Big D Debt

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Did you know that even multi-billionaires like President Donald Trump have faced battles with debt? It’s a topic that resonates with many of us and holds valuable lessons for everyone. So, if you want to be inspired and educated, fasten your seatbelts as Igor takes you on a ride through the complexities of debt and the invaluable lessons it teaches us all.

[00:00] Donald Trump Introduces The Show!

[00:15] In this episode, Igor discusses the strategies to conquer debt and pave your way to financial freedom.

[01:51] Ending Up In Debt:

  • I’ll never forget the day my father got his first credit card after we moved from Ukraine to Israel. He splurged on a stereo system, a big-screen TV, and a vacuum cleaner, spending a fortune. We ended up paying off these items for the next five years, even though some didn’t even last that long.

  • This set us on a dangerous path of accumulating more debt as we struggled to make ends meet.

  • We reached a point where we were paying for groceries with money we didn’t have, breaking the bill into multiple payments. It was a cycle of financial strain, with no guarantee of income to cover these expenses in the future.

  • When my parents faced job losses and difficulties, we relied on relatives and friends for financial help, which was embarrassing and disheartening.

[03:28] Taking Debt To Get Out Of Debt:

  • To make matters worse, my dad took out a loan to cover the overdraft, but this only led to more loans to cover previous ones.

  • It seemed never-ending, and it wasn’t until I achieved success and made my first million that I could finally pay off my parents’ debts.

  • This experience taught me to be debt-averse, avoiding it at all costs. I was cautious about taking on a mortgage for my first home, as I associated financial independence with not having a massive mortgage burden.

[04:20] How To Stay Out Of Debt?

  • I believed in living cash-positive, accumulating savings, and avoiding unnecessary debt.

  • Even during times of financial struggle, my wife and I always set aside 10% of our income into a savings account.

  • We held onto this habit religiously, creating a cushion for any uncertainties that might arise.

  • The takeaway from these experiences is that having savings as a safety net can make a significant difference during tough times.

  • It’s essential to break the cycle of debt and focus on building a strong financial foundation for a more secure future.

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