Proven Duplication System For Internet Network Marketers

The #1 reason MLMers switch from traditional marketing to internet marketing is to create duplication.

Yeah, the magic D word!

Incidentally, virtually anyone who promotes online business opportunities is looking for it too!

But let’s be honest – almost no one’s got it.

Nobody has duplication figured out.

And those who say they do, have only figured it out for themselves. They can’t possibly show other people how to do it!

Now that’s a huge problem.

It’s cancerous to our industry because it’s probably the biggest reason for so many discouraged souls dragging their feet in the lonely hallways of online marketing.

The good news for you, oh wise listener of the List Building Lifestyle, is that there is hope for you yet!

I found the one person who’s done an amazing job of showing struggling non-techies how to get more leads, more sales and create real duplication in their business.


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. The number one reason MLMers switch from traditional marketing
to internet marketing is to create duplication. Yeah, the magic "D" word,
incidentally virtually anyone who promotes online business opportunities is
looking for it too but let's be honest almost no one's got it. Nobody has
duplication figured out and those that do they have only figured it out for
themselves. They can't possibly show other people how to do it. Now that's a huge
problem. It's cancerous to our industry because it's probably the biggest reason
for why so many discouraged souls are dragging their feet in the lonely hallways
of online marketing with not any results. The good news for you, wise listener of
the List Building Lifestyle, is that there is hope for you yet. I found the one
person who has done an amazing job of showing struggling non-techies now to get
more leads, more sales, and create real duplication in their business, her name is
Shannon Lavenia. She is the Booming Business strategist. She runs the Booming
Business podcast and the Biz Boomers Academy. I got her right here in the virtual
studio. Shannon, welcome to the coffee shop.

Shannon: Hey thanks, Igor. I'm so excited to be here with you today and this topic
is definitely one that fires me up.

Igor: Oh that's great because we're going to spend some time talking about it and
speaking of which let's just dive right in. Really my biggest question is why is
it so hard for people to create duplication in sometimes their first sign up. Why
is it such a huge challenge?

Shannon: You know the biggest problem that comes with network marketing is
confusion. Honestly, if people are confused about something then they find they
are not going to be active in it so if someone doesn't understand how do something
or they got a lot of question rolling around in their mind, they just get stuck
and the biggest challenge that comes when someone is brand new to network
marketing is their question is what do I say? How do I say it? What do I say if
the person asks for more? And that can be very daunting to people because it's
communication and communication is actually one of I would say - it's actually
communication is the most profitable skill which you have experienced with your
podcast and your communication with your clients and your customers and if people
are not good communicators or if they struggle with communication then it's really
hard for them to just go out and ñ you know there is that common saying in network
marketing of just go out and find people and talk to them. Well to some people
that's terrifying and they will never do it. They just won't leave their house and
it isn't that they don't want to make money or they don't have goals or they don't
love the company or they don't love the product, it's just that they are literally
terrified of talking to people. So reducing that actually can help a lot of people
be more successful.

Igor: Yeah, I found it when I speak to my VIP clients and anyone I work with, one
of the primary reasons that people approach us for traffic generation is just what
you said, they are terrified of speaking to people. They are terrified of making a
warm list of friends and family. They are terrified of doing hotel meetings and
stuff like that which of course isn't productive but a lot of people do make good
money literally doing the old-fashioned cold calls and other things but it's
really difficult to open to a stranger and risk being rejected. Now obviously as
somebody who figured duplication out and is now teaching it to other people is
that something you've always had figured out or did you go through some trial and
error trying to build this system?

