Money, Demons, and Self-Discovery

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Before the money started pouring in, Igor’s life was a relentless race for financial success. The quest for wealth consumed his every moment. But the nagging feeling of something missing began to creep in. So, dear listeners, join us as we dive deep into Igor’s journey—a journey from the pursuit of wealth to the pursuit of life itself. It’s a transformation that might just spark your own revelations about what truly matters. 

[00:00] Morgan Freeman Introduces The Show!

[00:20] In this episode, Igor dives deep into a common problem many entrepreneurs and individuals face – the relentless pursuit of money at the expense of a fulfilling lifestyle. He shares his personal journey, from initially being consumed by the pursuit of wealth to gradually transitioning to a more balanced and enriching way of life.

[01:51] The Pursuit of Money and the Absence of Lifestyle:

  • Before I began to generate income, my life and lifestyle were virtually non-existent. My primary concern revolved around the pursuit of money.

  • I was fully committed, to the extent that if I wasn’t occupied with my day job, I was constantly striving to advance my business. It wasn’t until approximately two or three years after I started earning money that I began to make adjustments to my lifestyle.

[02:13] Transitioning From A Workaholic Lifestyle:

  • One significant change was leaving my day job to work from home full-time, which naturally led to spending more time at home.

  • This newfound situation ignited a desire to indulge in certain pleasures, such as dining at upscale restaurants and traveling more frequently. Nonetheless, my primary focus remained on my work.

  • I began to upgrade various aspects of my life, from traveling business class and acquiring luxurious vehicles to moving into a larger home. I transitioned from renting to buying, gradually constructing a comfortable life. 
  • My typical routine evolved, allowing me to work until around 2 PM and then spend quality time with friends, and family, or invest in hobbies and interests.
  • Subsequently, I made the decision to relocate to Canada, a move I made about five years ago, culminating in obtaining Canadian citizenship. Now, armed with my Canadian passport, I am contemplating further international moves due to my dissatisfaction with the harsh Canadian winters.

[03:45] Discovering Freedom Beyond Limits:

  • One of the most profound changes that accompanied my financial success was my newfound ability to think beyond the confines of limitations. Particularly when earning money online, I felt liberated from any semblance of restrictions.

  • Anything became possible. If I desired to live in a different location, I could simply relocate. If I needed more money, I knew how to make it happen. I had the flexibility to choose the educational path for my children, whether it involved homeschooling or traditional schooling.

  • My goals and aspirations were no longer bound by financial constraints or rigid schedules; I was free to pursue what I truly desired.

[04:38] A Journey to Mental Health:

  • This transformation constituted a major shift in my life, prompting me to confront my spiritual side. While struggling to survive, I had little time or inclination to contemplate the deeper questions of life. However, as my financial situation stabilized, my inner demons, limiting beliefs, and psychological patterns resurfaced.

  • I devoted extensive time to addressing these issues, even unintentionally joining a cult at one point, which I eventually left when it demanded I divorce my wife.
  • Earning a substantial income undeniably played havoc with my mental well-being for a period. However, I ultimately found an approach to mental health that suited me.

  • Over the last two years, I have made more progress in this area than in the preceding decade, and I am immensely satisfied with my personal growth. My inner world has undergone a complete transformation, and while my business continues to thrive, it no longer solely defines my happiness.

[06:23] Igor’s Thoughts on His Life:

  • Today, it feels like I have reached a point where life is about more than just money; it is about adopting a holistic approach to living. This transformation took time, with money serving as my initial goal and purpose. Building a strong foundation in the material world was essential before I could embark on my spiritual and mental health journey. Gradually, all aspects of my life fell into place over the years.

[07:00] Understanding Personal Likes and Dislikes:

  • For someone like me, who constantly seeks engagement and avoids idle moments, even rest and relaxation require an active approach. My idea of recharging doesn’t involve lounging on the couch or gazing at the ocean in Puerto Rico, as it might for my wife. Instead, I find rejuvenation in the diversity of activities. Full immersion in different activities is what truly energizes me.
  • Understanding these preferences about myself took time, as it does for many as they age. It is a process to truly comprehend one’s likes and dislikes, but once achieved, life becomes considerably more straightforward.

  • When you are clear about your preferences, you can focus your energy on the things you genuinely want, rather than trying to fit into societal norms or conform to expectations.

[08:26] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



Igor Kheifets is an amazon best-selling author of the List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire.

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