The Day I Said ‘No More’

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How awesome is it to run your own online business, away from the bossy boss, and earn big bucks without the office blunders and bloopers?😅You are about to hear an inspiring story about leaving a tough job at a computer store to start a successful business. Igor talks about a big moment when he decided to quit after a tough call with his boss, focusing on building his own venture. We’ll hear about the challenges of helping customers, dealing with a difficult boss, and the fear and excitement of starting something new. It’s a story about not giving up, believing in yourself, and chasing your dreams.🌈 Tune in to discover how a bold move can open the door to amazing opportunities.🎉

[01:47] The Decision to Quit: 

  • Recounting the day when I decided to leave the retail job, which was triggered by a specific incident where I prioritized customer service over answering persistent calls from my boss. 
  • Despite successfully making a sale and feeling proud of my contribution to the store, the confrontation with my boss over the phone about not immediately answering his call led to a realization that my efforts and approach to customer service were not valued. 
  • That moment of disrespect and lack of acknowledgment was the final push for me to quit.
  • Standing up for your worth in the workplace is crucial for fostering a respectful and fulfilling professional environment.

[02:05] Customer Service Experience:

  • On that day I was at the computer store, trying to sell a webcam to a customer. 
  • It was tough to explain tech stuff like webcams, especially when you had to use CDs to set them up. 
  • I wanted to make sure that the customer understood everything and felt okay about using the webcam on their own. So, I focused completely on helping the customer, even when the store’s phone and my own phone kept ringing a lot.
  • I ignored all calls, even from my boss, to help the customer well, because I really cared about good customer service even when it was hard. 

[04:24] Workplace Dynamics and Challenges: 

  • I’ve had very challenging workplace dynamics due to my boss’s aggressive and demanding communication style. 
  • His tough management style, expecting me to always be available and not valuing my hard work, really clashed with how well I was doing in sales.
  • Instead of getting praise or help, I faced unfair criticism and demands from my boss, making the workplace feel bad and me unhappy with the job.
  • Not being appreciated for my hard work made me more frustrated and led to quit, looking for a place that would value and respect my efforts.

[07:11] Transition to Entrepreneurship: 

  • The fears and uncertainties that came with leaving a stable job to pursue my own business full-time were daunting. 
  • This transition period was scary, I had doubts about the viability of my business and concerns about financial stability, the success and the challenge of stepping into the unknown without the safety net of regular employment.

[07:49] Growth and Confidence in Business: 

  • The early days of earning modest amounts to reaching substantial daily income levels was a journey of overcoming obstacles, improving, and steadily growing the business until it started making a lot more money.
  • More than just the financial gains, this growth journey reshaped my self-image and confidence levels.
  • I was really worried about leaving a regular job to start my own business. But as my business did well over time, I became more and more confident, feeling proud to be a successful business owner.
  • This change shows how doing well consistently can help you get over the fear of failing and really believe in yourself.

[09:44] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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