Shannon: You know I kind of stumbled upon it because before I got into network
marketing I was a high school teacher. As a high school teacher, I had to develop
my communication skills, obviously I was dealing with teenagers and I had to learn
how to communicate with them in a way that got them to do the things that I wanted
them to do like homework, study, show up for class, you know all the basics which
none of teenagers really don't want to do. Then when I got into network marketing
the first company that I got into we generated leads with flyers and then we were
basically making cold calls to prospect these people and I had a script and then I
would bring them to a conference call, thank goodness because then someone else
was doing the explaining. What I realized in that was 1) I was terrified of
talking to people so if I was on the phone with a prospect and they asked me a
question I didn't know the answer to or something like that I would literally hang
up the phone. I would hang up the phone because I had no idea what to say. I was
so afraid of saying the wrong thing and losing the sale because I really wanted to
make money and I wanted my business to succeed. So what I did was I practiced, I
practiced and I practiced and I finally got to the point where I just wasn't so
attached to spec and I wasn't so attached to saying the right thing or the wrong
thing and I started to make sales and my first year I made about $400,000 in
personal income in that company but it was a lot of that practicing. Then as I
wanted to grow my business, I realized that most of the income I was making was
coming from me and my team was not making sales and then I was in a bit of a
ethical dilemma because I was okay I'm bringing these people into a business and
if they can't be successful what am I doing this for anyways so I decided to work
with my people very, very closely and that's how I uncovered what really their
deepest darkest fears were and those were communication with people and not
knowing what to say and being afraid of saying the wrong thing and I realized you
know what, we all have the same fear so how can I overcome these fears for people.
In doing that I was able to start to get duplication. So as I worked so closely
with my people, I was like wow, now this person is duplicating and we did ABC and
then the next person I repeated those same exacts with. Around that same time was
when I was really transitioning from offline marketing to online marketing. Online
marketing made it so much easier to get duplication than offline marketing because
I was able to generate leads faster, I was able to put systems in place where yes
they still had to talk to people but what they had to talk to them about was so
small and so structured and so scripted that really anybody could do and not be
afraid of it. So they just practiced a couple of times and got the hang of it and
then they went out and they did it. But before when we were doing flyers and
meetings and I was telling people we were working on elevator pitches and people
where always asking me what is your elevator pitch is? I'm like terrified of
people in an elevator [laughter] so I don't talk to people in an elevator so it's
just a different kind of reality and I've been a top earner in the industry for 15
years kind of a little secret I just told everybody. I don't talk to people in
elevators other than to smile and say hi. I don't pitch my business. I don't find
out about their life. I do the majority of that online so out in public I'm like
with my family and I'm just doing the things that I'm doing and it's not out there
to talk to people so to say. Does that make sense?

Igor: Yeah absolutely, first I want to say that making the $400,000 dollars in
your first year is incredible. I think I made ñ I think I lost like a good $2000
my first year. You know so making $400,000 your first year you definitely it had
it going on but I can honestly admit that speaking to strangers in an elevator can
be creepy. In fact the other day I was doing down in an elevator and I had this
guy and I'm with my daughter and I have this guy and he's like either stoned or
drunk or something but he's got that look, you know that cold-blooded, I'm going
to axe you sort of look or something like that and it was freaky. So I don't blame
you for not speaking to strangers in an elevator. I was never really ñ I guess I'm
fortunate to never having had to recruit any strangers in person. I mean I sucked
at it online, you know, I literally harassed people on Facebook but the only
offline person that I ever recruited was my best friend and that didn't go too
well either. So anyway what's the big secret then? How do you create duplication?
Why do people struggle with it so much and what's the thing that they got to fix
in order to create duplication for themselves?

Shannon: The couple of key elements that I do and in any opportunity that I'm
with, the very first thing is to really define the exact system that I'm going to
be using with my team. The other thing is I'm going to give a little bit of a
caveat to this because a lot of it depends on the opportunity that somebody is
with; not every opportunity is set up to do this. The opportunities that work the
best are the ones that are the simplest and I learned this myself because I got
started with a company that is a great company, I mean they have great products.
I have ultimate respect for the owners of the company but they have a ton of
products, they are in the health and wellness industry, they have lots of getting
started packs and there was just too much going on. So when I would get people
started they would immediately already be overwhelmed with what there was. If you
can choose ñ if you're in a company like that and you can choose one product, one
product that you're going to run your business with then this will work but if you
try to do it with 85 different things, it's too much for the people so when you're
bringing someone new on board 1) you want to already have your system defined so I
have my system defined, it's very structured. When somebody gets started they have
48 hours to go through my getting started training and I actually start people
with their warm market and I do it specifically because 1) I just want to run
through the warm market and see if they are any sales there but even for the warm
market, I have an online system to do it. I just don't leave people to their
graces to go their friends and family and talk to them because 99% of the time,
they are going to screw up the conversation or they are going to go and they're
going to be so excited and we have all had this experience or maybe not, Igor, I
don't know but most the people that I've talked to have had this experience where
they have gone out on a first date with someone and the other person has been way
too enthusiastic about that date you're like whoa dude.

