Should You Buy Solo Ads On Solo Ad Marketplaces?

When I started with solo ads there were no solo ad marketplaces.

Solo ad sellers were kind of like your friendly neighborhood dope dealers.

You had to know a guy who knew a guy who knows the dealer’s beeper number.

Everything’s changed though.

Nowadays, you spit and you hit a solo ad provider.

They’re climbing from under of every rock.

No wonder all those solo ad marketplaces like udimi, solochecker and a dozen others have sprouted in the recent years.

And they really make your life easier, don’t they?

They bring all solo ad sellers under one roof, rate them and even protect you against fraud.

But here’s a question nobody’s asking:

Are solo ad marketplaces really as awesome as they market themselves to be?


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Jonathan: You are listening to the List Building Lifestyle Show. You are so darn
lucky, you don't even know it. However you found this show, we're happy you're
here and you're about to be enlightened once again by Mr. Igor Kheifets. What's up
my man?

Igor: All is good, as usual Jonathan. Been a really productive, couple weeks over
here ______ planet.

Jonathan: Productive?

Igor: Yeah, for sure.

Jonathan: Come on now. I think you're underselling. Look, the last time I talked
to this guy he said, "I'm going to look into these Facebook ads." and today he
just showed me like 500 different campaigns he's running, he's underselling the
work. [laughter]

Igor: Well, you know man, this is the only time I'm actually unhappy about being
right, because I've been yapping about how Facebook ads are not the shit, Facebook
ads are not the best thing since sliced bread, and you know, in spite of what
everybody else is saying, but you know I've been testing and split testing and
retesting and trying all kind of stuff on Facebook ads recently. I mean I've tried
video ads, black and white stuff, images with text, images without text,
re-targeting audiences, custom audiences, look-alike audiences. Like I'm really
giving this a shot because everybody's screaming about how Facebook has one
billion users now and they're like the future of advertising, and supposedly they
get more traffic than Google and all that stuff. But honestly, none of it's true.
At least for me though, I'm not sure about you. Obviously when it comes to
promoting make money online stuff you can't really do much on Facebook, because
you'll just gets shut down very quickly, or weight loss. Recently I have been
seeing lots and lots of ads about e-commerce and about software products, which
is, you know, Facebook seems to be the go to platform to advertise those. So I
said, "You know what? Why not advertise my traffic agency?" Because I'm not
promising anybody will make any money, I'm not making any outrageous claims, and
let's see where it takes us. And after months and months of testing, and you know
I began testing a while ago; I'm still not able to crack the code. Facebook
applications and Facebook leads don't seem to be doing it for me. I mean I'm
getting much better response from Google for instance. Like Google traffic, even
though everybody says that Google is old news, you know what, I don't agree with
that. Google is more expensive, absolutely, but dammit Google is targeted.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Google is most incredible traffic platform ever, and I wish, I wish if
you're for wanting business opportunities and MLM’s, right for you I wish you
could use Google to get traffic because it's just incredible. But there are two
problems with Google, of course. If you're doing a SEO, besides SEO being really
difficult, it's also very, very slow and you can get knocked off the first page
easily. In fact you could be like buying back links or something and thinking that
you're moving up the ranks, but you know, Google changes their rules tomorrow or
catches up with you in a little bit, then you're gone. Now you can also try the Ad
Words route. You can try advertising using paid traffic, but you know, the thing
about Google is, because it's so frickin awesome, that all the competitors
keywords that are worth anything, you know that have a volume and that have buying
potential, they have an insane CPC, and I'm talking, I've been just researching
this two days ago, I'm talking like 15-20-30 dollars per click.

Jonathan: For a click?

Igor For a click.

Jonathan: Damn.

Igor: Yeah. If you go you and you go looking for say work from home leads which is
a keyword I researched, the price for that keyboard is $16.70-something per click.

Jonathan: That ridiculous.

Igor: Per click

Jonathan: Per click. We're not talking conversions here. Yikes.

Igor: So unfortunately, Google is too expensive and Facebook even after really
grueling testing phase still doesn't work. So I am, when it comes to business
opportunities, I am well at the same time excited for being right, and at the same
time you know really depressed because I wanted to do be wrong. I really wanted to
be wrong about Facebook, I really wanted to say, "Man, I've just tapped into this
incredible source of new customers for my traffic agency" but unfortunately it's
not happening.

Jonathan: Not yet. Alright. So I took you off track because we spent like 40
minutes before we got on talking about it, I'm excited about some of the stuff
you're doing, but what are we really talking about in today's show?

