Dirty-Little Sex Secrets Of A Desperate Nerd From Tel-Aviv

Many moons ago, as I was going through the tender teenage years,
still in high school, I couldn’t get a date even if my life depended on it.

Cold approaches?

Forget it.

Innocent conversation in the hall?

I’d find a way to screw those up by saying something stupid or weird.

Eventually I just gave up talking to women altogether.

What caused my insecurity around women, you wonder?


Here’s what I mean…

Picture me in your mind’s eye:

  • 5 ft. 10″ short
  • suck at sports
  • dirt poor
  • 20 lbs overweight
  • glasses

Quite the Casanova lol.

Top it off with insane-level of insecurity around women and you got yourself a walking sexual disaster waiting to happen.

Okay… I digress.

I’m not telling you this so you feel sorry for poor old Igor.

There’s a million dollar lesson here.

So listen up…

You see… at some point I got sick of living a life of quiet desperation. So I sought out ways to improve my social skillz. After some research online I discovered that getting the woman of my dreams to fall for me is a matter of triggering the right levers in her brain.

It wasn’t about money, weight, height or special talents.

And boy oh boy!

Once I learned how to push the right buttons — I no longer
felt anxious and weird.

I felt confident and comfortable around women.

I knew exactly what to do.

I knew exactly what to say and how to say it.

I mastered the science of seduction.

And this is where you, my friend, get to profit!

That’s not what this is about.

Would you like to know how to double, triple and even quadruple the sales from your list starting today.

You would?

Okay, great.

Then listen up:

Getting hip on female seduction had one other extra benefit.

And that is…

Mastering SALES… with any media.

Turns out working your way through to someone’s wallet
is a lot like dating.

And just like dating, there’s rules you need to follow to get
it done right.

“Just be yourself” doesn’t cut it anymore.

So please ignore uncle Burny’s dating advice for a sec and
let me show you how to make sales in the real world.

I’m laying down the do’s and don’t’s of prospect seduction in the
new episode of the List Building Lifestyle Show.

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Igor Kheifets


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Jonathan: Welcome back to another edition of The List-Building Lifestyle. With me is the host with the most, Mr. Igor Kheifets. What’s happening, man?

Igor: Man, this is by far the most exciting episode were going to have yet.

Jonathan: Why is that?

Igor: Because it’s all you know sex, man.

Jonathan: Oh!

Igor: Yes.

Jonathan: Okay.

Igor: The rest of the show is all you know sex and getting paid.

Anyway, a long time ago, quite a long time ago I wasn’t handsome or fit or good at marketing and I was quite the opposite actually. In fact, ever since high school I was chubby. I was anti-social and I could not speak to women. Like I did not know what to tell them. I felt anxious and weird doing it, and no wonder that I did not get laid up until the age of 18 I think.

Jonathan: Wha….?

Igor: Yeah.

Jonathan: Damaging admission.

Igor: I’m a late bloomer, man, I just…I hear kids get, you know, lose their virginity when they’re at the age of 14 and as a father to a baby girl that makes me…

Jonathan: Oh…

Igor: …Just really anxious, but, you know, what is all of that have to do with marketing. Well, before I started studying the marketing elements of how to make money online and just got into whole influence, which I’m really passionate you know, I started to pick-up art and I did it because I wanted to get better at talking and communicating with women.

And I didn’t really want to, you know, get laid with a new chick every day. I really did not want that. I didn’t want to like have a bunch of one night stands. I wasn’t in the game of influence for that. I was going for, you know, finding my one and only, my true love.

Now the problem with me, of course, was that I was complete, you know, I wasn’t equipped to communicate with women. So what I did, I started following the Mystery who used to be really popular…

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: …Back in the day.

Jonathan: The Game.

Igor: Yeah, David DeAngelo who later I found out his name is, his actual name is Eben Pagan, he’s turned out to be one of the greatest marketers out there who I ended up learning a whole lot from.

And so, long story short, I developed myself into somebody who’s really good at communicating with women which, of course, also made me pretty cool and equipped to communicate with pretty much anyone, right, because even guys or even she-males or…

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Anyone.

Jonathan: They’re all coming at you.

Igor: Yeah, so why did I tell you that? Because it was through the information marketing space of [03.00] the pick-up art that I just discovered that you could become a well-paid marketer in a different niche such as make money online, because I noticed that even Pagan was actually doing both, right.

And of course, I just stumbled into all of this by accident when I was Googling stuff just like everyone, Jonathan…

So today I realize and did not realize this back in the day when I started that marketing is a lot like trying to get laid. In fact, getting a sale, getting any sales whatsoever, I mean, even if it’s like buck 99 sale is a lot like getting laid.

