How To Think Like A Winner With Paulo Barroso

Igor and Paulo talk about what you must do to start thinking like a winner in your online business.

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“To me the stories of the four-hour week, people who work for four hours and they go to the beach and relax that’s not me, I’m not saying it’s not possible but I love working, man.”

Igor: Welcome back to List Building Lifestylestyle, I’m your host Igor Kheifets and today we’re talking with Paulo Burroso a fellow immigrant somebody who had to overcome a ton of limiting beliefs and a ton of challenges associated with language and not belonging and inferiority on the way to making his first million online through multiple income streams on the internet. Paulo how are you my friend?

Paulo: I’m good man I’m happy to be here. Really appreciate you and blessed to be here on your show so let’s get cranking man.

Igor: Alright well obviously most of our listeners know exactly who you are, because they’ve either worked with you, heard about you, your pretty famous within the homebased business arena but just in case they’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years why don’t you just give us a brief history lesson about who is Paulo Burroso.

Paulo: I just want to let you know That’s the best introduction I’ve had so far so I appreciate your brother. I’m a normal dude really I arrived in England at 18, I had no English. I had about a hundred bucks I my pocket. Worked in bars to make a living in England until til learned English, became a printer which was my profession for 17 years but that wasn’t the life I wanted to have. I thought I came to this world; I didn’t just come to this world to live a mediocre life where I couldn’t afford the best things in life. I had a family with two small kids and I couldn’t really afford to even pay rent. I was a broke to speak. So in quest of looking for a better life I jot down on a piece of paper what do I want to do with my life. What do I love doing, what am I good at? I liked computers, I wanted to be an entrepreneur by the way, I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to be able to work from home and see my kids. I was a part time dad, I used to leave home at 5:30 in the morning and come home at 8 o’clock at night so I would never see my small kids, they would be asleep. So I used to see my kids weekends and I wanted to change that. So in my quest in looking for something that I could be an entrepreneur, work for myself and not have a boss tell me what to do I came across internet marketing which I was unsuccessful for like 7 years online trying different bullshit programs [3:00] on the internet, get quick rich schemes. I bought everything and I tried everything and I was very unsuccessful at everything I touched. I actually failed at everything but one thing that really got me going was my dream man. I never stopped dreaming and I just carried on and I didn’t give up. Then one day I had this idea of getting a mentor. I was just fed up at buying all the programs and joining all the MLM’s and so forth. So I thought why not I just find somebody online who is successful and just contact the guy or the girl and just follow that person to the T and I did that. I came across someone who is still today my mentor and that person actually changed my life. He mainly taught me to change my mindset first before he taught me marketing when everyone else was just selling their products. This guy very cleverly he gave me a way to start thinking like a winner, like a millionaire does. He did that for me and I was very appreciative. I followed him to the T and today obviously I’m a completely different person. The money I’ve made and the success was not a lot from the program I’ve joined. Most of it was really due to the mindset that I learned for my mentor and the foundations he created within me.

Igor: Nice. So tell us then because a lot of people who listen to my show they go on struggling for a long time just like you. I’ve spoken to people who have struggled through for 11 years and still aren’t making anything. That’s a lot of time. First off if your somebody who’s been struggling for years and years or even close to a decade now with achieving your dream I respect that. I applaud that. It takes balls, it takes stubbornness, it takes vision to be able to believe in that dream without seeing proof of it happening in your life.

Paulo: That’s right man. The way I saw it Igor is I couldn’t give up I had one shot at life and there was no way I came to this earth and what it my purpose here just to be broke? Work a 9-5 and retire with a lousy government package and I die? I just thought there’s no way I’m going to follow that. There’s gotta be another way. I just didn’t give up. As I said earlier I was unsuccessful for seven years but I just kept trying and every time I failed I just thought to myself okay this didn’t work what next. I was like that guy who evented, was it the lightbulb? Edison who kept failing and failing and he just kept going. I was that guy. I said to myself one day- I had confidence that one day I would succeed. [6:00] I didn’t know how; I didn’t know when but I could not give up my dream. That’s what I would suggest to everyone listening to this call, don’t give up on your dream.

Igor: How do you get that confidence? Where do you tap that? What’s the source of your confidence that kept you going all these years without the results?

