In The Mind of an 8-Figure Marketer With Anthony Morrison

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Imagine you’re 20 years old and you learn that your father’s business is going under. What would you do?

For Anthony Morrison, this was a reality he faced head-on. After his father’s company was hit hard by the recession, Anthony knew he had to do something to help. He started by learning everything he could about online marketing and business. Then, he launched his own online venture, which quickly became a success.

Today, Anthony is a multi-millionaire internet entrepreneur. He’s also a successful speaker and author. But he never forgets where he came from. In fact, he’s passionate about helping others who are facing similar challenges.

Guest: Anthony Morrison is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, and renowned expert in online marketing and entrepreneurship. With his wealth of experience and proven strategies, he has guided and inspired countless individuals on the path to financial success. His expertise and dedication to helping others achieve their goals have made him a trusted authority in the industry. Anthony Morrison continues to make a significant impact, sharing his knowledge and inspiring individuals to unlock their full potential in the world of online business.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Anthony Morrison to discuss various aspects of his successful life and his blueprint for success.

[02:21] The Secret Behind Anthony’s Success:

  • I think the biggest thing is educating myself, I always educate myself. And also, not being scared of what it is that I don’t know.

  • One of the principles of becoming an entrepreneur was having no fear and not letting fear guide your life.

  • My biggest secret is that I’ve never been scared to go after what I want. I’ve never been scared or felt like I couldn’t figure it out, or I wasn’t good enough.

  • I’ve just always had this mindset of not, can I do it, but how am I going to do it? And I think if people start thinking that way, and you approach business that way, you have a lot more success.

[04:53] Dealing With The Comfort Zone:

  • People like to stick to what they’re good at and stay inside of what you call the comfort zone.

  • The Internet has changed business, it really does not allow us the opportunity to live inside of that little comfort zone.

  • The best way to eliminate the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone and stepping outside of this little box that you’re comfortable in is to understand that it’s a necessity for growth, it’s a necessity to sustain yourself because the internet has made the world change so quickly, that if we ever get stuck inside of this little comfort zone, for too long of a period of time, we’ve become obsolete.

  • So you’re always having to change, you’re always having to innovate, you’re always having to adapt to your surroundings, which really means creating new comfort zones.

[09:33] The Source Of Anthony’s Drive:

  • It’s the thrill of being able to succeed and to build something from scratch and do it at a high level.

  • For me, it was all about helping my parents. So the more that I could help my parents, the happier I was, the more excited I was, and the more gratification that I got from my business.

[11:51] Robert Kiyosaki’s Philosophy On Motivation:

  • I was interviewing Robert Kiyosaki who mentioned something similar, he said, “Don’t do it for yourself, don’t do it for the, you know, for the new car, or for the big mansion, do it for someone else, do it for another person, because when you hold yourself accountable to the people you love the most, you leave no chance to fail, you don’t take any excuses.”

[15:56] Helping People In Need:

  • I think that we get caught up in what we’re doing. And we don’t necessarily always see the opportunity to help people. And we don’t always recognize that that opportunity is passing by.

  • I think innately that people in our industry get people they’re so busy chasing the next opportunity or the next trend, that sometimes we remove ourselves from society and from what’s going on around us. So anytime somebody kicks us back into reality, I think that innately we’re good people and we try to do what we can to help people.

[21:14] The Best Mentor:

  • I don’t like to teach people that teach things that they’re not really doing.

  • I feel like that’s the best mentor, that’s the best teacher, that’s the best trainer. That’s the best education you’re ever gonna get because you’re getting it from someone who’s doing it and living it every day.

[22:24] Anthony’s 8-Figure Marketing Technique:

  • In this webinar, I’m going to show you my eight-figure formula.

  • I have this eight-figure funnel, it’s duplicatable. It’s something I can teach people how to do right.

  • I’m showing you how I constructed this eight-figure funnel, it all, of course, starts with building your list. And then how you can literally tap into and use that same funnel, because it is built out and it is two to three years long.

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