Why Crowded Markets Are Great for Business

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Ever see a market overflowing with options and think, “it’s too late to get in”? Think again! Today’s episode challenges the myth that crowded markets equal no opportunity. We’ll show you why competition can be a good sign, and how to find your niche even in a bustling space. Think construction workers making six figures – no fancy degrees, but valuable skills meeting a high demand. Get ready to shift your mindset and discover how to thrive in a busy marketplace!💪

[01:28] Saturated Markets: Opportunity in Disguise:

  • There is the usual belief that when a market is full of competitors, it’s not worth entering.
  • But think it like this: lots of competition means there’s already a strong demand for the product or service.
  • This idea is for you to understand that where there are many players, there are also many opportunities to earn.

[01:52] Learning from Real Examples:

  • There are people who might not seem likely to succeed according to typical standards. 
  • Look at everyday people who found success without fancy degrees. They show us that success comes in many forms.
  • For example, the construction workers in Toronto might not have a proper degree or perfect personal lives, but they make great money. 
  • The key is finding a valuable skill and using it to meet a need.

[03:16] Don’t Fear the Crowd: Find Success in Busy Markets:

  • Competition is good! Lots of people means there’s a big demand for your product or service.
  • Big money takes time. Being the first is ideal, but established markets still offer good income.
  • Stand out, and don’t give up. Find your niche and offer something unique to succeed.
  • Many industries make it easier to start your own business and the competition levels out at certain point. 

[04:54] Busy Markets are Parades of Opportunity: 

  • Busy markets are like parades, not crowded rooms. New customers are always arriving.
  • Innovative products keep things exciting, ensuring there’s always something fresh to catch the eye.
  • Be the solution. Think outside the box and offer something completely unique that solves a problem no one else is addressing.
  • Find something people already buy and like, then add something extra to make it even better. People will love your upgrade!
  • The online money-making market isn’t shrinking, it’s growing thanks to technology and lifestyle changes.  

[08:36] ] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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