The Unconventional Transition From Politics To Affiliate Marketing With Tom Woods

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You can conquer any market if you know how to sell effectively. Join Igor as he explores how Tom Woods used his political show to become one of the top converting affiliate marketers in the game!

Guest: Tom Woods is an influential libertarian author, historian, podcaster, and host of the popular political show “The Tom Woods Show”, who has also achieved significant success as an affiliate marketer. He has authored multiple books, is a senior fellow at the Mises Institute, and has received several awards for his contributions to the fields of economics and political analysis.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Tom Woods to discuss how you can conquer any market using the relationship and rapport you’ve built with the audience in your niche, the key to effective selling, choosing the best offers to promote, and more.

[01:40] How did Igor discover Tom Woods?

  • I discovered him when I was promoting a program that doesn’t exist anymore. I made over $200,000 in that program.

  • Throughout the whole year, I kept looking at the leaderboard and there was this guy, Tom Woods, he’s always like number three, number two, number four, number three, he’s always there.

  • Upon Googling him, anything that comes up for Tom Woods is a politics-related thing.

  • But eventually, I learned you can be an influencer in a non-related space and if you’re smart about it you can build a presence in a different market using the relationship and rapport you’ve built with the audience in your niche. 

[03:54] Tom Woods’ journey as a podcaster:

  • There’s a guy out there named John Lee Dumas, and he hosts a very long-running podcast called Entrepreneurs on Fire.

  • He does an episode seven days a week, 365 days a year. I have never seen anything like it, and that’s why he does it that way.

  • He has a podcast training program called “Podcasters Paradise”. So I joined that, even though I was about a year and a half into podcasting, I figured I can always learn more.

  • It was about how to start a podcast, all the technical requirements, but also how to grow a podcast and how to monetize a podcast.

[04:40] Getting into affiliate marketing:

  • I came across somebody named Sarah Young. She is a stay-at-home mom, with at least five or six children, and she had not envisioned she would stay home. She thought she would have her first child be home with a child for a while, then go back to work. 

  • She started a site where she would promote Amazon products about babies and she would make commissions. Then all her neighbors wanted to know how she was making money from home. So she taught them.

  • I brought her on my show to tell her story and at that time she was running a training program. I figured I’ll promote her program.

  • It turns out I ended up being the number one seller of her program. And I didn’t even have an email list dedicated to that subject.

[07:20] The correct way to sell:

  • I was not making a hard sell. and sometimes that works better.

  • In my case, the crossover is that we talk all about the nobility of the marketplace and commerce and why there’s nothing morally wrong with selling something to people. 

[09:13] Pros and cons of Amazon’s affiliate program:

  • Selling affiliate products through Amazon is not the way to super-duper riches because the margins just aren’t high enough for the commissions to be super high. But if you’re selling a bunch of high-ticket products, those do add up.

  • The way Amazon works is if you click on an Amazon link, I’m sure you know this, but whatever the person buys, even if they don’t buy that particular product, whatever the person buys in the first, in that 24-hour period, you get credit for.

[10:39] Separating email lists:

  • I decided I need to have a separate list for this because I realized that there’s obviously intense interest in it given how well I did with Sarah.

  • I can’t clog my initial mailing list with this. I have to build a separate one. And so that’s what I went ahead and did.

  • If you wanna build a mailing list, you don’t just say, “Hey, here’s how you sign up to get my newsletter”. Nobody does that. Even though the newsletter is free, they need another free thing in order to be persuaded to join your list.

  • I decided I would write an ebook on five different things that I myself have experienced online and I can walk people through step by step cuz I’ve gone through the steps.

  • Visit to learn more. 

[12:50] Does the size of your list matter?

  • My list is only at about 17,000 now. When you compare that to some of the big guns in internet marketing, that’s like nothing, I’m like an insect compared to them.

  • I was good at engaging with that list.

  • If I wanted to promote something that I really believed in that was high-ticket, I’d get them on the podcast and talk to them, and then that would warm people up to them. And then I would combine that with really hitting that second list. 

[28:27] Easy vs. Simple:

  • There’s an important distinction to be made between the words easy and simple.

  • By easy that would mean no effort is required. There is effort, but the effort is going to these simple steps.

  • It’s like with a podcast, most of the effort comes at the beginning when you’re figuring out how to get your podcast on Apple podcasts and how to hook it all up. And, but once that’s done, I just open my computer every day, record, and close the computer.

  • The initial work is the thing, and that’s where you lose most people. They’re not willing to put that initial work in, even when the potential rewards are just staggering.

[35:53] Change your attitude:

  • The issue is when you’re at zero, are you gonna sit around saying, well of course I’m gonna forever be at zero. Well, if that’s your attitude, yeah, then you’re not cut out for this.

  • I didn’t sit there making a million excuses why I couldn’t do it. I sat there and thought to myself, I’m probably not gonna make 30 or 40,000 a month with this, but maybe I could bring in a little bit of that.

  • And in part, and then, but then also I’m thinking about the end user, not just myself, but the end user.

  • So I thought, well, here are the things they need. They don’t know how to use WordPress. Probably they’re starting a blog, they probably never used it before. So I’ve got some tutorials for them. If they use my link, I’ll give them the tutorials.

  • Secondly, they probably aren’t gonna get any traffic cuz nobody knows who they are. But I have an audience. I’ll promote their website to my audience in exchange for them getting the product through my link.

  • Then thirdly, I created a Facebook group for people who use my link, because we all, you know, we all want to help each other.

  • So I didn’t sit and think, this could never possibly work for me. I thought, well, what do I have to offer?

[41:15] Tom’s valuable advice for listeners:

  • Never stop learning. Be a perpetual student of this, because there are things that I started to do later that seem so obvious to me now, but that I wouldn’t have thought of if I hadn’t learned them from somebody. 

[44:49] Pricing your services:

  • I was afraid to raise my prices when I just started coaching.

  • I used to sell my coaching at $300 for a lifetime. I quickly learned what a big mistake that was.

  • I  raised the price to $8,000 for four months of coaching. In that year, I ended up making 1.3 million.

[46:06] Just start somewhere:

  • What people do is they think they need to have the entire puzzle figured out for them to be making money. I don’t think that’s true.

  • I think you start making good money as soon as you’ve got your jigsaw puzzle outline figured out.

  • When you just got the outline figured out, you actually start making some money. And when you put in a few more pieces into it, you’re making 10k per month, but then you start adding another piece and another piece and another piece. And every piece has this exponential impact on your income because you go through evolution.

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