What Top Sellers Know

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We’re all about tapping into the pulse of the market. 📈 Today on the List Building Lifestyle Show, we’re diving into what makes some sellers successful and others not. We’ll talk about the secrets of the best sellers, learn why some products are hits, and discuss how to avoid common mistakes. 🚫 Join us to get the inside scoop straight from the experts! 🎙️

[01:19] Learning from the Best:

  • Chat with people who are doing well in your market to learn what customers really like.
  • By talking directly to these successful sellers, you can find out why certain products do well and what makes them popular.
  • These successful sellers can give you important tips on how customers think and make buying decisions.
  • Avoid advice from those who aren’t doing well; their guidance might not be helpful because successful products are those that the market wants.

[03:45] Understanding What Customers Want:

  • It’s good to study what’s already successful out there. 
  • Check out sales pages, watch webinars, and see what people are saying in their promotional videos. 
  • Notice the things they talk about a lot, like the benefits of the product or any concerns customers might have.
  • Keep track of the key things you hear over and over again. 
  • It helps you understand what features or benefits are important to people looking to buy these kinds of products.
  • By knowing what customers like and don’t like, you can make your product better. This helps make sure that when you offer something to

[05:41] Adapting to Customer Needs:

  • It’s important to really understand what your customers are looking for and make sure your products meet those specific needs. 
  • This way, your offerings will be more appealing to them.
  • Paying attention to feedback from your customers and making changes based on what they say can really help improve how well your product is received and increase your sales.
  • For instance, if you change from a product that customers have to implement themselves to one where you handle everything for them, it can make them a lot happier. 
  • This makes it easier for them to use and enjoy your product without extra stress.

[07:51] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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