5 Wins From Our First Live Event

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If you’re thinking of hosting a live event, get ready to take your event to the next level with these five essential tips. In this power-packed episode, Igor dives deep into the world of event hosting, sharing his expert insights and practical strategies to ensure your event is a resounding success. From creating an engaging atmosphere to attracting the right audience, he reveals the key ingredients that will make your event an unforgettable experience. Take advantage of this invaluable guidance that will empower you to plan, execute, and leave a lasting impact on your live event. Tune in now and get ready to elevate your event-hosting game!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor reveals his top 5 wins from his first live event and rightfully credits his team for its success.

[02:38] Creating A High-Quality Environment.

  • The first thing that we’ve done right is we’ve put in great attention to detail and I’m talking about creating a high-quality environment, which means not trying to save money on swag, on writing material, on laminating the handouts, not trying to save money on the banner ads, or the hotel or anything like that.

  • Nothing speaks cheaply about you and your brand than the cheap merchandise that you give to people who attend the event.

[03:54] The Importance Of Having Food For The Attendees:

  • The other thing, which I feel was a great decision on my team’s part, was to feed the people.

  • It did cost us a lot of money just to have food for 30 attendees every day for three days. However, it was really worth it.

  • The fact that our attendees did not have to go out and look for lunch themselves, the fact that they got to network and mastermind while sharing a meal with their friends at the event, and the fact that everyone stayed in the room unless they had to go to the bathroom.

  • That was a huge advantage to continue and foster that environment of support and success inside the room.

[05:04] Charging A Premium Price:

  • Another thing that I think we’ve done right was to charge a premium for this event.

  • The attendees had to pay anywhere from $2,000 all the way up to $2,800 depending on the type of ticket they were buying.

  • This allowed us to do it and it allowed us to almost break even. So I can’t even say we broke even. We still lost a little bit of money, but with this event, we didn’t go in thinking we’ll make money.

  • I expected to lose a lot more money than we did. We actually lost a minimal amount of money if we don’t consider the labor and time and the effort and the energy that we invested into actually making it happen.

  • It was acceptable and it’s not going to kill us or anything like that. We’re talking, you know, less than a couple thousand dollars.

  • I am really happy to say that making a decision to price it at a higher level was correct. Not only for the purposes of positioning the event but also for the purposes of not basically having to come out literally having to cover the event costs from our savings.

[07:15] Customers Now Look At Us Differently:

  • Another thing that I think kind of happened as a result of even hosting the event was the fact that now our customers and our peers look at us differently.

  • The way they spoke to us before the event or when they arrived at the event and the way they spoke to us after it was all said and done and they were leaving.

  • We have elevated ourselves into a different category of a company or a brand that is advanced, that is leading, that’s on the cutting edge, on the bleeding edge of marketing.

[09:05] Collecting Feedback Forms:

  • Another great thing we’ve done was to collect feedback forms and basically throughout the event, always ask people for feedback.

  • Always do it after lunch and every time we got some valuable piece of feedback that we ended up implementing either the same day or the next day, which then towards the end of the day, on the third day when we collected the last feedback form, we actually received a 10 out of 10 from everyone.

  • You can make an error or a misjudgment or a blunder of some kind, but if you are aware of the effect that it had on your attendees and you go back, you acknowledge it and you do something to fix it, people only end up loving you more for it because of the attention that you give them.

[10:29] Collecting Testimonials:

  • We made sure that every single attendee actually shared a testimonial.

  • It was a fundamental issue that I made sure that my team was aware of and we planned it.

  • The challenge was to get people to agree to stand in front of a camera and share their feedback. And the biggest challenge was the first day because no one actually wanted to do them on the first day.

  • But after you feed them a couple of times, people become a little bit more receptive. So the second day and the third day we had everyone, everyone shared a video testimonial which ended up creating a huge vault now of feedback.

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