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Still on the fence about whether you should build an email list or not? Tune into this episode because Charles Black will change your mind!

Guest: Charles Black teaches men how to have the sex life they deserve. Through his loyal email list of 40,000 subscribers, he was able to turn his biggest misfortunes into a huge success. 

[00:50] The Podcast teaches the value of owning your own audience and being in control of your cash flow in the sex-ed niche through YouTube and list building. To learn more about Charles’ sex-ed course head over to his website at

What led Charles Black in the direction of having a Sexudactional YouTube Channel?

[02:30] Charles explains what triggered him to pursue sex-ed:

  • I was challenged with women as a younger man and it led to some insecurities on my part. Around my early 20s, I was dating a girl. And we were engaged. And she ended up leaving me specifically because I was so terrible in bed.

  • I spent a lot of money to take us on a weekend away thinking in the hopes that just some grand gesture would fix everything. [But it failed]

  • So that led me down the path to becoming obsessed and that led me to write in the books.

[06:39] Charles shares his experience with YouTube:

  • My friend was the one that convinced me to start this business and to start the YouTube channel.  just started taking what I knew, and in it, in a sense, throwing spaghetti at the wall, you know, seeing what stuck and just making a new video every single day, but absolutely nothing worked. Might these videos be getting like five views, 10 views.

  • So I kept practicing, kept working on all of the things that I felt were important to help with content on YouTube. And then a few weeks after that, I made a video on oral sex. And it just went viral. It just absolutely took off. And I think it had a few 100,000 views within a few weeks. And then it had a million not long after that. And then from then on, I had that traction, and I sort of had a better understanding of what was working. And I grew it quite fast after that like once we took off it, it was definitely an exponential.

[11:18] An idea of Charles Black’s success at his peak:

  • I got to the YouTube channel and got about 300,000 subscribers. And I think I had about 60 million views on the videos, and like, the biggest video had like 14 million views.

[11:50] How the taboo of “sex” niche affects his subscriber count:

  • It’s a tricky channel because I had that the views and the subscribers don’t add up. Because there are a lot of people who are hesitant to sign subscribe to a channel that’s about sex advice.

[12:43] Lowest point in Charles Black’s YouTube journey:

  • So basically, I guess it was the end of 2020. I think that you know, it [the YouTube channel] got up to about 350,000 subscribers. I sit down with my girlfriend opened my laptop, and I get this Instagram message from someone who follows the channel. And they’re like, “Dude, where’s your channel?”

  • They [YouTube] have an appeal process. I sent an email for that. And they’re supposed to do a manual review. But as soon as I sent the email within like 30 seconds, I had a response like we’ve done a manual review. There’s no way this is coming back. So they’ve already made their mind up. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes. I still have no clue.

  • I built that channel like pretty much my full-time job was working on this content, building all of this stuff, and then it was just gone. And the only thing that saved me at that moment was having an email list that saved everything.

[17:10] Charles shares his experience with building a loyal email list:

  •  The whole time I had a YouTube channel, I’d always focused on the list.

  • But it was just the fact that I had that meant, I still had, like, my most loyal audience, I still could reach out, I still could contact them when I got. And the other thing was, I did end up starting some new things, I did put new videos in a new place, and I did start writing more articles for my website and creating content that way. And because I had that list, I was able to jumpstart the growth of all of those things. 

[19:51] How much did losing the YouTube channel have an effect on the income? 

  • I lost 90% of my traffic, you know, but the thing like I was able to survive because of the list. Otherwise, I would have just been taken out instantly.

  • You need to do a list in conjunction with some sort of traffic generation, whether that be YouTube, SEO, podcast, or whatever you want to do. You have to do both. So the list kept me going while I was focusing on SEO and focusing on other things.

[23:22] Why do people subscribe to email lists?

  • People want to hear from you. They signed up for you a reason for a reason.

  • It’s a combination. It’s like a topic, right? That they’ll continue wanting to consume more content about it.

  • So anyone who’s passionate about having a better sex life will continue to consume your content and they will crave it because it’s a form of entertainment to them.

[26:40] Hacks to prevent getting your emails delivered to spam:

  • Pay attention to Charles’s spelling of the particular spam triggering words, that this is actually a trick I stole from you, Charles, I’ll be honest, I now use it with our own stuff, like the way you misspelled the word sex and stuff like that. I now, do the same for words like freedom, opportunity, money, get rich, and stuff like that. It’s really, really helpful for email delivery.

[27:00] Subscribe to Charles Black’s email list:



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