The Man Who Beat Aweber At Their Own Game

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Guest: Aurelien Amacker the founder of Systeme, the largest European CRM who’s quickly taking the fight to the big dogs across the ocean.

[00:50] The Podcast focuses on the topics of list building, email marketing, and top strategies to double email deliverability.

Where did the inspiration to start his funnel system come from? 

[02:19] Aurelien shares his reason for building his own funneling tool: 

  • So I was using Aweber to manage my email list, and then I used some custom-made HTML pages. I was never really happy with this source. So I started having the idea of building my own tool. I didn’t have like some revolutionary AI ID. Just in the French market. I know many people who tried to build a similar tool and failed.

  • But as I started, like, designing it, I was like, oh, if only you could have the email marketing features, and the page building features under the same roof, it would be so much easier. So that was my goal.

[5:00] Why was he able to beat his competitors?

  • When we do a new feature, we post a post in our Facebook group and we move on and people are very excited, we have 20,000 people in the English-speaking Facebook group. So we are able to build features faster than our competitors.

  • We use our own tool, I showed you our dashboard. We use our own system, the title, account to run our entire business. So sales funnels, email lists, blogs, we have several, in different languages, to sell our courses to manage our affiliate program and to give you some numbers, because sometimes people think our system is good for beginners. Well, in our system, we do almost $500,000 in revenue per month, and we get 70,000 new leads per month.

  • Learn more about building funnels or any type of email marketing at

[09:00] The perfect user interface for beginners and advanced experts:

  • We strive so much all the time to keep our tools simple, and it’s not easy.

  • People think a [certain] software is better because it has more features, more options. But when you look at Active Campaign, I’d say that any user is going to use only 10% of all the features. So that means that you have 90% of the features on the user interface that are useless. But still, these are things that you have to, you have to understand in the user interface, and it makes it so much more complicated. And it makes the tool and the pages heavier to load.

  • We got a big lift at the beginning because we actually simplified our homepage, we had some screenshots, and then we have a headline, and a sub-headline, we removed the picture, remove the sub-headline, and we got a 15 15% increase in conversions.

[16:28] Aurelien’s strategies for building an email list:

  • We have our own email server infrastructure, we have our own email deliverability team, and we work with deliverability experts to make sure that, we have a good deal of deliverability.

  • Your deliverability is going to depend mostly on the IPS used to send your emails, like IPS with a good reputation, is going to be able to send your email much better than, IPS with bad reputation IPS used by people doing some shady stuff spamming and stuff.

  • So you want to put the good users with the good users. And you want to put the bad users with the bad users, and the cool thing systematizes that we actually tell people how they’re doing. So we have three user groups, we have the green group, it’s the good group, the good group, the yellow group, and the red group, the red group is obviously the bad one.

  • If you have to remember one thing is that you should try to keep your open rates above 20%. You don’t want to keep sending emails over and over again to email addresses that are not opening your emails anymore. So that’s why we delete about 18,000 leads per week.

  • I have a strategy where because we sell, so systematized there is a free plan, then the price, it’s like five to 10 times less expensive than our competitors. And then we have some online courses that we sell for $7 for most of them. So I’m like if you have opted into our list, and you still haven’t purchased anything after one and a half months, chances are that you will never purchase anything. But it doesn’t mean that you know, we don’t delete the system to free accounts, it just means that I will delete them from our email list so that we don’t keep sending emails to these contacts.

  • So if you’ve got a list of 10,000 people, and 9000 of them never open. That’s like a bad signal, which can put you in a bad spot with your mailing IP domain, etc. 

[26:38] Why do some users get banned?

  • We do ban some users sometimes, who will import a list of contacts that he got from nowhere, you know, and is mailing them, you know, about offers. We have some tools in place. And we have a team that monitors the accounts on a daily basis to spot them and block them right away.

  • And we have a team that monitors the accounts on a daily basis to spot them and block them right away.

  • I consider that if a user is you know, is of good faith, then he’s going to be able to understand that something’s wrong, and he can reach out to our customer support team, read our help pages and improve him, you know, his stat, so he moves on to better groups, you know, which is fair, which is good.

[29:19] Cold emailing to make sales:

  • You can do cold emailing to professionals. It’s actually allowed by, you know, by the law. In Europe, it is at least, but then you have some dedicated tools for this, you know, maybe Gmail has maybe LEM list, you know, some tools dedicated to doing some cold outreach.

  • We’re not talking about the cold outreach, but rather, don’t go collecting email addresses and a non-opt-in fashion and importing them into pieces of software that has that have great deliverability thinking that you’re going to fly 

[30:40] How to increase email deliverability?

  • You should authenticate your domain.

  • [You should have] some email security protocols that you should have in place, you know, so for example, at system Italia, we don’t allow you to send newsletters from a Gmail address.

  • And I heard that some other autoresponders allow that like ConvertKit. So I asked my assistant to look into it, because the deliverability experts we work with told us it was a big no, no.

  • We’d like a Yahoo email address, it’s technically impossible like the servers will, the email servers will not accept your emails, because, in [the] Yahoo domain, it’s actually set up in a way that only Yahoo email servers can send emails from a Yahoo email address. So yeah, it’s authentic.

  • And then it’s mostly about you, your habits. You know, of course, only sending emails to people who opt-in to your list and clean your email is trying to keep your open rate above 20%. I think it’s a good rule of thumb.

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