Nobleman’s Marketing

May 2011.

My laptop crashed.

It was a common error for windows laptops at the time – the blue screen of death.

When that happens, there’s a good chance you’ll have to replace your hard drive or graphics card.

And I wasn’t looking forward to the bill.

But I had to get it fixed because at the time I was trying to build my list building empire through blogging.

And I needed a laptop to write articles.

I deposited my laptop with the technician earlier that day.

When I came by to pick it up we got chatting and he asked what I do.

I told him about my blogging ventures, how I used forum marketing to drive traffic to the blog and how I was building a following on Twitter.

His response was a cliche “oh, you’re one of those spammer a-holes who market products on forums!”

I didn’t appreciate being labeled a spammer. No one would, I guess.

We got into a 40 minute argument about spamming. It was no use changing this dude’s mind.

Fast forward 4 years later.

I met him in our local bar “Muza.” We only got one bar in town, so it’s hard to NOT see each other on Friday night.

He approached me and asked if he could buy me a beer.

I said he could buy me a soda, because I don’t drink and I was only in a bar because my friends like the place.

We got talking and he went on to tell me about how he followed me online, appreciated what I’ve done and how I’ve helped people and even asked me to teach him my unruly ways.

My point:

What he once thought was spamming was now becoming a noble profession to him.

Which begs a question – how do you respond to someone who shames you for being a marketer?

How do you FEEL about marketing info products and business opportunities?

Are you proud or guilty to sell?

Here’s my take on the philosophical and moral argument of marketing and selling


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. It's been awhile since we spoke about the moral side of
marketing, the conceptual side that delves into is it right to market, should we
be aggressive, is it okay to ask for a lot of money, is it okay to "manipulate"
the prospect into checking out our stuff, is it okay with being an intruder, a
pest in their life and try to push our product into their face? Well the reason
that I decided to do another one of these episodes is because lately I've been
noticing a trend. Now this is not a new trend by any means, of course, it's been
out there awhile, I honestly believe this is one of the reasons why so many people
fail online if we're not talking about the technical or the marketing reason. The
psychological reason and the reason is people believe that all marketing is bad.
That marketing or selling is a bad thing. It's a bad profession. There is even a
bunch of different dogmas and clichÈs about salespeople, the used care salesman
comes to mind of course, if it quacks like a salesman, run the other way comes to
mind but I honestly think that that's a really limited outlook on the way the
world works today.

Now the first thing I want to say is that almost every single consumer, almost
every single person believes that all marketing is bad. All sales is bad. All
marketing is bad. People who do sales and marketing are evil. They're the devil
basically until they go out to buy something that they want or need. So give an
example: about two years ago I had done laser eye surgery and I was shopping for a
company that I'm basically going to give my eyes to and do this surgery. I got to
tell you I went with a company that marketed the best that actually had the best
marketing that showed the most empathy and where I felt the most understood. This
company did not have the best track record in eye surgery; there were other
companies who did better. This company had a bunch of complaints about them on the
internet and in spite of that I went with them because their marketing was better
and I honestly believe as a marketer that whoever invests a lot of time and
thinking into their marketing will invest just as much time and thinking into
their product if not more because they believe in what they are selling. They go
and they create marketing mechanisms and they do their best job at it because they
believe in what they are selling because they know what they are selling is good.
Now incidentally, meanwhile while we were shopping for a plastic surgeon to a
breast operation, a boob job basically, we went through four different clinics and
eventually stopped at the most expensive one with the best marketing once again
for the exact same reason because that's where my wife not me because she was the
decision maker here, that's where my wife felt the most understood. That's where
she felt that they will take good care of her and that was created only by great
marketing. So when you see other people out there complaining about marketers,
telemarketers, and sales people, they only complain about the things that they
don't need but the moment they go out shopping, the moment they go out seeking
solutions to their problems all of a sudden it's the marketing that attracts them.
All of sudden they start paying attention to the people who market the best
because they don't want to give money to somebody whose lousy at it. I mean when
was the last time you signed up with somebody with an ugly ass website, with a
really bad sales copy, with really bad positioning, with really awful branding,
somebody who just broke all the rules of really good marketing, when was the last
time you did that? I don't remember even once doing that in the last 7 or 8 years
when I became aware of marketing but that's me.

So here's the point I'm trying to make, marketing while perceived as bad by other
people while perceived as this necessary evil by the consumer most of the time or
at least that's the conversation at the dinner table. It's only perceived that way
if a) the prospect doesn't need it or b) its badly done. Marketing that is done
really well becomes a positive conversation at the dinner table. It becomes a
social currency and the prospect feels really good saying yes and making a buying
decision. Now think Apple or think the most recent car purchase you made, these
are purchases you're probably really, really proud of and usually that's because
of the good marketing that has been done to support a good product.