Igor: Well. I want to chat about Solo Ads, and specifically Solo Ad marketplaces,
because lately I've been seeing a bunch of them, and I see a lot of people,
literally thousands of people flock to these marketplaces believing that by buying
their traffic in the marketplace, they stand a much better chance of getting
conversions and getting higher quality traffic. Now, I wanted to share that this
is a false idea, simply because, well there's a few reasons for that of course.

Jonathan: Before you go on, Igor, for some ignoramus like me that may not know
what is a Solo Ad marketplace?

Igor: Well Solo Ad marketplace is when somebody creates like a hub where Solo Ad
sellers and people who want to buy Solo Ads can go together and create
transactions. Like literally just go in and like shop for clicks. So if you want
to buy a Solo today, you could register on websites like Udimi or SoloChecker or
some other Solo Ad market place. You'd have instant access to hundreds and
hundreds of sellers like in the form of a Rolodex. So you can just click on one of
them, and you can submit an order right there, and the order will be delivered
through the marketplace, meaning that the marketplace will provide you with a
tracking link and they will supposedly verify that you're getting good quality
traffic. If something goes wrong they will step in and help you. Get justice,
something like that.

Jonathan: Get justice. I wish people could see the video. [laughter] With the fish
shaking in the air. Get justice. I like that visual. So how did people find Solo
Ad vendors before these marketplaces?

Igor: Well, before the marketplaces, you either go by the word of mouth and you
ask a friend if they used a good Solo Ad provider, or they hit Solo Ad Rolodexes.
You know, there was Reed Florence's Solo Ad Directory that was really popular back
in the day, and there were also Skype chat rooms, secret Skype room where Solo Ads
actually began as an industry, because Solo Ads were not mainstream several years
ago. Solo Ads is a fairly new way of driving traffic, in fact I would argue they
are newer than Facebook Ads. And the way it all started was that a bunch of people
with lists formed a Skype chat room, which you couldn't get in unless you were
invited, and they swapped. Now what does that mean? Swapping means that if you
have a list of a thousand people have a list of thousand people, we agreed to
email each other's lists with each other's links, and this way we just exchange
promotion, you know, each one of us gets free traffic because it doesn't cost
anything to mail, and that's how we grew our lists. So imagine you got people,
marketers with like huge list of hundreds of thousands of people, ad swapping each
other, and honestly that's all they need to do to sustain their businesses. Now
eventually, of course these chat rooms, the word out. You know some people who are
e-books about them, other people released courses, and other people blogged about
them, and all of a sudden, guys like me could get in. When I say guys like me
because at the time I didn't have like a big list or anything. My list I think was
about 700 people when I first got into one of these chat rooms. And what happened
was, like I really wanted to ad swap with them, but they were too big for me. Like
I couldn't approach a list owner with say 10,000 subscribers and say, "Hey, let's
ad swap. I got 700 subscribers" that was just not fair. So they started doing
something they never done before because of all the new comers coming in and they
started selling clicks. So in other words, instead of doing ad swap they say,
"Okay, if you pay me say 10 or 30 cents per click, I'll email my list for you with
your link for however many clicks you wanted, and I produce say between 1000 and
10,000 per mailing, depending on my segment." And so depending on what your budget
was, you could have them run a promotion, and that's how Solo Ads really started.
One of the first guys who did that was John Cornetta who I consider to be the
Godfather of Solo Ads. I learned a lot from him personally, and he was the teacher
to my mentor who walked me, kind of took me by the hand, and walked me to this
world of Solo Ads, inviting me to all kinds of chat rooms and stuff like that. So
from there, the situation started to arise where some people got scammed, other of
people complain because they got no conversions and so all of a sudden the
community became really like scam-oriented. Like people started being really
conscious about the fact that they could pay for clicks and get really bad results
and all of a sudden there's like people volunteer to be the police. Right? So they
start watching for scams and if there's a scam in one chat room, they'll go with
and announce in the other chat room. Naturally, because the demand grew, some
people were scammers. You know, they just came in and they started scamming other
people. And from that point and forward, all of the sudden the community becomes,
like there's a demand now to fight the bad guys, to exclude them from the group,
to send them off into exile or to behead them, whatever. And that was, in my
opinion, why the first Solo Ad marketplace was born. Which at the time was Safe
Swaps. Safe Swaps was a website ad swapping, and a lot of the people who were in
those chat rooms, they were in Safe Swaps as well. In fact, a lot of them when
they were swapping in the chat rooms were using Safe Swaps as a platform to do it,
and then recently several years ago, Safe Swaps changed into Udimi. Udimi is
actually owned by the same guy. I

Jonathan: Really?