And the reason is because the amount of hesitation and these thoughts that go through the woman’s mind before she can make a good solid decision to have sex with you if you’re a guy or if you’re a woman, I mean, I’m not discriminating…

Jonathan: Equal opportunity.

Igor: Yeah, so the amount of hesitation that goes through her mind is exactly the same as the amount of hesitation that goes through your prospect’s mind when he…he is trying to make a buying decision and the give you money.

What do you think you know that, Jonathan?

Jonathan: It’s interesting, because right now as you’re talking you know it, I’m remembering like I have, well, I have lots of great clients, but one of them, one of my highest-paying clients, I am thinking ‘Why did this guy pay me so much more than anybody else?’ and it was some pick-up artist stuff, because we had a relationship and when he came down I met up with him at an event and then we went to this club that I liked to go to, the Citrus Club, where we hung out. It’s at the top of Orlando.

And so that’s kind of like the seduction, right? Because you move them to one, two, three places and they feel like they’ve known you forever.

Igor: Yeah, exactly and that actually ties in to what we discussed on one of the previous shows you know moving them to different media, because it creates pretty much the same environment where they’re consuming you in a different, you know, from a different location, if you will.

Jonathan: Right.

Igor: So just like trying to bed a woman, getting a sale is a lot you know you creating the environment and timing your approach right to get that sale. That’s why some, you know I’m never in a hurry to close a prospect. In fact, I will often push the prospect back.

Jonathan: Nag them.

Igor: Before I leverage them to go for the close, because pushing them back just like pushing a woman back if, you know, you guys listening, have studied, every studied pick-up art and if you have not, just study it for the sake of becoming a better marketers.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: When you push a woman back, she actually wants to hang to with you more.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: You know, so when she calls, don’t pick up the phone right way. Let it ring. Or maybe don’t even answer it for like a couple of hours. Let her want to, you know what I mean?

Jonathan: That’s how I keep my wife interested. I do not call.

Igor: Yeah, that’s the same. Do you know what I do with my wife, Jonathan? I do the whole cocky and funny routine. I just make fun of her all the time.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Yeah, that seems to keep things fresh, you know.

Jonathan: Nice. [06.00]

Igor: I guess so, yeah, so you want to create an environment and you want to allow them to move towards you. Right, you don’t want to be desperate and chase them, because what that creates is an opportunity for them to kick you or kick you away, no, kick you out, no, kick you in the balls, nah, as it’s just…

Jonathan: You know what? What that reminds me of is just we’re hardwired that way, all of us, because in nature it’s like if a man-eating animal is chasing you, you’re going to run, right? And so if you don’t chase and there’s no reason to run and so that’s wat I’m hearing here.

Igor: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I never had it put this way, but, I mean, it is exactly that. I mean, I learned it the hard way though.

You know, when I got the courage to talk to women I started, you know, approaching them. And so there back in the day I used to work in a laundry room in a big hotel, a 5-star hotel. So laundry boys, you know, we weren’t considered to be like the elite of the workforce in the hotel. So we were like the lowest of the low and the food chain.

And so I really liked this waitress girl who worked in a lobby bar of the hotel, which is slightly, you know, social status speaking she was above me. She wore just…he had huge breasts like really, really big and a really tight waist, so like a bee < or ‘B’ - 07.21.3> if you will, so, amazing.

And what I was doing is I was doing…I was just making every mistake in the game pretty much. I gave her flowers. I gave her candy. I gave her gifts. And I was just so desperate like a puppy. You know, I was chasing her around, and she…

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: And she wouldn’t push me back or anything like that. She wouldn’t just, you know, tell me not to do it. She would take the gifts.

Jonathan: Sure.

Igor: She would take the flowers. She would take the perfume, but, you know, she would never kiss me or say yes to a date proposal. She would come up with excuses as to why she can’t go out with me, up until one day I walked on her making out with this douchebag dude that used to work in…that used to also be a waiter.

So long story short, you know, I was devastated, right. I just didn’t get it at first, but later on the pick-up art education pointed me towards my mistake, which really was I was too desperate I was chasing her. I was, you know, trying to please her, trying to prove to her that I’m worthy of her for some reason. I mean, why wasn’t she trying to prove to me that she’s worthy of me?

Jonathan: Right.

Igor: It’s a good question, right?

Jonathan: Yeah, man.

Igor: So, I mean, it really ties back to everything you do marketing-wise now. You have to see that, because you have emails, right – I have so many clients that approach me and they’re like ‘Igor, I have a list of 4,700 people, but that list isn’t making me money.’ And so what I do is I ask them a question.

I’m like ‘Ok, so what do you [do]? Like how often do you email?’

‘Oh, I email them several times a week.’