Paulo: I was just hungry man. I was hungry for success. I had this goal since I was a kid is wanted to be a millionaire and I know that’s laughable and all that but I don’t care, it was true. I had this goal I wanted to make a million dollars and obviously being a Portuguese kid back home a million dollars was a lot of money and I said to myself one day I’m going to make a million dollars and never give up on that dream. I had no clue how I would do it because I had no skills. I left college, I didn’t finish at the university or anything like that. So I didn’t have a college degree or anything like that. I had life skills but I was hungry and one thing I always had Igor is I was a hard worker and I was not afraid to get my hands dirty and I was not afraid to do any kind of work. I’m still the same today. I’m online, I work from my laptop but I work. I’ve got a sick, sick work ethic by the way. As I was telling you before our call I didn’t sleep last night at all. I worked through the night.

Igor: This is so different. Most of the people I interview it’s like I’m lazy, I’m incapable, I can’t do the technical stuff. Your like well I’m a hard worker, I work like a mule, I can get on a webinar at 3 in the morning and nail that shit. You know what I mean.

Paulo: That’s true man I’m a hustler. That’s the way I work. I like relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, I make good money so I travel a lot. You see me traveling around.

Igor: Yeah getting you on this interview wasn’t the easiest thing on the world no I’m in brazil, I’m in London, no I’m traveling back to Portugal. It’s like impossible to get you.

Paulo: Dude I love traveling. I tell you what a lot of the times I am working. Yes, I’m having fun and all that but I’m networking, I’m making calls making sure things are going, I’m constantly driving traffic to my offers. You need to hustle in this kind of space. You need to hustle and you need to work. To me the stories of the four-hour week, people who just work for four hours and they go to the beach and relax. That’s not me, I’m not saying it’s not possible but I love working, love what I do. You know why I don’t even call it work. I get up in the morning it’s like a game. I’m playing this game. I don’t feel like work anymore. It used to be work when I had to get up at five in the morning and go 60 miles for my printing business which paid me about 3000 euros [9:00] a month. That was work, that was a job I didn’t actually like but what I do, helping people making one and having a good life, I love what I do. I’m blessed and I count my blessings every single day when I wake up and I hit the ground and I’m grateful to god for what I’ve got. I feel like I’ve got this responsibility if I’ve got this blessing, if I’ve got this gift to help others. That’s my calling. I found my purpose finally. I make money and I have this lifestyle but also I think I’ve got a call in life now. My purpose is I’ve got this gift, Let’s help others. There’s a ton of people out there that need helps and that’s what I’m here for man.

Igor: Nice. Freud said love and work, work and love it’s all there is to life and I can totally see that because again- and you so different man, you’re so different from most people I talk to. It’s like Most people even before they start making money they already dream about I wake up at 7 am and watch the sunrise on the beach then I drink my morning coffee and take my kids to school, then I invest 30 minutes to check my email, then I’m off to have lunch and take a dip in the pool. Do my daily affirmations and stuff? No one wants to work. This is not how success works.

Paul: Not at all, at least not me. I love this business I love the hustle. I love this business. I work hard, I absolutely love this business.

Igor: Nice, so let’s circle back to what you mentioned, you said you mentor taught you how to start thinking like a winner. So can you go over the top three or top five things about the way you think differently today as opposed to when you were running your printing business?