Igor: Oh you're kidding me! I'm the way too enthusiastic person. Are you kidding

Shannon: [laughter]

Igor: I was that obnoxious person that nobody wanted to date the second time.

Shannon: [laughter] I would go out on first dates and I could see that the other
person was like already planning the wedding in their head and they were like, "My
mother would love you." I'm like whoa! Let's put the brakes on this. [laughter]
You know but in network marketing we can be that way because we are so excited
about what we just got started with and we expected everyone else to be as excited
as we are and when we go to talk to them and they are not, it kind of breaks our
heart of it and it sets us back. So even with warm market, I have a very specific
text message and email they send out, then I have a very specific video they
follow up with and then I have a second video they follow it up with then we do a
three-way call so the person literally if they talk maybe they intro me that's
about it. We keep to text and email and it's all very structured. So even with
that it's very, very structured then when the person ñ when we get one market set
up then we start talking about online marketing. For that I always have a very
structured system set up. I tell them exactly what to do. Here is the Facebook
post you're going to put. Here's the website you're going to use. The emails are
already ready to go out for you so my new person doesn't have to do any of that.
For traffic, of course that's how we know each other, right? In my viewpoint it is
a leader's responsibility because you're going to be earning quite a bit off of
these people if they are duplicating to help them make those first sales. Now I
commit to my people. I help them make their first two sales then with those two
people I help those two people make their first two. We work it that way. Once
they have those six people on their team, they are through my basic leadership
training and they can rock and roll with this on their own but it is so important
to have that structured system in place it's also very important to squash anybody
who comes in and tries to divert or change your system. If I could give you a
golden nugget, it's that because people will come in and they will look at your
system and they will say you know what if I do this or I'm going to change the
text message to this or I don't want to use that video, I want to use that video.
I will always say to them, "Look until you make more money than me, do it the way
I do it or don't work with me." That's the option and if they are gung-ho, they
have to do it their own way, unless they do make more money than me and I've
signed up people who have made more money than me online and I'm like, "Hey dude,
you don't follow, don't follow my system, come up with a better system." Let's do
what we are going to do but this is what's working for fast growth for me. In the
company that I'm with now, I signed up 12 people; normally I just go flat out 100
people, I look to enroll 100 people, I signed up 12 people, I went away for a
week, I had a business event, I came back those 12 people had already turned into
68 people. In seven weeks, those 12 people turned into over 300 people and that's
the power of using a system and not only close to 300 people but six levels deep
in my organization. That is really the true test of duplication is how deep is
your duplication going and if you're comp plan pays you matching bonuses on levels
down and stuff like that then you know that's really where the big, big money is
going to come from is the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth, tenth levels because
exponentially you're going to have thousands and thousands of people on those
levels and that's going to make for a happy check. So having system in place for
duplication are in my opinion the most important thing you can do in your business
because that's how you do get that retirement income and that's how you hit the
big months. My husband and I, our biggest month in network marketing has been
$214,000 and we didn't do that by making all of those sales ourselves.

Igor: Wow. I want to go back to what you said because you said something
critically important; you said it's important to have a structure, right? So your
system is very structured and anytime you set out to recruit new people or join a
new company you always have a structure around which you work, framework if you
will that you're putting people through. It's critical to do something like that
because it eliminates the confusion which is the number one thing that leads to
procrastination online in my opinion because people come in and they see all these
potential, like see all of these option like what they could be doing like there
is this traffic source and that traffic source, there is this company and that
company, they all kind of look alike but there is more top earners in this one
than that one and yada, yada, yada... There is so much choice. There is so many
things that can confuse you so when somebody comes in and says, "Look I admit that
there are a ton of different ways to make money but here is a very structured
approach and you're now forced basically to follow this approach or you can go and
work with somebody else." I think that this approach is very, very smart. I
remember when I used to coach people on how to build Solo Ads businesses, I tried
to do the same thing where I told them, you do it my way or don't come consulting
me at all. Because like you said there will be people who try to get out it if you
will, smart asses, but 90% will appreciate you for putting a very structured
system in play because you're just making their life so much easier. A life where
there is so much choice you know creating something that puts them in a framework
which is really, really useful and gives them the peace of mind to actually do