‘Ok, you can emailing more, but that’s probably not the reason you’re no making sales. What do you email them with?’

‘Oh, I try to like make them like me. I send them good content and I’m sending them products and I, you know, teach them stuff [09.00.1]’ – and this is like almost every single time. You know, you have to imagine me sitting there with my palm of my hand on my head and like going…

Jonathan: ‘Ugh…!’

Igor: ‘Ugh, again! Another one!’

And so I try to explain that, you know, you should not. That’s like the opposite of what you should be doing. You should be treating your list like somebody who’s your little sister again, just the best analogy I’ve ever experienced.

So you want to abuse them a little bit, but you really what you want to create is a relationship where they want to prove themselves to you by purchasing stuff.

Jonathan: Yeah. I like that. I like that a lot.

Igor: So the way you do it though, you know, is using the ‘infotainment’ approach we keep mentioning and if you don’t know what it is like you can study our mutual friend, Ben Settle, at bensettle.com [Ben Settle dot com]. You know, he does it really well. Doberman Dan does it really well. I think of myself as somebody who does it well.

And basically you don’t treat your list, you know, you just don’t put your list on a pedestal. That’s all I want to say. Just don’t put the list on a pedestal and the list will reward you with sales. How is that?

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely. I mean, that’s exactly… I really think that you guys listening should pick up the book, because I read that book as a married man and I’m just like ‘Oh, this is why I got my wife,’ because my wife’s out of my league, you know, and so I started looking at that and I’m like ‘Oh, ok, that explains what I did wrong all the way leading up to my wife.’ And then it was like ‘Oh, hey, I could use this to get customers.’

And I actually need to go now that you were talking you know it, I need to go reread the book, The Game, because it made me better at writing emails. It made better at navigating that path of seduction to the purchase.

Igor: Awesome! Well, I have not read the book. I wrote it down. I’m going to read it using my newly acquired speedreading skills, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Nice.

Igor: And, yeah, but I’m pretty sure I know what’s going to happen is that, you know, it’s that whole routine where you push them back, you be cocky and funny, you make fun of them a little bit, right. That’s like the approach because…and even better, Jonathan the hotter they are, right, the more fun you make of them, the more you push them back.

Jonathan: Oh, you have to, women that play.

Igor: Because they’re so used to it. They’re so used to everybody trying to hit up on them. And your list isn’t different. I mean, think, if they got on your list, that means they are on at least, at the very least, and this is like my most modest assumption, at least 12 other list.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: That means the gets at least 12 emails every day if not more pitch them something.

Jonathan: Hitting, they’re getting hit on from <11.38.3>

Igor: Yeah, getting hit on, getting hit on all the time. So obviously if you’re just another dude or dudette or whatever, you know, trying to hit on them in the sense of trying to sell them something, you get the same responses as everybody else. You get the cold shoulder and excuses. That’s all you get.

So if you ever gets emails from people that say ‘Oh, I would love to buy your [12.00] stuff. It looks amazing, but I just don’t have the money.’

Jonathan: Right.

Igor: Well, guess that? That’s the excuse that they want you to buy into. What do you think, Jonathan?

Jonathan: I think that’s, yeah, that’s the friend zone.

Igor: Exactly! That’s the marketing friend zone.

Jonathan: That’s right.

Igor: You know, it reminds me of Friends. Do you like Friends? Did you watch the show?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Yeah, I loved that.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: I used to love it and I started watching it back in Ukraine when I was just a kid and I just fell in love with Jennifer Aniston.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: And so, you know, remember in the season 1 episode 7 – and I’m a big fan so just in case you didn’t notice yet…

Jonathan: No kidding. ‘Season 1, episode 7’ – very, very direct.

Igor: So Ross talks to Joey and he says, ‘Joey, you know, I think I’m falling for Rachel and do you think she’ll like me?’ and Joey sends, I mean, he just gives us all an amazing lesson in marketing and seduction and he says ‘Ross, look, dude, no offence. You’re a nice guy and everything, but you’re in the friend zone.’

And I had first seen it when I was like 12 or something, so I didn’t get it, but now I get it and now I get why he was in the friend zone. I mean, remember how desperate he was?

Jonathan: He was a total dork. He was exactly as you described the waitress girl that you were going after. You were trying to woo her and impress her. And really the thing is to make them qualify themselves.

Igor: Exactly! Thank you! You know, it’s just right now it seems so obvious, but I still find myself explaining all these basis to newcomers who start working with me and, I mean, you can feel me getting excited you know it and almost like getting my heartrate is probably up so I’m burning more calories right now, but it is one of the most common mistakes I see.

