9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Solo Ads

There’s no such thing as one size fits all traffic source.

Solo ads are no exception.

Sometimes its just not a good fit.

If you’re unsure whether solo ads are for you, stream this episode to discover the 9 reasons why you shouldn’t buy solo ads.

If any of these apply to you, don’t waste time with solo ads.


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Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle with your host
Igor Kheifets. Now, this episode is gonna be different because up until now. The
focus of the show was to teach you and show you why solo ads are awesome? It was
about giving you the tools and strategy to make solo ads to your business to make
$10,00 per month to build your list. To basically have a lifestyle that will make
you lot an of money because of your paid traffic generation, right? Because your
traffic is automated because you're using paid traffic.

However, today's episode is gonna be little different because today I'm gonna give
you 9 reasons why not to buy solo ads. Because we have to recognize that solo ads
may not be a good fit for everybody. In fact, I even go as far as saying that
there no one size fits all traffic source. SO we have to be realistic about it.
And here's the 9 reasons, 9 criteria if you will that if you fit any of these you
should not be busying solo ads at least right now.

So the first one is, don't buy solo ads if you're looking for a magic bullet.
Because I know a lot of traffic buyers, a lot of people who buy traffic or get
into the paid traffic game. They really feel they found the holy grail. They
really feel that they have found the silver bullet that's gonna solve all their
problems, that's gonna flood all their database with new customers. It's gonna be
basically a walk in the park. Somehow, somehow perhaps because they have seen
solo ad display, they believe it.

They believe that it should be an easy-peasy walk in the park kinda thing, which
of course it never is. Solo ads does require you to do work. You need to
understand copy, need to write swipes, you need to write emails, follow up
sequences, build the list, check your opt-in rate, check your opt in to sales
conversion and so on and so forth.

There a lot of work to do. It's not gonna happen overnight because *snap* there
no click to a button. Or you found the solo ad vendor, right? Still a lot of
variables like your funnel, your follow up sequence, and a bunch of different
things in between. So you have to keep that in mind. So if you are looking for
a silver bullet this is not it. I don't think It even exists but if you are looking
for it here with solos ads, it's definitely not it.

Now the reason why not to buy solo ads is if you're promoting services such as SEO
services, like packling, Search engine, Consoles and stuff like that, and design
services. Maybe you're a coder or programmer that is looking to provide a service
to a company. If that is the case, solo ads may not be a good fit for you. most
likely on a good fit for you. You will have more luck with SEO, Adwords, maybe
some Facebook ads, maybe. I don't know but perhaps.

Now another reason not to buy is that if you have 68 hours a day to market your
business in social media. And genuinely believe that that is the best use of your
time. If you're still that kind of person in your point at this point in your life
that values money over time. In other words, you're not willing to invest money in
order to buy more time. If you still have this paradigm of exchanging hours for
dollars, right? And you don't mind exchanging lots and lots and lots and lots and
lots of hours for a very little output. Then you should definitely stick to social
media marketing and not do solo ads or any other paid traffic at all.

Now another reason to not buy solo ads. And this is 100%, I support this reason
100%. And this is one of the reasons I believe that solo ads are such a great fit
for most people because they just don't fit this criteria. If you are a gifted
writer and an expert at the same time in your field and you're willing to write at
least 1000-word essay every single day from your blog or your authority site in
your niche.

And if your niche, this is another criteria that's really important. If your niche
is not already saturated with tons and tons of content. So in other words, if
you're a gifted writer and you happen to be an expert on building parrot cages.
And this niche doesn't have a lot of content in it. Then, by all means, do that.
Write an article, write essays, start a blog. You'll get more traffic this way.

But, but, if you are a talented blogger and expert on let's say internet marketing
sales. Then you have a problem, my friend because the niche is already
oversaturated with content. Putting out more content doesn't necessarily guarantee
traffic. A lot of times, putting out the content needs to happen only after you
only build an audience. And to build an audience in our space such as a
competitive space, it definitely wants a paid traffic source to do it fast.

Now the other reason is if you genuinely do not need traffic quickly. So this is
the big one because sometimes people are looking for slow traffic. They'd don't
mind waiting. In solo ads the advantages you get it very very quickly. If you
don't need it quickly, perhaps you don't need to consider solo ads at this point.

Now another one, big big huge reason not to buy solo ads is if you are not
building a list right now. In other words. if you're buying solo ads directly to a
link. Like an affiliate link or something like that. And you're not building that
list. You're not following up on that link, you're not building a database of
emails subscribers. Do not buy solo ads. Solo ads are not for you. You will only
lose money unless you build a list. It's really important. This is the big
critical components of the entire process.

Now you should also not buy solo ads if you're completely broke. Like every now
and again. I got somebody approaches me and say "Igor, I wanna buy traffic but I'm
a single dad to 3 kids and we're basically living off handouts on my mom's couch,
on my friend's couch". If that is your situation, you need a job, not traffic.
That's what you need. You need to get a job because you can't really build an
online business if you don't have any cash flow whatsoever, not just for traffic
but also for software services, coaching, education etc.

Now you should not buy solo ads if you do not have a deep backhand. Now, this is
really really really important, if you do not have a big backhand you'll be in big
big big trouble. And the reason is because you won't be able to recuperate and
make a profit on your solo ads campaign. Because we know that most people don't
buy right away and if you're selling a low ticket frontend offer, it's truly often
not enough to recuperate your cost unless your offer converts an incredibly high

I've only had 2 students ever, who had such an offer using a front end offer to
break even. I mean it sound unheard off, almost never happens, okay happen
sometimes but that student put a lot of work into it as far as drilling out that
site, writing a copy, gaining understanding for who we selling etc.

Most people are not willing to go that trouble. So I'm saying that if you want a
shortcut and doesn't require you to sell tons and tons and tons and tons of front
end offers. Again which is less realistic, let's put it this way. Then you
definitely need a deep sale backend. The if you do not have a deep sell back end
right now. In fact, if you're not building your list right now, and you don't have
a deep sale backend, and you do not know where to get one or can't build one. I
recommend you visit http://www.Igorsoloads.com/franchise to see how you can
basically own an entire business with the deep backend, with the list, with the
follow-up campaigns, for a relatively low investment. So go to
http://www.Igorsoloads.com/franchise .

Now last but not the least, you should not buy solo ads unless you happen to have
an email follow up in place. Okay? And this is important because again most people
do not buy right away. You will need to keep hovering at them using email which is
the best media to accomplish that, to accomplish the follow-up. And if you don't
have a follow-up sequence right now and you promote a business opportunity or if
you have one but you know it's crappy and then I suggest I suggest for you to
visit http://www.bizoppemails.com that B-I-Z-O-P-P-.-COM to have me write your
daily emails for you for a very low price every month.

So this sums up the 9 reasons you should not buy solo ads and like I said, if you
fall under any of these do not buy solo ads, right now because they will not help
you at achieving your goal in making a full time making from home.

So this is Igor, Thank you so much for your time of the day. Hope you enjoy
another episode of List Building Lifestyle. And until next time we chat. Have a
good one!

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