Dirty-Little Sex Secrets Of A Desperate Nerd From Tel-Aviv

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In marketing, the way to a customer’s heart is through their wallet but the key is to make it feel like love at first sight. Tune in to explore the similarities between marketing and dating, and how to make a lasting impression on your prospects. From understanding their needs to crafting a persuasive message, Igor will teach you the art of wooing your customers and building long-lasting relationships. So put on your best suit (or marketing strategy) and get ready to sweep your prospects off their feet!

[00:42] The podcast explores how the rules of wooing a woman and finding your one true love apply to closing sales with your prospects.

[01:21] Marketing your way into finding love:

  • I started studying the marketing elements of how to make money online and just got into the whole influence.
  • I studied pickup art, and I did it because I wanted to get better at talking and communicating with women. I was going to find my one and only true love.
  • I developed myself into somebody who’s really good at communicating with women, which of course made me also pretty cool and equipped to communicate with pretty much anyone.
  • Through the information marketing space of the pickup part, I discovered that you could become a well-paid marketer in a different niche, such as making money online.
  • The reason is that the amount of hesitation and the thoughts that go through the woman’s mind before she can make a solid decision is exactly the same as the amount of hesitation that goes through your prospect’s mind when they are trying to make a buying decision and then gives you money.

[07:20] Don’t make this mistake:

  • I was just making every mistake in the game, pretty much. I gave her flowers, I gave her candy, I gave her gifts.
  • I was chasing her around and she wouldn’t push me back. She would come up with excuses as to why she can’t go out with me.
  • I just didn’t get it at first. But later on, the pickup art education pointed me toward my mistake, which really was, I was too desperate. I was chasing her. I was trying to please her, trying to prove to her that I’m worthy of her for some reason.
  • Why wasn’t she trying to prove to me that she was worthy of me?

[08:28] Wooing is the same as marketing:

  • It really ties back to everything you do marketing-wise.
  • You want to amuse them a little bit, but you, you really, what you want to create is a relationship where they want to prove themselves to you by purchasing stuff. 
  • Just don’t put the list on the pedestal and the list will reward you with sales.
  • You want them to try and do something to prove they’re worthy.
  • I would make them fill out an opt-in form, then watch a video, then read a sales page, then submit an order for a deposit, a hundred dollars deposit to just talk to me.
  • They have to go through, they have to answer questions, get screened, get booked, and all that kind of stuff. I feel like I could add a few extra steps and then add a zero to what I’m charging.

[15:03] The consequences of breaking your rules:

  • What happens if you break your rule and allow them to talk to you right away?
  • Anytime I would not do it, anytime I would allow myself to break this process, I would always regret it because the value that they would put on you if they don’t go through all this stuff is just so low.

[18:13] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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