The Most Efficient Way To Managing Your Energy Levels

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Imagine seminars that don’t tire you out! 🚀 What would you do first after three fun days of learning? Come listen to Igor talk about the ups and downs of face-to-face events. Find out how even quiet folks can shine online! It’s not just about the bright side; it’s tough when work eats into your personal time. Learn how to recharge quickly and make your work fit, at your own pace.⚡  Perfect for anyone wanting to do well at work and home without missing out on anything. 🏡🏆 Tune in to get more done and stay happy and full of energy!

[01:28] Igor discusses the challenges and advantages of being an introverted email marketer in the online business world, sharing experiences from in-person seminars and discussing the impact on his personal life. He also reveals his plan to make these events align with his lifestyle without compromising personal well-being.

[01:36] Webinars Over Seminars:

  • Identifying as an introvert, Igor discusses the contrasting energy demands of webinars versus seminars. 
  • Webinars are preferred for their convenience. Discussing their positive aspect, where after the online interaction, you can easily disconnect, turn off the webcam, and recharge.
  • The advantage of being able to control the level of social engagement in a virtual environment is unmatchable.
  • While seminars, due to their continuous and demanding nature, lead to significant energy depletion.

[02:24] Recovery and Personal Impact:

  • The toll of a three-day seminar is discussed, emphasizing the exhaustive nature of being constantly engaged before, during, and after the seminar, and the significant time needed for recovery.
  • The post-seminar recovery period can affect not only your professional productivity but also personal well-being, including time with family and personal hobbies like reading.

[04:08] Online Business and Lifestyle Preferences:

  • The adaptability of online business models to accommodate your personal inclinations is beneficial for introverts.
  • It illustrates how such setups enable a reduction in face-to-face interactions, thereby conserving energy. 
  • This approach not only suits Igor’s introverted nature but also ensures that the quality and output of his work remain high, without adversely affecting his earnings. 
  • Using online platforms to tailor work environments to personal lifestyle and energy needs, ensures a balance between professional success and personal comfort.

[04:43] Self-Awareness and Adaptation: 

  • Understanding your own energy and personality is key. It’s important to tailor your work to fit your needs and preferences.
  • This personalized strategy is set against the backdrop of extroverted personalities who find their energy amplified in more interactive and dynamic environments.
  • This contrast highlights the need to adapt work styles to match individual personalities.
  • The discussion stresses the importance of self-reflection and adjusting work roles to improve personal well-being and job performance.

[06:05] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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