Now, let's be honest if you're doing great marketing for a really shitty product
or you're just a sleaze ball that is lying through his teeth trying to create good
marketing and you don't deliver then of course you're making a bad name for
yourself, you're making a bad name for all of us marketers and the marketplace
will catch up with you and I guarantee it will happen. I've seen it happen many
times before in fact two people come to mind when it comes to selling something
that is actually fits or in sync with what you're promising that is two students
that I've had; one of them is a student and the other one was more of like an
acquaintance who I've helped. Basically they were selling coaching programs and
one of them I taught him how to sell coaching programs, I taught him how to
structure them and he sold them but basically never delivered. He sold them the
right way but he never delivered and very soon, within just six months of him
selling bogus coaching programs, the marketplace caught up with him, he lost his
Warrior Forum account. He lost his PayPal account. There were a ton of negative
reviews about him on the internet and he had to actually get out of the game and
come back about a year later under a different name. I don't think it's the best
practice but whatever. The point is that he ruined his reputation completely by
selling bogus product that doesn't support the claims he was making. Now the other
guy was already doing pretty well for himself but then we met up a couple of
times. I consulted him on how to sell better, how his sales team sell better,
close better and he grew tremendously within just a couple of months and then
again the marketplace caught up with him because he promised things he could not
deliver and eventually he got sued for a collective of like half million dollars,
$300,000 something like that and again got out of the industry and went into a
totally different business where people did not have to know his name for him to
make money. So these are two prime examples in my life of people that really
invested all their time in learning how to market and learning how to sell but
never backed it up with a great product but that of course is a detour a much
necessary to deliver a different point, you should not be upset, you should not be
shamed, you should not feel queasy about marketing, you should be proud to call
yourself an internet marketer. You should be proud to call yourself an
entrepreneur. You should be proud of saying, "I offer a service or a solution to
the marketplace that helps people to X" whatever that X is. If you're selling a
business opportunity, you're helping people to achieve financial and time freedom.
You're helping people to live the 4-hour work week. You're helping people break
the chains of the 9 to 5. You're helping people live a better life, live a free
life, live an easier life, live a life worth fucking living and that okay my
friend is something to be proud of. It's not something to be ashamed of and there
is absolutely nothing wrong with you getting out of bed in the morning and doing
everything within your power and even more to do a good fucking job of marketing
that solution. In fact you owe it to yourself, you owe it to the marketplace to
market that solution in the best ethical way possible pushing the limits of what
you thought was acceptable or was aggressive before.

Now if you doubt whether or not you should be this way, think about it this way
what if you were selling a cure for cancer? What if you had a machine or a lotion
that if you put it on somebody whose stage one or stage two cancer in time, you
could save their life, there was like a 75% chance of saving their life. Let's say
you have something like this. Let's say it's a pill, right? You're selling a pill
that cures cancers and just so happens your neighbor's daughter who is only 14 has
cancer and you obviously, you knock on his door and you say, "Hey buddy, I got
this thing that cures cancer" and what he does, he shuts the door right in your
face saying, "I don't need it. We have tried everything, it doesn't work. I
accepted the fact that I'm going to lose my daughter. Don't mess with me. Don't
mock me. Don't waste my time. I'm not interested." Now at that point when you get
rejected, what do you do? If you genuinely believe that you got the cure for
cancer and you have the proof to back it up, of course, you will knock on this
guy's door for the next six months if you have to. You will knock on his window.
You will throw rocks up his chimney. You will stalk him, you know in the parking
lot. You will put signs on his front lawn or whatever. You'll do whatever you have
to do in order to get the solution into his hands and say, "Yes, okay let me try
it." And if that's the case with the cure for cancer, it should be the case with
your business opportunity. It should be the case and if you don't believe in your
business opportunity to the extent that it allows you to do that then change the
business that you actually believe in. That would be very, very useful for you.

But here is my point, all marketing is perceived bad only until people realize
that they need this product. That's about it and the ironic part is of course the
people who complain about your marketing are never going to buy from you anyway
like they will complain about your marketing they are not interested. If they are
interested they are listening. If they are interested, they cannot be angry with
you because they are busy consuming your marketing. So stop listening to the
people who tell you're a scammer. Stop listening to the people who tell you, you
are a disgrace to our society. Stop listening to the people who shame you into
believing what you're doing is the wrong thing and do the best job you can
possibly do as a marketer marketing your business opportunity. And for tips,
tricks and strategies and how to do that just keep listening to the List Building
Lifestyle, of course. Anyway, thanks for tuning in for another episode of the List
Building Lifestyle. I'm your host, Igor Kheifets. Take care. Bye.

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