Paul: Absolutely, that’s actually a really important question. I’m really glad you asked that question. I was put on the program called the 30/30 rule by my mentor. What that meant was because I was so negative when I came across my mentor. He started having a conversation with me and straight away he said you need to listen to the way you speak and catch yourself speaking. I was like what are you talking about? You’re a very, very negative. You’re a very negative person, you need to change the way you speak, and you need to change your mindset. This guy crushed me, I had no clue I was being so negative towards life. He said to me I’m going to put you on a 30/30 program. I said what does that mean? He goes like this I want you for 30 days to start reading books like think and grow rich for example by Napoleon Hill. I want you to 30 minutes a day for 30 days you read this book. [12:00] I was like okay I’ll do whatever it takes. I never read a book in my life by the way, I wasn’t a reader. If that’s what it takes to be successful online and change my mindset, I’ll do it. So I read this book for 30 minutes every single day for 30 days and the next rule was if I would stop reading for a day I would have to go back to day zero and start all over again. For another 30 minutes I had to listen to a positive audio as well. I would have to listen to something like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor or even the secrets. I would have to listen an audio very day for 30 days for another 30 minutes. I’m going to be honest with you in the beginning it was tough. I struggled never stopped and I did that for 30 days and I can say after 30 days. Can I say after 30 days my mindset changed completely? No I can’t say it did but you know what but something changed within me during those 30 days. As I was going to work, by the way I wasn’t listening to the news anymore and reading bullshit newspapers and surrounding myself with negative people because that was another rule. I had to keep away from all the negativity. I did that for 30 days I noticed something. People noticed that about me. I wasn’t feeling any different. People went to me towards the end of my 30 days and people were noticing something different about me. They were telling me you look different. There’s something about you, your aura’s changed, your smiling and I was like oh people are noticing some differences so what I did is I went above 30 days. I didn’t stop. Can I stay my life changed straight away? No it took me a few months if I’m completely honest with you but I just carried on with my education so to speak and what I mean by that is my car that I used to drive 60 miles to London to work every single day became an online university. I had all these tapes in the car and I carried on listening to them. Month two. Nothing was happening and I said where is all the money. I thought I’d listen to all these tapes, learn all the secrets and a million dollars would come up in my account and nothing happened obviously but you know what, it changed mindset in huge way. It helped me immensely. When I stopped working with my mentor on the project. I started making my first 2,3,500 thousand dollars a month. It was all down to this mindset shift man, I promise you. a lot of people are listening to this call and they’ve been struggling for 5,10, maybe 15 years and they don’t know why. Let me tell you the number one reason why, [15:00] it’s because of the mindset and the way that they think. If they changed the way, they think they can change their life. I guarantee that. I failed for so many years because I had the blame everybody mentality. I was always blaming my sponsor, this doesn’t work, my parents didn’t give me the right education. I was always complaining and really the problem wasn’t outside myself. The problem was within me. It really was. Once I had the lightbulb moment man the problem was within me. Every single problem I had in my life I was always there. So it had to be me.

Igor: Yeah you’re like the only common denominator for the bad things that happened in your life.

Paulo: Exactly. It suddenly hit me every problem you’ve got in life if you noticed you are always there. I just put one and one together. It’s just my mentality, it’s just the way I think. Let’s not blame anybody else. Let me just take control of my own life. I took control by doing first of all the 30/30, doing that thing for thirty minutes every single day and then I just carried on and still today I read. I love reading now by the way.

Igor: Do you still read 30 minutes every day?

Paul: I read sometimes more than that, sometimes less, it just depends on how busy I am. I try to read every single day still now because it helps me. Before I can speak to somebody I need inspiration. What I do in the morning, I do my rituals in the morning, I do meditation as well and I just read a book. Not a whole book but a few pages, it could be 10-15 minutes, sometimes more. That gives me the inspiration of then going to work. I’m inspired now. I’m in the flow. You know when you’re in the flow? Now I can talk to people. That’s still what I do today. It helps me immensely. The people how are listening to this call want to have a winner’s mindset and really want to have a paradigm shift, please read. The cliché that leaders are readers. You know what it’s really true. If you read the autobiographies of the most successful people, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson they’re all readers. They all read books and a lot of books, hell of a lot of books. I really urge you guys to do your mindset work in the morning if you can, wake up in the morning and do something like listen to a positive audio, go and watch a positive video. There’s a lot of inspiration videos by people like Lance Brown, Anthony Robbins, and do that in the morning, you don’t have to read for hours but read for at least half an hour. Whatever you can. If you do that past 30 days you’re going to start seeing results, your mindset will change and that will help you not just on a business level but even in your personal life. You’re going to become a better person, a better husband, a better father to your kids. [18:00] You’re going to become a better person I assure you that.

