can show like a gazillion
case studies of convert. But yeah, I completely agree with you that if it looks
like the same old thing, nobody will buy it for sure.

But the first step you gave us, you know, offering a high ticket backend on the
back of your product, that is probably a game changer. That is the biggest game
changer ever because you can easily, easily quadruple your revenue each and every
month just by adding one high ticket offer to the backend of your funnel. I know I
did. That's a big, big tip.

Alright, cool Brendan. Well, you shared a ton with us today. I took a full page
worth of notes. There's quite a few things I wanna go and implement in my business
now. But I'm sure we've got plenty of listeners who are wondering, "Okay, well
Brendan knows his stuff, where can I learn more about him and how to work with
him?" So if anyone wants to work with you, how can they do that?

Brendan Mace: The best way, I actually I have a YouTube channel, a little bit over
50,000 subscribers on there. I'm kind of one of the main vendors on Warrior Plus
and my offers on Warrior Plus usually are either at the top or near the top of the
best selling leader boards there because like I said, people tend to re-buy from
me. They buy from me again and again and again so you can buy into any one of my
products and you'll get on my email list that way. There's also Zero Hour Work
Days, like I said, if you go to that is my first product that
I ever put out that showed how I was making like, $9,000 a month at the time.
That's now, I've made that completely free so anybody can get in there and kind of
see kind of what I'm doing in my business. It's kind of like a free appetizer

Igor Kheifets: Free appetizer. Alright. So the main course would then to find one
of your paid products and go buy them. Guys, you can start out on, alright? If you want to grab Brendan's free course and how
he made $7,000 online back in the day before he started, you know, before he
really went big and exploded on this industry. So right now, as you've heard, you
can find most of his programs on the Warrior Plus network. That's an affiliate
network, kind of like GVZoo or ClickBank and if you wanna work with him, again you
can also find him on YouTube by going on and searching for Brendan,
with an A, Brendan Mace. You'll find his YouTube channel that's always full of
interesting content.

So Brendan, thank you very much for investing the time to educate the List
Builders. It was very informative, very entertaining and I really, really
appreciate you sharing your $70,000 per month system with us.

Brendan Mace: Awesome, it's been a real pleasure, man. Thanks for having me on.

Igor Kheifets: Alright, so 'til next time we chat, have a good one.

Thank you for tuning in to the the List Building Lifestyle. Get access to previous
episodes, the transcript of today's show, and exclusive content at our website at Also, don't forget to claim your free seat at the
traffic workshop I'm conducting this week where I'm showing how I built a list of
four-million-three-hundred-thirty-one-thousand-six-hundred-and-fifty-six email
subscribers without losing money. And how my clients are pulling anywhere from 50
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experience. Just go to to claim your free seat now.

Who Is Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets is the 3rd highest-earning super-affiliate in the internet marketing niche.

Igor’s 2-step system has helped him consistently rank as the highest-earning and the highest-converting (measured in commissions earned per click) for industry’s leading vendors including but not limited to Matt Bacak, John Crestani and Anthony Morrison.

Igor boiled down success in affiliate marketing to a set of predictable easy steps anyone can take to generate commissions.


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