Why That Guy is Rich and You’re Not

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Why do we often believe we’re making a million bucks while our bank accounts aren’t even on speaking terms with six figures? Uncover the truth about affirmations and why merely stating ambitious goals might not be enough. Join us as we explore the pivotal role of perception, dissecting how encounters with successful individuals can either inspire or hinder our belief in our own potential. Tune in now!

[00:00] Megan Fox Introduces The Show!

[00:50] In this episode, Igor discusses the psychological aspects of achieving wealth, highlighting the impact of personal beliefs, interactions with successful individuals, and the strategies behind financial success.

[02:02] How Mindset Impacts Our Success?

  • If you have a limiting belief that says you cannot be rich, and at the same time you’re creating an affirmation that states, “I’m making a million dollars a year”, that affirmation will not have any effect whatsoever on your income or your ability to believe that you can be making a million dollars a year.

  • If you go to a seminar and industry seminar physically. And you meet in person, somebody who is actually making a million dollars a year. And you look at them. And you think to yourself, I can’t believe that this idiot is making a million dollars a year. They’re so dysfunctional. They can’t do this. They’re not smart, they’re ugly, whatever, right? Basically kind of almost looking down on that person.

  • Thinking, how is that loser making a million dollars and I’m not right, that will have a much bigger impact and your ability to bind to the idea that you can make a million dollars. So because you see someone else do it.

  • So often seeing someone else that you feel isn’t as smart as you or as capable as you of achieving an outcome that pushes you into action. 

[04:37} You Need A System:

  • That opens your eyes up to the fact that they probably have a system that they figured out, whether it’s a skill applied in a certain market, whether it’s the right timing, whether it’s having the right supplier, or whether it’s having a specific script that they use to close deals.

  • There’s always a strategy. There’s always a method. And I assure you, almost no one is like some extra level smart or extra level capable.

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