Anti-Selling Secret To Turning Reluctant Leads Into Desperate Buyers

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Are you tired of feeling like you’re begging for approval in your business endeavors? Do you want to transform from a desperate entrepreneur to an authoritative figure in your industry? Learn the ultimate goal of every salesperson – to earn the respect and admiration of customers. Find out how entrepreneurs often unintentionally portray themselves as desperate for approval and why this can be detrimental to their success. Tune in now and unlock the secrets to becoming an authoritative figure in your industry!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor unveils a blueprint for a profound change in approach, one that focuses on establishing ourselves as authorities within our respective markets.

[01:49] 80/20 Sales and Marketing:

  • I’d like to begin by sharing a quote from Perry Marshall, which I recently came across in his book, “80/20 Sales and Marketing.” It’s quite remarkable how smart this man is, and I highly recommend reading his book.
  • The quote that caught my attention is this: “I was trying to be an authority, but by knocking on their door, it positioned me as a beggar.”

[02:30] Ultimate Goal As A Salesperson:

  • Our ultimate goal is to earn the respect of our customers and have them value our products and our business.
  • However, even with the best intentions, many entrepreneurs inadvertently portray themselves as desperate for approval and sales, which can be detrimental to their success.
  • What I advocate for is a shift in approach. Instead of constantly seeking approval and appearing needy, we should strive to establish ourselves as authorities within our respective markets.
  • This is a recurring issue I encounter in conversations, particularly with those who are hesitant to take their businesses to the next level.
  • For instance, I often receive messages on Facebook from individuals expressing their desperation and seeking guidance on how to achieve financial success. This kind of approach exudes desperation and is counterproductive.

[09:15] How To Build A Self-Image?

  • People often equate making money online with grand mansions and Ferraris, but none of that truly matters. I firmly believe that one of the key reasons why it took me three and a half years to achieve any significant success was that it took that long for me to construct a self-image of being a knowledgeable figure in this industry.
  • In hindsight, I made a classic error, one that I now tirelessly cautions my clients against making. I was seeking permission; I was practically begging for the marketplace to accept me, to acknowledge my presence.
  • I was waiting for some form of validation, something that would grant me the authority to say, “You know what, now I can be that guy.” Consequently, I lacked the confidence to accelerate my transformation into that authoritative figure. It’s not surprising, really; I had no reason to be confident.
  • It was only after I delved into the realms of sales, marketing, and persuasion that I began to make progress.

[10:10] The Power of Persuasion:

  • Looking back, I realize that during the initial two years, I focused excessively on the technical aspects of the business, a mistake I now acknowledge. I should have bypassed the technicalities and delved straight into the art of persuasion.
  • It was during this period that I began to grasp how persuasion worked, much like how I learned to understand women. I recognized that women, like marketing, had buttons and levers I could manipulate. If I did something, they responded in a certain way, almost predictably.
  • Finally, I was able to position myself on a level playing field with them, if not above, at least on the same social scale.
  • You see, before I could achieve this, I always placed them on a pedestal, with me beneath them. It’s impossible to convey authority to someone you’ve elevated to a pedestal; they remain out of reach.

[16:00] Igor’s Legacy:

  • If, for some reason, I were to go tomorrow, if I were to meet an untimely end, and I had managed to touch even one life through this podcast or any other means, I would be content.
  • I would be content with leaving this world, knowing that my life had meaning beyond personal indulgence, experiences, and material pursuits like food, sex, or swimming pools.
  • Perhaps it’s not the loftiest of reasons for doing what I do, but I want my legacy to have significance. I want it to inspire and change lives.

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