Igor: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not Udemy as in the website that sells courses, but Udimi
which is the Solo Ad marketplace.

Jonathan: Right.

Igor: So anyway, that's how these things were born, and they were kind of a
natural extension of what was going on in the industry at the time.

Jonathan: And one of the things you said is that the marketplace helps you get
justice with a shaking fist, but that's one of the things I notice that you
already offer that I haven't seen in a Solo Ads yet, or maybe other people are
starting to do it, but you actually offer some guarantees when you're doing Solo
Ads, don't you?

Igor: Yeah, and there's a bunch of sellers that try to knock it off. In fact I've
seen... This is so crazy. I just wrote an email about it to the list, like there's
a company that guarantees sales with their Solo Ads. Now naturally when I see
something like that I go, "I got to check it out." Maybe they know something I
don't, right? Because you can never guarantee sales unless you're incentivizing
them, or unless you actually like show fake conversions or something. And so I
applied to work with them. And you can easily you know find this company by
Googling the word Solo Ads, they're actually on the first page and their website
title says, you know, "Guaranteed sales, Solo Ads." So attractive, right? And so
you come in, and this website, there's a bunch of sellers. First red flag to me is
like how could every single one of them offer sales conversions, especially since
most of them are not professionals, they're one man operations, most of them live
in the Philippines or Thailand or Vietnam, countries where you only need to make
about $150 per month to survive, so all they do is just resell clicks with like a
four cent margin in between, and all of the sudden they're guaranteeing sales. I'm
like it just can't be right. So I play prospect. Now obviously I don't play
prospect as me, okay? I can't go...

Jonathan: Give us your prospect name. Give us your pen name. [laughter]

Igor: Oh, no, no. What if the competitor's listening, Jonathan? How dare you?

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: So I'm going to keep my prospect identity secret. But I put on my prospect
hat and I start talking to them, and here's what I discovered. Now, this is the
silliest guarantee you'll ever hear. Basically if you work with them for at least
6 months and buy a minimum of 10,000 clicks or something like that, they guarantee
you'll get at least one sale of your program.

Jonathan: Oh, that's awesome. 10,000 clicks?

Igor: If I buy 10,000 Ad Fly click, or if I get 10,000 domain redirects, and I get
a really cool, you know, make money from home offer, I will make a sale, for sure.
It doesn't mean that I'm going to buy 10,000 clicks. So, I mean, it's just lamest
guarantee ever that I've ever seen. So yeah, but we do offer an opt-in guarantee.
So we commit to an opt-in guarantee and recently we expanded it into a double
traffic guarantee, where not only we commit to a minimum 30% opt-in rate on you
opt in promotion, but we also guarantee all of these leads will be 100% real.
Because we build you a squeeze page for free, we build you a squeeze page with a
real time email verification module, so if somebody tries to enter a fake email
into the form, they cannot do it, like it will actually tell them, "Analyzing you
email. Oh, looks like your email is invalid. Please enter a valid email." Now
naturally, it lowers the opt-in rate. So we're risking delivering really bad
results for you, and if we do, if we deliver less than we promised, then of course
you get a full refund. But so far it has only been doing wonders because as a
result of driving actual real leads to your list, what you're doing is you keeping
your list hygiene really, really high and by keeping your list hygiene high, you
will get better delivery rates. So overall, not only you are not paying fake
leads, but you're also going to get better email delivery, so in the end you will
make more money in your business.

Jonathan: Wow. So let's go back to why you're saying you should avoid these
marketplaces. What is it that you don't like about them?

