How To Build a Relationship With Your List

Are you sending too much email?

Or are you not sending enough?

Hard to know, because some experts say you shouldn’t spam your list more than once a week.

While others (like me) insist on following up with your list every day.

So which one is it?

And what’s the right approach for YOU?


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Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle with your host
Igor Kheifets. You can be the best marketer, copywriter, salesman or woman
in the world but the fact is most people who come across your opportunity will
dilly-dally their buying decisions. They will sit on that with verbal facts for as
long as they can possibly can. They will grab onto anything, for any reason why
they can't buy right now be the time, be the money be the expertise, be it lack
your case study. It can be anything, they will use it as an excuse not to buy. And
it is exactly why you need to follow up.

And as we've chatted in one of the previous episodes. Email is the best way to
follow up with your potential customers. Email is by far the number 1 best way to
engage your customers, to engage your prospects and to get them to both with their
wallet so to speak. If you're looking to get people to weep out their credit card,
or open their pocket, to open their checkbooks, open their hearts to you. Email is
the media you have to use in order to do that. Now, that is not something that you
don't know.

Obviously, you've been listening to this show. you're a citizen of planet Igor. I
talked about email follow up a lot and of course, you know the shows is called the
"List Building Lifestyle", not a "Fan Page Lifestyle" so there's no confusion.
There's no 2 ways to go about it. Email follow up is the way to go and we chatted
about this.

However, what we didn't chat about, is how most experts, the typical experts
recommend to mail several times a week. Now while they do that, while several
times a week at most. But you know, and even as rare as once a week. Well because
they are afraid to piss people off. They genuinely believe that by emailing their
list they gonna annoyed people. That they are already getting too much email
anyway and that the best way to win potential customer is to send them an
occasional blog post of video, or some sort of content that either demonstrates
value or position you as a trusted adviser in a form again, of giving value to
them probonal, right? Without any charges, without asking anything in return. Now
of course, what this does, it accomplishes 2 things.

Because you're sending them "VALUE" and hard teaching them because you're trying
to impress them. You're actually trying to do the exact opposite and you're making
them hate you. Not at the level where they hate you like the dog hates the cat.
I'm talking about not giving you the proper respect and not wanting to invest with
you because of the suplicative dynamic that you created as a result of giving them
content probonal. Now the other thing that happens is that because you follow up
with them every day or even several time a day. And you only do it several times a
week or maybe once a week. They forget *chuckles* about you, they don't feel that
you're important enough to be remembered. They don't feel that you have an
important thing to say because you email them so rarely. And while you delay
mailing them every day, someone else does and they basically get distracted and
their attention is being pulled in whole other direction because of that.

So lack of emails, lack of mail, lack of consistency, lack of constant hovering.
Making sure you're always in their face or always in their inbox. Not doing that
is getting you in trouble. It's basically making your list kinda useless. Now,
there are problems that I see people that they can't hop over this barrier of
making themselves, email every day. Or at the very least, every other day or I
mean just... just something like. increase. Whatever the frequency is double it
right now and you'll see that your list respond positively to it. As long as you
do it the right way.

Now, what is the right way to mail? This is a great question because a lot of
times people talk about giving value. That's pretty much all the advice you get
about emails. Give them value, give them value, send them useful content but this
time you'll build a relationship. This definitely not how you build a
relationship. The kind of relationship that gets you paid.

That's the way you build a relationship that actually gets you a lot of preys that
doesn't get you paid. That's how you term yourself into a notal that basically
never gets the sale versus you wanting to be somebody who gets many sales and
doesn't have to work for free. So, if you wanna build a relationship while
emailing you list every day and making lots of money.

There is a way to do that. There is a very specific strategy to email your list.
Now there's 3 things you need to do. 3 things you need to be talking about in your
emails. ANd as long as you email them every day and every email talks either about
one of these things or all 3 of them. You will be just fine.

The first thing is their problems. You can never work anyone if you talk to them
about their problems. If you talk about the things that's on their mind and if
these things really make them uncomfortable. If I have a problem about my child
wetting their bed. That's all I think about, if you talk to me about that you just
talk to me describe the problem to me. I'm listening. I'm listening because you
understand what I'm going through and I want to be understood. As a prospect, as a
potential client, the number 1 need that I have. The number 1 thing that I expect
from you is to show me that you understand what I'm going through.

The moment that you can do that, the moment you can show me you understand my
problems. you understand my feelings, you understand my frustrations, you
understand my concerns. That's the moment when I do everyone else out and I focus
on you and your market.

Now the other thing you need to do. The other thing you wanna talk about in your
emails is their deepest desire. If you talk to me and if I'm your prospect and if
I want to know how to invest in real estate. You need to figure out what is the
reason behind my desire to invest in real estate. Is it the legacy to build for my
kids? So they don't have to work when they grow up.

Is it to protect my money against inflation, maybe that's the case. Maybe I'm just
afraid that my money is losing value while I'm busy making it. So I wanna protect
it by putting it in real estate. Maybe, my motive is to get accepted into the
social circle you kinda have to real estate to be taken seriously. Whatever the
motive is, you need to figure out what might underlying reason is. You have to
understand what is below the core of it all, below the surface in getting down to
the very very very bottom of my desires. Like you have to understand, you have to
figure out, you have to find a way to be interviewing your prospects, to be by
reading the books by your prospects or be by you know there's a great trick that
you go to Amazon. You can find books on the topic and you can basically just look
at the chapters or reaching stories like. You can find that information. It's
available to you for free. You just have to find time for research. You will find
out what is the true reason somebody wants to purchase your product.