It’s making, you know, you want them to qualify themselves. You want them to try and do something to prove they’re worthy. That’s why when I used to, you know, back in my coaching days when I used to do aggressive, really expensive coaching, th more expensive the coaching, the more qualifying steps I would put in place before they could even talk to me, right? I would make them…

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: …Fill out an opt-in form, then watch a video, then read a sales page, then submit an order for a deposit, a $100-deposit to just to talk to me, and once they submitted the deposit they filled out another form, they talked to my assistant who would screen them and they would answer a set of questions.

They would then be sent back to do homework, which was to watch two webinars and take notes, and only then they would be allowed to get on the phone with me where I would put them through another series of hoops to jump.

And eventually by the time we got to the whole sale part of it, it was just a no-brainer for most of them, because they’d already done so much to get to this point that going back was kind of stupid, you know.

Jonathan: Wow, that’s interesting. You actually described some of the...my sales process at The Podcast Factory. When I get anybody who is not a referral, I do something similar. They have to go through. They have to apply, answer questions, get screened, get booked, all that kind of stuff. I feel like I could add a [15.00] few extra steps and then add a zero to what I’m charging.

Igor: Exactly. And tell me, Jonathan, what happens if you break your rule and allow them to talk to you right away and they’re not a referral?

Jonathan: No, it doesn’t…it can’t happen. I’ve already made that mistake too many times, and even with my process of qualifying, even with that sometimes it breaks down and so, I think that you have to…you have to put a couple of hoops.

And I liked the way that you push them through several trainings, so you’re actually already doing that Inception thing. You’re getting them, getting in their head, because they wouldn’t keep going if they didn’t want you, and so you’re just turning the tables.

Igor: Yah, exactly. Every step on the way you want to give them something to keep the interest going and to of course to keep giving value, because obviously why would they waste their time, you know, on all that if they’re not getting some sort of value out of you. So the process is built in a way.

I don’t do it anymore because I gave up on a ton of coaching, consulting opportunities at this point, because I spend a lot of time – I know it’s basically between my business and my daughter, right.

So I’ve just limited my coaching to my VIP club, which you can find out more you know at solovipclub.com [solo VIP club dot com], but that’s the only way that I do coaching now. It’s just between my business and my family.

But back in the day when I used to do it, I would always structure it so they would have to go through all these steps, and anytime I would not do it, any time I would allow myself to break this process, I would always regret, because the value that they would put on you if they don’t go through all this stuff is just so low.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Because they wanted you, they wanted to get access to your and – bam! – they got it.

Jonathan: They got it.

Igor: Right? It’s…it just ruined everything for me. So the more I charged, the more steps I set in place, the more hopes. If they weren’t willing to comply with my demands initially, then I didn’t want them as a client.

You know what they say, Jonathan? Mark Twain said that ‘I would not want to be a member of a club that would happily accept me to be its member.’

Jonathan: Right.

Igor: So that’s the second quote I have now delivered to our listeners with a name.

Jonathan: You are on the money, bro.

Igor: Yes. And also as this really gives you a clue as to how to sell expensive stuff, make it exclusive.

Jonathan: I think you’ve got the blueprint.

Igor: Oh, yeah, for sure. Make it exclusive. And therefore if you want to, you know, just like with a really hot woman. Like let’s just say if we go and become extremely sexist right now, and we just rank women and their beauty on a scale of 1-10, let’s just say she’s a 10, like the higher she is on that scale, the more barriers, the more insensitivity, the more rejection she needs to go through before she will value who you are.

Jonathan: Yeah, good stuff, man. So what do you have coming up for next time?

Igor: Well, next time, Jonathan, we’re going to be talking you know changing the world and how sadly enough it’s [18.00] impossible.

Jonathan: What?

Igor: Yes.

Jonathan: No…

Igor: Yes, Jonathan. You cannot change the world.

Jonathan: that.

Igor: Okay? And we’re going to, you know, it’s going to be really, really fun and really eye-opening, trust me.

Jonathan: Alright, I can’t wait. So that’s a wrap for The List-Building Lifestyle, episode number 7, Prospect-Seduction Blueprint. I think we gave like a high dollar blueprint there. So that was really a value-packed episode.

And you know what? As we’re closing this, can you just hare where people can find out you know your VIP club one more time?

Igor: Oh, yeah, for sure. You can just Google ‘Igor’s VIP club’ or you can go to www.solovipclub.com [www dot solo VIP club dot com].

Again, it’s easier to just Google me or just ‘Igor’s VIP club’, because you’ll have before you can find the website, you’ll probably end up looking at like a gazillion video case studies of how people went from making nothing to making multiple six figure in a very short time span.

Jonathan: Good stuff. Alright, so that’s a wrap for this show, and we will be back next week!

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