Igor: Well there's actually a list of things that I don't like. For one, I used to
be a member of Safe Swaps, and this is where I started swapping because on Safe
Swaps you could still find people who are like small, like list of 500 people,
700, 1000, 2000. And so I start swapping, and I remember this one swap that I've
had with the guy of a name John Lagoudakis I think. You can still Google him, I'm
not sure if he's like active, but his web site is still there. So he had a list of
about 3000 people, but he was taking on smaller swaps at the time. And I applied
to swap with him, because he had a good rating. Now in Safe Swaps they had a
rating system. If you had four stars or above, then, you know, I'd swap you
because you're obviously cool. And the weirdest thing happened. So I emailed his
link, and he emailed my link, and midway through the promotion he says, "I'm
getting really bad traffic of you. Your traffic is absolutely ridiculous, super
low quality. Now I have no idea what's going on. You know, I'm just doing my best.
I'm like, "Well, I'm sorry, I'm sure there's a reason for that." But he would not
want to hear anything. He just kind of cut the relationship and he said, just, "I
don't want to swap with you anymore, but before we parted ways I don't want to get
a bad rating either. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to reach you five stars
and you do the same thing for me. Deal?" "Yes, thank you, of course." Nobody likes
to have a bad reputation, and all of a sudden once it happens, and I'm realizing
that he just gave me five stars for sending him a really bad batch of traffic,
something is not right. How many other people are doing the same thing? How many
people are not saying anything simply because they want to get a positive rating
from other sellers that they were there working with? And that was the last ad
swap I've done on that network. That was it. I was gone. So I realized that the
rating systems on these places are really, really bad. Now you might say, "Well
Igor, okay, that was with Ad Swaps. How does that apply to a Solo Ad marketplace
where you buy traffic?" So if the consumer, if a traffic consumer buys a bunch of
clicks and they're bad, he's going to put in a bad rating. Well, not necessarily.
So there's two ways a Solo Ad seller, who sends you fake clicks or bad clicks, or
dead opt-ins, or just, you know, average quality stuff can deal with a customer
complaint, A-they can just refund the customer, very simple. And all of the
sudden, the customer does not post any negative stuff, and even can even post some
positive stuff and not talk about their traffic, but perhaps put like a five star
rating saying, "Great communication, fast delivery." Stuff like that like no
mention of conversion, but like fast delivery, fast communication, awesome. And so
that's one thing. And the other thing is, what if he gets a bad promotion or he's
getting traffic from a bad batch of clicks, and then the Solo Ad seller resends
the promotion in full from his like his own buyer list or something, or a list
that's better. Right? And all of the sudden everything is good again, but he had
to resend the traffic in addition. So all of the sudden this whole bad experience
is forgotten. Again, the other consumers cannot find out about it, and the seller
has great rating and he can keep sending on bad traffic. And if you're a newbie,
by the way, what if you're just a newbie that does not understand the difference?
What if you're not tracking your stuff, what if you're literally started out two
days ago or something, your op plan told you "Go buy Solo Ads at Udimi" you have
no idea what you're doing. You can't even tell whether you're getting good stuff
or bad stuff. So that is why Solo Ad market place rating, I don't trust them. So
what that means then is that the only way you can differentiate, is just based on
price. Now logic dictates whatever is more expensive then is higher quality,

Jonathan: Better, yeah.

Igor: But the thing about the Solo Ad sellers on these marketplaces, that they
don't go for expensive. They often don't charge even more than 50 or 60 cents per
click, which seems to be the standard going rate of the traffic on these
marketplaces. They pretty much all of them charge the same rate, because they're
all selling the same thing and they resell this traffic to each other. Okay? Now
again remember that many of them are resellers, they don't have a list, they don't
have a database, they don't have any presence and they're, basically their email
ain't worth anything. So they end up reselling your stuff to another seller on the
same network who they negotiated the better deal with, prior to posting their
listing. So Bob Jones has a listing 40 cents a click, and then you've got you know
Peter Griffin.

Jonathan: Family Guy. [laughter]

Igor: Yeah. Listing for say 40 cents a click as well, so what you do is you buy
from Bob and you buy from Peter, but Peter has negotiated deal with Bob that he
can get his traffic for 30 cents for click because he's friends with him and
whatever. And so what happens is Peter resells your order to Bob who you already
bought from with a 10 cent per click mark up. So you're not only overpaying for
traffic, but you're getting the exact same traffic you just purchased. So again,
standard practice at these market places. So that is why, what I'm saying like,
you can't know what you're getting, you cannot differentiate the sellers,
oftentimes you won't find any feedback about them on Google or nothing. At the
very least when you're working with agencies and sellers outside of the
marketplaces, they're forced to create some sort of a presence online because they
don't rely on the marketplace website to get them customers. Because a seller
that's just operating literally on one marketplace is getting all of his customers
there, he doesn't need to optimize anything, he doesn't need to do SEO, he doesn't
need to upload YouTube videos testimonials, he doesn't need any of that because he
knows the marketplace will do the trick. Not to mention that the marketplace will
do like email promotions promoting their top sellers. Not the ones that deliver
the best results, but the ones that sell the most clicks, right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: Here's another thing that nobody ever considers when they go in and they buy
traffic at these marketplaces, is that the marketplace owner, the reason he or she
starts the marketplace in the first place is to make money.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: And the way they make money is not by charging a seller a set fee every
month, where seller's just paying to be a member for example, but by shaving a
percentage off of each transaction. Now what does this tell us? This tells us that
the marketplace owner is interested to allow the sellers and to encourage the
sellers to have as many transactions and sell as many clicks as possible,
regardless of the quality of the traffic the seller delivers because that means
more money in the owner's pocket.