Igor: Absolutely I agree completely. What I believe happened there with a 30/30 program that your mentor put you which I think is a brilliant idea and I believe anybody who is not getting results in their life needs to get on it as well. Is you developed a habit, you developed a success habit. I see a lot of people they set these giant goals. They set a goal I want to make a million dollars, I want to make 2 million dollars, I want to make 15 million dollars, I was to change 165 lives. They set all these goals which they don’t even believe in yet instead of setting habit or behavior oriented goals. So I know that leaders are readers I know people who are successful know a lot and they read a lot and they know a lot so why don’t I set a goal to create a habit of reading for 20 minutes a day. That isn’t just more useful to you than just sitting there dreaming about making a million dollars and writing that into your affirmations notebook but it’s also easy to do. It’s something your brain can comprehend in the first place and not get in your way of doing.

Paul: It’s all about a habit, creating a habit. We are really our habits right? The reason why up wasn’t successful all those years ago is I had bad habits. By the way I still have bad habits I’m not perfect but I had to change my habits. What I did is I was doing the same thing every day yet I was expecting a different result. The old cliché thing. Doing the same thing every day and expecting different results. That was me I had really bad habits. I had to change my habits. I had to stop watching too much TV and go out to bars and hang out with dudes who don’t know much either. I was surrounded by a lot of broke people. That’s another habit I had to break. So this thirty day what it does really, it creates a different habit in your mind. Its proven my science that it takes 21 days for you to change a habit in your mind. This all the 30 days does really is to create a new habit in your mind so you can have a paradigm shift. The person that you are right now, if your struggling, if your listening to this call and your struggling. The person you are right now. You are struggling because of the habits you have, because of your past and present, because of the way you think, so you need to change that. How can you change that by creating new habits? How do you do that? By reading books, listening to audios, attending events, surround yourself by people that are your role models for example. If you want to make more money surround yourself with millionaires if you want to know more knowledge, read books, listen to audios, learn, invest money. [21:00] The reason for the 30-day program is it helped me immensely it changed my life

Igor: Nice, well I can honestly tell you you were lucky to find a mentor that wanted you to succeed. A lot of mentors and life coaches out there they just want to sell you and then move on to the next person they can sell to. You’re a lucky guy and now from what I see you do the same thing for a lot of people right?

Paulo: Yeah correct man. I finally found my purpose. I thought I come into this business just to make money, stay under the radar, just help myself and my family and that’s it but boy my goals and my purpose has evolved dandy grown I’ve been given this blessing; I know how to make money so what can I do. How can I help others? So I found my calling.

Igor: Dude you’re so funny. I’ve been given this blessing, I’ve struggled for seven years and I’ve been magically being given this blessing of making money online. dude you’ve earned this, you developed this skill.

Paul: I know dude but I like to call it a blessing as well I see it as a divine call. If you think about it, we are blessed and a lot of times you see people on Facebook and online bragging they make all this money. You and I we know it’s all bullshit. There are really only about 2% maybe making money. We are these two guys here this is no bullshit. Between Igor and I wen make a lot of money. We are blessed in a way because there are very few people really making money online. Igor knows this. I call it a blessing because I’m actually doing it. I’m nothing special. This is why I say it’s a blessing. Yes, I work hard, I work my ass off but I take it like a calling. This is a calling for me. I’ve got this gift; I know how to make money, so I’m going to keep it just for myself. Maybe god is going to give me this gift to bless others. Maybe god is giving me this gift to help others, give more money away. That’s the way I feel. I sincerely believe this is not a religious call because I’m not a religious person but I feel a little bit of responsibility to help the next guy. That’s why I do my coaching. Do I just do it out of love in my heart? No of course there’s money involved but I like helping others I like giving back. Therefore, that’s why I call it a blessing and a responsibility to help people. I hope I’m making sense.

Igor: Oh yeah you make a lot of sense. I remember when I started offering coaching in the forum I had a lady message me and she was like so are you going to help me for free? I said no why would I do that? She said oh because your rich so you’re supposed to help people out for free and then money will come to you? I was like how is that working out for you? So I can definitely see, [24:00] first off your right to charge money for the coaching, for the help you give people. Plus, if they don’t have skin in the game they’re not going to value it in the first place. I’m sure you followed your mentors program because he changed you a lot of money or something that you considered a lot of money at the time.

