The Big Fat LIE of Niche Marketing

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Which holds greater profit potential? Is it a niche market that’s relatively quiet, leaving ample room for fresh products and ideas? Or is it a niche bustling with existing products, programs, and offers? Brace yourself for a surprising revelation that might just challenge your assumptions. Join us as we unveil the unexpected answer and explore the dynamics of these contrasting niches. Tune in and prepare to have your perspective reshaped! 🎙️

[00:00] In this episode, Igor dives deeper into the realities of niche marketing.

[03:00] How To Select A Market?

  • Having a hungry market is crucial. Speaking of that, a lot of people know that the online money-making niche has a hungry crowd, but they also worry about the competition.
  • In my opinion, if there are already a lot of players in a niche, that’s actually a good sign.
  • The “starving crowd” principle applies here too. People worry about market saturation, but the truth is, there’s plenty of room for everyone.
  • You might think the big players dominate, but they only control a fraction of the market. Even new opportunities that launch and create a buzz have a relatively small impact.
  • The marketplace is enormous, and it’s replenished daily with new people seeking income. Plus, not everyone uses effective paid advertising methods. So, saturation isn’t a real issue.

[12:00] Advice For Finding Hot Markets:

  • Start with the big markets – make money online, weight loss, forex, personal development.
  • Then dive into micro-niches within those. Smaller niches often lead to bigger profits. Also, let’s remind everyone to adopt an abundance mindset.
  • The world is abundant, and believing it leads to action and success. Gratitude exercises are a great way to shift your perspective.

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