Jonathan: What you're describing to me sounds like incestuous Solo Ads. [laughter]
What's going on here?

Igor: That's exactly what it is.

Jonathan: So, alright, we're a little long on this one, but any other stuff that
you just rag on marketplaces or maybe better than that, because we talked a lot
about that, what makes Igor Solo Ads different?

Igor: Well, you know, I'm a marketer of course and I love talking about myself,
which is a great combination, right? If you're a marketer. I guess that the
difference is that we take a different approach to getting the clicks to
pre-qualifying the clicks, and the way we serve them to the customer. It just
shows in the results. Now the other great part about doing business with us is
that when you Google us, and I encourage you guys to Google Igor Solo Ads, you'll
see a bunch of different things. You'll see a bunch of negative reviews by people
who are pissed off by either myself, the quality of our traffic or by Dennis.
Actually there's a bunch of complaints on Dennis because people hate the way he

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: They really hate the fact that he's like asking them questions and then
making their life difficult. It's like, "Why can't you just tell me what the price
is and sell me the traffic. This whole back and forth thing, it's annoying." So
people like who don't buy from me complain about that, and there's also, there's a
bunch of positive feedback as well from real customers who report with some real
numbers like especially if you go on YouTube You'll find a bunch of material. So
before you even get to a stage where you have to decide whether or not you want to
work with us, there's a bunch of material for you to review and this material
comes from third party sources. Not from us or from a marketplace that does
endorse us and is financially involved in promoting us, you know what I mean? So
any time you're working with somebody who's independent, you stand a higher chance
of working with somebody who's good if they're not operating within the
marketplace. Like for instance my friend Harry Spellman who runs traffic for me,
which is a basically a Solo Ad agency. He's got a bunch of publishers that he
keeps a secret of course, and this traffic you can't get it on a Solo Ad
marketplace. You have to go through him, because he's what would they call a
reseller. So he's legit and he works on his own, and he's got his own presence and
when you check him out he understand that you're working with somebody who's
legit, and not somebody who's hiding behind a fake profile on the marketplace. So
in other words, if you're just, I guess if you're somebody who doesn't like to
gamble and doesn't like to have to go through a lots and lots and lots of trial
and error with these, with Solo Ads sellers wasting lots of time and lots of money
because you have to sift through a lot of dirt before you find some gold, then the
Solo Ads marketplaces are not the right place for you to start. Okay? You may want
to hit the market places once you're more experienced and you can, well tell if
somebody is legit or not just by having a conversation with them. Like I could do
that at this point, it's been almost a decade since I started this, so I can have
a conversation with somebody and ask them a few trick questions, which I'm not
going to reveal on this. Don't ask, okay? I'm not going to reveal on this call
because I want to keep them for a little while, I want to keep them to myself. But
you can ask them a couple questions, couple of trick questions, and based on how
to respond you know whether or not you're dealing with a reseller, whether or not
you're dealing with some fly by night douche bag that's just here to capitalize on
the insane demand that there is for Solo Ads.

Jonathan: Fair enough. Igor, we're about to wrap up. Do you want to give our
listeners a little sneak peek of next time?

Igor: Well you know, I think it's about time we did an episode which we should
have done a long time ago, the episode is basically about do Solo Ads even work.
Like I noticed that there are a lot of people out there who know what Solo Ads
are, search for answer in this particular question. They're really not sure. And
rightfully so, because there's so many different types of offers on there, and it
just gets confusing like honestly when you just get started with something new,
opportunity or a new traffic strategy, just not having an idea which one of the 50
different directions that's in front of you that you should be taking first, just
that can be super overwhelming and arresting. Like you're frozen, and I know
people who join my AP course for example, like who have been frozen for years.
Years. Just overwhelmed to a point where they didn't do anything. Like they
learned a lot about a bunch of stuff, but they didn't do anything because they're
too overwhelmed about where to get started. So the next episode I want to answer
this question, like do Solo Ads really work, and if so, for whom?

Jonathan: Alright. So next time we will be back in your earbuds next time, thank
you Igor, thank you List Builders for tuning in, and that is a wrap of this

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