Paulo: Absolutely. When you give things to free for people they don’t really value it. I’m still with the same mentor today and guess what I still pay him a fee for every time I go and see him. He had a 10-thousand- dollar event last year in Vegas, guess what I was there and I paid him that money. Do I have to pay him? We’re friends no but I like to pay for that, I like to pay my way in because then I value it, a lot of the times I’ve given my time for free, a lot of the times I’ve given things for free sometimes even family and they didn’t even value that

Igor: Especially family.

Paulo: You know how it works. This is how winners are very successful in life. That you have to pay your way in. there’s not freebie, you just have to pay your way in.

Igor: It just does work if its free man

Paulo: Absolutely I believe that. It just really has worked tremendously well for me.

Igor: The only natural question everybody is wondering is where do we go to get your help? Obviously you take your job seriously, obviously everybody can feel how passionate you are about helping people so if there is a mentor out there it’s probably going to be you for anybody who’s been struggling in life for a while. So if they wanted to reach out to you how do we do that?

Paulo: I’ve got a personal blog that people can go to which is people can go to if they want to work with me I’ve got another website they can find me which is so there you go. Or just search my name online if they google it they can find me as well.

Igor: So if you want to work with Paulo you go to or and you’ll find more information or if you’re not good at spelling and you don’t want to screw it up just google Paulo Burroso and you’re probably going to find him I think the first thing that pops up is the interview with Justin another successful marketer who has a show so I don’t think there will be an issue looking him up. Don’t expect Paulo to give you a free ride or any tickets here. He’s going to make you work hard probably, put you on a 30/30-day program, so don’t contact the guy unless you’re really serious.

Paulo: That’s correct, [27:00] the thing that makes me laugh I don’t appreciate the lottery mentality. This is a real business it requires work but is it worth it? Absolutely but this is not a get quick rich scheme mentality and they just exact me to waive a wand and somehow moneys start materializing it just doesn’t work that way. it requires a lot of focus a lot of hard work but the gain is incredible and the lifestyle where you can be movie and work from your laptop.

Igor: Where do you work from?

Paulo: I work from Starbucks most of the time. I just find a Starbucks, I’ve got my laptop with me and I just connect online and I’m done. A lot of the times from home in my habitat I don’t have to dress up I can be in my boxers and work from home and If I get fed up I can just take a short ride to the nearest Starbucks. That’s it that’s my lifestyle. That’s the beauty of this business is you can work from anywhere in the world. You decide where you want to work from

Igor: They say the only free person out there is the marketer. Today more than ever the only person who has real security is guys like us because security is the ability to produce. We have the ability to produce from anywhere in the world as long as you’ve got a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. So this is the ultimate freedom that you can wish for in today’s work. You cannot get that being a CEO in a law firm, you cannot get that being a doctor or a lawyer, you cannot get that being a print shop owner that’s for sure. This is amazing, you’re a true inspiration my friend. I appreciate you taking the time to sit down with us, share your wisdom and inspire a few folks to get serious about building an internet business.

Paulo: I love it man, it was my pleasure being here. I appreciate you inviting me. I don’t do a lot of these calls but I appreciate you and I love helping others and inspiring others because as you know I’m just a normal guy. There’s nothing special about me at all apart from now ever giving up on my dream and my work ethic. I’m not the most talented guy, I’ll be honest with you. I don’t have a lot of talents but you know what I’ll beat anyone else with my hard work. If I find anybody more talented than me, I’ll beat your ass with my hard work. When your sleeping guess what Pauli’s doing? He’s working, he’s hustling. So that what I do guys. Seriously Nothing special. If I can go this, the guy who came to England [30:00] when I was 18 years old, no English I had no skills, nothing I’ve managed to create what I’ve created its incredible and I hope you guys see this as an inspiration I can do it even better. So go for it, don’t give up on your dreams, its one life, one shot, take it and work hard and you will achieve your goals and your dreams if you do it the right way.

Igor: If you don’t do it right way brush yourself off and do it again. This is Paulo Burroso from if you guys want to find out more about how you can work with Paulo Head over to those websites and I appreciate you sticking around, I appreciate you coming to the show and doing this and giving us some of your precious time between your trips. Until next time this is List Building Lifestyle with Igor Kheifets, take care.

Paulo: Take care guys.

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