Shannon: It's very important. It's also very important to set deadlines for people
because if you don't set a deadline like I tell my people 48 hours get through
their getting started stuff and if they are not going to do it within 48 hours
then I already know that I have somebody I don't necessarily invest my time with,
right, because they are not willing to invest their time. The other thing in
network marketing that as leaders we have to consider is a lot of people who are
coming to us with that employee mindset and if we expect them to ñ you know just
because they sign up and put their credit card on the line to immediately have
this magical shift in their brain where now they are in an entrepreneur mindset,
it doesn't happen. So if you have too much freedom, too many choices, they
honestly really don't know what to do and when I get started in this industry, my
leader said to me, "You need to put 5000 flyers out, here is the flyer, here's
where you get them printed, here's where you put them on the car, here's the
script to call them, here's the call that you send them to", it was very
structured. I had been in an opportunity before that where there was no structure
and it was a nutritional company and I was like, "Oh I will set up a booth at a
gym" and I did and nobody bought anything and it was absolutely miserable. I
didn't have any success at all in that company versus the second company where my
leaders said do this, this, this, and this then I had a lot of success. I didn't
change the system until I was making the type of money that gave me the respect
where I could go to him and say, "Hey I want to do this." Back in 2003, online
marketing was kind of unheard of. So when I said I wanted to do online marketing,
everybody thought I had lost my mind. I was like okay but if I do this I know that
I need to control it with my team otherwise they are going to go crazy. It's the
same thing now. There are so many different people selling so many different
courses, you know in your industry, in the Solo Ad industry, there are a lot of
scum bags, and there are people that will sell robot traffic and resell the same
traffic over and over again to the same people in the same business. So what I do
is I vet people for my team and I only recommend people that I work with. So I'm
willing to put my money down first and test it so that my new person doesn't have
the experience where they buy a $1000 or $2000 or $3000 in traffic or Solo Ads or
Facebook ads or whatever and they lose that money, right? So I'll do the Solo Ads,
I'll make sure the pages convert. I'll make sure I make sales from it and then it
gets put into my system for my team to choose but even then I limit the choices to
three, always. Three at a time that's all they get. It will be like one Solo Ad
vendor, one Facebook ad campaign, and then something else in there; three choices
that they can run with, no more otherwise it becomes overwhelming and they really
don't know what to start with. Over time they are going to develop the
entrepreneur mindset but it doesn't magically happen the day that they get
started. You have to control your new people as though you're the boss and they
are working for you because quite frankly they are. Yes, they paid you for a
product and yes they paid you for a business but what they are really paying you
for as their leader is your coaching, your mentorship and your system that's going
to help them be successful.

Igor: What you mentioned here besides limiting the choices and having more control
over what you allow your downline to do, the other thing you mentioned which is
kind of something you have to see and read between the lines is you walk the talk.
Now this is one of the most important leadership qualities you can actually have
when you're trying to build a team is you're actually doing everything you're
asking your team to do and that creates an incredible amount of credibility and it
just allows your downline to look up at you if you will and say, "I can trust this
person. I'm willing to put my life on the line because sometimes that's how it
feels. It's not just about the money. We are actually trusting our lives; you know
putting our lives in the hands of the leaders we follow and are willing to do that
because she walks the talk.