So if you're selling business opportunities. One of their first few reasons when
it comes to mind that at the very core. The desire is at the very core of it all
for people who invest in business opportunities. First, of, I wanna make sure of
my free time. Even if the person has a job or has an income coming in, they must
have some free time they can devote to this. And that is why they go to the
internet. That's how it is today. This is from the marketplace. Alright, I'm
giving actual knowledge from the marketplace that I acquired. So making use of
free time that is being wasted is one reason.

The other reason is this person must have read the 4 hours work week. And fell in
love with the 4 hours work week lifestyle. It is also being referred to as the
Laptop Lifestyle, the Internet Lifestyle. I call it the List Building lifestyle
incidentally because I have achieved the lifestyle through the List Building as
the primary tactic. List Building and Email marketing. So having that Lifestyle is
another thing just literally being able to drag friends and family, that hey! I
make 10 Grand a month and I work less than 10 hours a week. that's a big one.

Now the other thing is just as important as the freedom. Now the freedom and I
don't mean it in a form of a lifestyle, what I mean is not having to answer to
anyone, not having to be under anyone's heel if you will, not being dependent on a
boss or anything like the government. Just being 100% self-sufficient independent
person that can basically call their own shot that's what freedom is. Being able
to determine, I wake up in the morning, do I work? Nah I don't feel like. So I
don't work. Or maybe I do feel like working in the next 14 hours straight. I wanna
be able to make that decision for myself. I don't want someone else telling me
that I'm working overtime today because they need me to.

I wanna be doing it on my own terms. And that's what freedom is. Not always about,
the lifestyle isn't always about retiring to the beach. A lot of times it is about
doing more work but doing it on their own terms.

Also, another reason that you can address in marketing which is just as powerful
it is helping a lot of people. Now if you serve a people who get into online
business opportunities. Then you do like an anonymous survey, where they don't
have to reveal their identity. you'll notice that about 8 out of 10 people besides
mentioning the money they wanna make. They also say that they will use that money
to help either their communicant, or either their family or their friends. SOme
will leave it for their children, grandchildren,

But a lot of people will use a lot of money to help their loved ones and friends
and people in their communicating. It is just a fact, okay? I mean nobody like to
think of themselves selfish and if they make a lot of money. They have the
mentality of saying. Okay, I have enough now I would love to share with the people
who don't have enough. Because it makes you feel really really good. especially if
you hit a certain financial development. If you hit a certain point in your
business. You making 10 or 20 grand a month. you'll notice that money no longer
brings you the joy and excitement that you used to. And you try to seek reasons
where to put it.

So that's the second thing you wanna talk about. The person and their problems,
the second one is their deepest desire and now the third thing. Now, this is
subtle, this is very subtle. And very few people do this which is why it still
works really really well. But you know, another reason it works actually is just
psychology really. Just of the first 2 things. it's obstacles that keep them from
overcoming these problems.

So let's just say, my problem is I work a job that I don't like. I don't feel like
my life has any meaning whatsoever. I make okay money maybe just under willing, I
need to pay the bills. But I'm surviving and I can't do this anymore. That's my
problem. So if I wanted to talk to this prospects through my email marketing.

I probably talk about an inability to find the free time necessary to start an
internet business or maybe I'll talk about the inability to determine what is the
first thing that they need to do. What to get started? Because what I discovered
when I was working on my Ultimate Guide To Solo Ads which still in production. The
number 1 question about I received from solo ads and traffic generation from my
customers was "Igor' what's the first thing I need to do to get started".

So that seems to be a big problem, that's an obstacle. And if I talk about the
obstacle in my emails, I'm gonna get a great response because that is an obstacle
that is on my customer's mind all the time. These are the 3 reasons, their
problems, their deepest desires, and obstacles that keep them from overcoming
these problems and getting to their deepest desires.

So once you talk about the problem or either talk about the desire or maybe I talk
about the obstacles but whatever their case maybe. Towards the end of that email,
towards 20% of that email, I always sell my product. Now it can be either the
exact same product sold yesterday, it can be something that I have been selling
every single day for the last couple of months, or it can be a brand new product.
It doesn't matter. What matters is, is that it is positioned as a solution or as a
net natural step forward from where the prospects are right now in their mind.

So if I'm talking about the problem of not knowing where to start to make money
from home, then the solution i will pitch and the last 20% of my email is going to
be a hand minute trick or a 30-minute training or something bout a proven formula
or a proven blueprint or a scientific approach or whatever to getting started
online to making you know $5000 month online etc. So the reason I'm gonna do that
is that, anything that is a system a blueprint an approach a ready-made thing that
is figured out before you that is how you address the concern of not knowing to
get started. That's how people to get the started. That is how people buy systems
in our marketplace. Because systems imply that you do not need to think about it.
you just have to come in and follow the steps from A to Z because that's how we've
been conditioned to learn wince we're ins chook since we're a kid. We're coming
into the first grade and we make it all the way till graduation and we rely on one
system to give us the steps to necessary to tell us what we need to do next.
That's how we learn to learn and that's how much people prefer to be served with
these information and to be served from this education.

So to go over what we've talked about today. First, of, most people will not buy
right away I don't care how good is the salesman or a woman you're it just a fact.
that is why we need to follow up and the email is the best way to do it. And
typical advice you'll get is give them some value once a week, Not 2 doesn't work
don't listen to this advice. what you need to do instead is you need to email them
every day and sell them every email and then your email you need to do to discuss
3 things. Their problems, their deepest desire and the obstacles from keeping them
overcoming the problems and getting towards to their deepest desire. And once
you've done that in your email, you use last 20% of your email to pitch a solution
because at that point they are mentally and emotionally ready to examine to check
it out and to consider it as a solution to their problems.

So this pretty much sums up the blueprint for creating a relationship making money
and making every day. Until next time we chat! Have a good one.

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