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Are you struggling to crack the code of reaching your prospects at different stages of their buying process? Want to unleash the marketing magic that converts prospects into enthusiastic customers? Well, my friend, you’re about to embark on an electrifying adventure into the wild world of levels of awareness and customer journey!

[00:00] Samuel Jackson Introduces The Show!

[00:20] In this episode, Igor dives deep into the fascinating world of levels of awareness and customer journey.

[01:48] A Customer’s Journey:

  • If you think of a customer journey, as a timeline, there are different levels of awareness, going from the least aware about them even having a problem to the most aware.

  • In marketing, different leads may be at various stages of awareness and readiness to take action.

  • For example, promoting a weight loss supplement may yield higher response rates from individuals preparing for an upcoming event like a wedding compared to someone in their mid-20s simply seeking to improve their appearance.

[06:22] The Impact Of Lead Magnets:

  • The lead magnet and messaging you offer should align with the specific awareness level and stage of problem-solving your target audience is currently in.

  • The media and approach you use to engage leads may vary depending on their circumstances and sense of urgency.
  • Timing is also crucial. For instance, discussing business decisions unrelated to taxes near the tax filing season might not be as effective as choosing a more suitable time when people are not preoccupied with tax matters.

  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and a successful marketing strategy considers various factors such as awareness level, life stage, lead magnet, and timing.

  • By tailoring your approach accordingly, you can attract and convert prospects who align with your offerings, increasing the likelihood of success in your marketing efforts.

[09:15] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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