Shannon: Yeah, absolutely. The reality in our business is people are watching you
and they're going to want to do what you're doing so you know you can't do online
marketing and then have your people come in and tell them to go prospect people at
coffee shops. It doesn't work because one of the reasons they are getting started
is they are excited about the way that they got started. They can see themselves
doing the same exact thing and that right there is also the key to duplication.
It's a question that people are asking themselves when they are getting started,
can I do this? Can I do this? And in my opinion it's one of the biggest problems
with things like home meetings, you know I've gone to presentations, I've been
recruited by so many companies or attempted to be recruited. I love our industry;
I mean I'm on autoship from 10 different companies. There is always a box of
something showing up at my door, right? But it doesn't mean that I'm going to
build that opportunity and the primary reason that I don't choose certain
companies to work with is I'm asking is this something that I'm going want to do?
Is this something I can do? I am an awesome online marketer. I'm an amazing
prospector. I literally would suck at home meetings. If somebody came late when I
was about to start, I would lose it. It's just not my thing. I don't want to drive
all around town to my new people's houses doing their home meetings. I just don't
want to do that. So when you think about what you're doing and how you're growing
your team, you also want to consider that people who are your prospects are
sitting there thinking can I do this or do I want to do this. That is the mental
breakdown, I mean people get started with me, right now I have a gal who got
started with me, she was with a company for two and half years, had no success,
was really working hard, started working with me and made $900 her first week. She
came to me, she was like, "This is so easy." Because she knew exactly what to do
and when she was looking at it, she was like I can totally do this. I was like
yeah you can totally can. She had the belief and I had the belief and you're
people have to believe that they can be successful at what you're doing and you
have to eliminate the confusion that stalls them and causes inactivity and the
other thing I'll say is if you have a product that requires a lot of selling,
telling and explaining, you're screwed. And excuse my French there but you are
because that is the hardest thing to teach people is how to sell. If you're people
have to sell the product, you're not going to get the duplication the way that you
want to get it. It's just not going to happen. I see that with nutritional
companies and weight loss companies where they are trying to tell the person why
this vitamin is better than that vitamin or why the person even needs vitamins or
what the ingredients are, what the ingredients are for. It's like who cares. If
your people have to do that, it's not going to grow. If you have a product that
sexy and hot and it doesn't require selling, telling or explaining because people
ñ you know your prospects can just get it then you're going to win. And if your
system is so simple that people look at it and they are like, "Wow, I could
totally do this, I could see myself making money doing this." They are doing to
get started in droves and you're going to have so much growth so fast, you won't
even know what to do with it. That is the most exciting moment when you're just
signing person, after person, after person and your new person who's been with ñ
I've got someone getting started today who has been with the company for five and
half years. They are still ñ they were still biting the dream of like I know that
I can turn this around and I talked to them and I said, "Look, I'm a dynamo. Not
to brag about myself, but I've made millions and millions of dollars online and I
could not be successful in the company you are in." They were like, "What?"
[laughter] I just gave them three reasons, you don't have a system, you're out
there trying to do it all your own, you're meeting with people one on one and the
person on the other side of the table is saying I don't have the time for this.
They are not going to get started. And after that they were like, "Oh my gosh, I
can't even believe I've been pushing it this hard." Sometime at the end of the
day, it's not you, you're not the reason you're not successful. It can be that you
don't have a system and you don't have maybe the best product in the world and you
don't have a way to get people started that they can easily duplicate. You want
duplication from your end. You're new person wants duplication from their end.
It's like a win ñ win both ways.

Igor: Yeah, I guess when if you want to choose a winning product for duplication,
you have to choose something that you can describe in a sentence and for the
person on the other side of that table or on the other side of that Skype call, to
go, "Huh, tell me more." If that happens then you probably have a good product
that can work but like you said if you got to literally go on 60 minute
presentation to just help the customer understand what the hell this thing do and
why they need it then you're going to waste your time. Now Shannon, there is only
one question that I believe on everyone's mind right now and that is how do I join
Shannon's downline? I mean where do we [laughter] I mean I want a system.

Shannon: That is a great question. I love that question. [laughter]

Igor: Why don't you walk us through it. Where can we go find out more about you,
about your Academy, about your podcast, give us all the links.

Shannon: So there's a couple websites you can go to, the first one that you want
to go to join my downline and get started with me is and
that's going to walk you through what I'm doing and how you get started. You'll
actually get to see my system in play and then it will take you right through the
getting started instructions and we get you rocking and rolling like I've said
several times on here within 48 hours. [laughter] And then you can hop on over to
my website which is my name and definitely hop over there
too because I have a ton of freebies on there. I've got an awesome guide on there.
It's a 124 pages you can download the pdf which is Marketing Basics: The Pro, if
you're a newbie to marketing you definitely want to get that. One of the things
that I will say too before we conclude here, Igor, is I absolutely love working
with you and if you guys haven't guessed already, or read between the lines or
whatever, of course Igor is my Solo Ads provider and he is the guy. And one of my
people on one of our pages just got 60% opt in rate, 60% like we were literally ñ
I was at a meeting in Miami, we were celebrating you, Igor, at the bar. [laughter]

Igor: Well, you know Igor Solo Ads has now become the conversation at the dinner
table not to brag or anything but [laughter]

Shannon: [laughter] It sure did, we were looking at the numbers and we were like,
"60%!" [laughter]

Igor: More than that actually, recently and I believe that was before we ran a
promotion for your friend, we actually installed a real-time email verification
system on our squeeze pages which means if your friend used our squeeze page those
60% opt ins that she got, all of them are 100% real verified email addresses. In
other words, nobody can now enter an email into the squeeze page we built for our
customers and you know get away with entering a fake email. You got to enter a
real one or it just won't work.

