A.I. Takes Over Content Creation: Are We in a Digital Revolution? with Molly Mahoney

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Want to stand out online but drowning in a sea of content? Molly Mahoney reveals how AI helps you discover your true identity and communicate authentically. We explore how AI can help you find your unique voice in content chaos, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and unleash your creativity while maintaining authenticity. Molly’s insights reveal AI’s role in shaping the future of content and provide practical strategies for leveraging this powerful technology. If you’re ready to break free from content creation constraints and embrace the AI revolution, this episode is your gateway to unlocking unlimited potential in your digital endeavors. Tune in now to supercharge your content strategy!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Molly Mahoney to discover the use of AI in content creation and other aspects of our lives. 

Guest: Molly Mahoney, known as “The Prepared Performer,” is a social media growth strategist specializing in authentic video content creation and organic social media marketing. She gained recognition by reaching one million people with a single video organically and developed the “Go Live And Monetize” method. Molly is a speaker at major events like Social Media Marketing World and has been featured in publications such as Inc. magazine and Forbes. She wears multiple hats, from a social content strategist to an influencer marketing consultant, and balances her professional life with being a wife and mother. Molly’s captivating videos deliver effective tips, helping her build a significant social media following and fostering deep connections with her audience. Her presence at any event promises to infuse energy, expertise, and inspiration into the audience, embodying excellence and transformation in the world of social media.

[01:25] Creating Authentic Content with AI:

  • Our main focus has been social selling for quite some time now. Specifically, we assist individuals in generating organic social content.
  • For over two and a half years, we’ve been running an AI content club, predating chatbots like GPT. Our central goal remains discovering your unique qualities and integrating them into AI to produce more authentic content.
  • Our core philosophy revolves around the idea that the more enjoyable your creative process, the greater your financial success. This principle is integral to our approach.

[02:10] Scandalous Name Change!

  • Jasper was our main focus, along with a program called “Dancing with Jarvis.” The idea was to engage with responses creatively instead of simply copying and pasting.
  • However, due to a cease and desist from Disney regarding the name “Jarvis,” we changed it to the AI content club. We still recommend Jasper but use other tools as well.

[03:02] Jasper vs. Chat GPT – Who Really Rules the AI Realm?

  • It was tricky for us because we were top affiliates with Jasper. When ChatGPT was released, I hesitated on whether to talk about it.
  • I regret that pause because we now fully embrace it. We still use Jasper for templates, but ChatGPT has become a valuable tool.
  • The most recent version allows you to set templates and brand voice commands for various applications.

[04:48] Discovering Your True Voice:

  • The real problem is that most people don’t know who they are or what they want to sound like. So you have to take the time to figure out who you are and who you’re speaking to. The robots have figured out how to make us more human, which is my favorite part.
  • You can use your own emails, communications, and text messages. It can mimic your tone and style with minimal content. It’s pretty neat. You can even create an avatar for yourself to automate tasks.

[17:25] Why Do People Use A.I.?

  • It’s progressing rapidly, and I believe it’s becoming an everyday norm. It seamlessly integrates into everything we do.
  • Currently, many people engage in activities simply because they find them fascinating, not necessarily because they’re more effective or boost sales. It’s like experiencing the thrill of witnessing something magical.
  • However, even in these pursuits, we continue to learn and experiment, including activities I enjoy with my kids, just for fun. Engaging in such experiences helps us stay ahead of the curve as the tools improve.
  • We must remember that everything today is a rudimentary version of what it will be in the future. It will only continue to improve and become more ingrained in our daily lives.
  • While some may lose their jobs due to this transformation, it presents an excellent opportunity for those willing to solve problems, be creative, and double down on their unique expertise. So if you possess such expertise, embrace it.

[19:51] The Downside of A.I.:

  • It’s crucial to be cautious because these tools can also churn out subpar content.
  • For instance, I have a website, contentclub.ai, which generates automated daily blog posts with keywords and images. While it impresses many when I showcase it during my talks, I emphasize not to follow this path unless you have a team to make the content unique, fine-tune it, and ensure it aligns perfectly with your goals. Otherwise, you’re just adding to the noise on the internet.
  • In today’s digital landscape, there’s an abundance of content, some of which lacks the care and refinement that truly sets it apart. The tools we provide can be incredibly powerful, but they can also be used haphazardly.
  • This flood of mediocre content can make it challenging for your creations to gain attention. That’s why it’s crucial to focus on what makes your content unique and ensures it stands out amidst the crowd.

[29:00] Creating Controversial Content:

  • I believe occasionally using controversial content can be effective. However, we often emphasize something different that many overlook: “tickle points.”
  • People want humor and an escape from their daily lives. While not everyone seeks humor, we’ve found it to be a powerful tool. Creating funny content or poking fun at ourselves can work wonders.
  • For example, we once turned a troll comment into a Halloween costume, and it went viral. Humor has a unique way of bringing people together.
  • Although receiving a $30,000 check from a viral video with many views was enjoyable, what mattered more to me was the quality of engagement within a specific niche audience.
  • I preferred having a small, dedicated community where I could deliver substantial value rather than having a large, less focused following.

[42:31] Email Collection Strategies:

  • We have two primary methods for gathering email addresses: an opt-in form and through our Facebook group.
  • Our Facebook group comes in two varieties – our primary group with nearly 10,000 members and pop-up groups we create monthly.
  • In the pop-up groups, members provide their email addresses along with answering various questions, allowing us to understand their needs, pain points, and how they discovered us. These questions change based on our strategic goals.
  • To streamline this process, we utilize a tool called Group Track. This tool integrates seamlessly with email marketing platforms like ConvertKit, AWeber, and Active Campaign, instantly adding members to our email list and sending them a welcome email that includes a GDPR compliance notice.

[43:30] How To Grow Facebook Groups?

  • The primary method for growing our Facebook groups and email list is by creating engaging posts. We’ve discovered that a casual and friendly tone works best. For instance, we might use slang to make our offer sound less salesy.
  • Another effective approach is to share heartfelt or insightful posts that connect with our audience’s experiences. Toward the end of these posts, we offer additional value, such as training sessions or written guides.
  • If readers are interested, they can either visit an opt-in page to provide their email address and phone number or join our Facebook group.
  • We typically publish these posts on my personal profile, occasionally on our business page, and complement them with targeted ads. This combination of strategies enhances our organic reach and provides us with valuable social proof.

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