Shannon: And you know that is absolutely incredible. I don't know anybody else
that does that in your niche.

Igor: That's because nobody does that. Nobody.

Shannon: Yeah. Exactly. So you know when we do Solo Ads, we spent ñ my husband and
I we drop a nice chunk of change but for our new people, we want to make sure that
if they are putting 100 or 200 or 300 or 400 dollars on Solo Ads that they are
getting a return on that. When we talk about duplication and online marketing, you
know some leaders poopoo it, they are like, "No, no, no don't go online, it's too
confusing dah, dah, dah..." I 100% agree that it can be very confusing if you
don't have a structured system in place but you know for duplication like we give
our people the links to Igor knowing they are going to get great leads and then we
back it up with a system those leads go through to convert them to sales, so
important. It's not just that a lead is coming and now they are going to have to
prospect them and take them to a conference call or something, you keep it very,
very tight and aligned and that's how you get those conversion and then people see
wow this works. How do they know this works? Because they are putting their credit
card in, they are signing up and they are like, "Wow, I literally just bought
through this, this works."

Igor: You know we all need more people like you, Shannon, because you get the
game. You know a lot of people come to us and they really see us as the silver
bullet because they have been sold on the "traffic is everything" but truth of the
matter is traffic is important sure, it definitely plays a role in your whole
system and set up but you know there is more work that needs to be done on the
back end to convert a lead. It's not difficult to get someone who is like at least
curious to look into what you got going on but it's really much harder to convert
them and a lot of people don't understand that because they haven't been taught
the true way it works and you know ñ this truth because you started out and you
worked with the mentor who basically had you closing people and talking to them on
the phone and you felt ñ you have been a teacher ñ I mean to "close a teenager" is
really difficult. It's probably way more difficult than closing the most skeptical
prospect because they are so rowdy. But yes, so you get the game and the more the
leaders understand this game the overall success rate will be in our community. So
with that said, once again, guys if you would like to see Shannon's system in play
and/or join Shannon in business you go to to join Shannon's
system and if you're looking to find out more about Shannon just in general to
look into what she has going on and get some freebies, you can visit her, we call
them authority site, you can visit Shannon's authority site at , right?

Shannon: Yes, exactly. What a great conversation we've had, Igor. I've absolutely
loved every minute of this.

Igor: Well you may be invited for another episode just don't get too excited.
That's all I'm saying.

Shannon: [Laughter]

Igor: Alright, cool.

Shannon: But you're the one who gets really excited.

Igor: Well because I don't get to talk to people who get the game. You know every
now and again I get a really smart guest who walks the talk, who cares about his
people or her people and who basically comes in with really good advice but
sometimes it's really hard. You know I can go for months and months trying get a
great guest for the show and fail miserably because most "leaders" out there they
don't know what the hell they are talking about. A lot of them just strike gold
accidently and they can't reverse engineer what the hell happened. So when they go
out claiming that they figured out duplication or when they go out saying, "Hey I
got this amazing system which is something they literally slapped together in like
a lazy afternoon and then they make more money actually selling the damn system
than with their business opportunity, you know what? It doesn't make any sense. It
doesn't make any sense. So whenever I talk to somebody who truly walks the talk,
who truly gets the game, who is a veteran in the business and who really cares
about the kind of content they put out and the kind of results they get for their
people, it honestly is a true pleasure, Shannon. A true pleasure and so it's so
refreshing to have such a conversation. So thank you, thank you for doing it.

Shannon: Oh you are so welcome. Thanks for having me for a guest and I will come
out again any time.

Igor: Alright maybe we'll do an episode with you and John together, how about
that? But that just teasing.

Shannon: That will be fun. That will be a lot of fun. [laughter]

Igor: Alright so I'll put that on my calendar in the meanwhile List Builders thank
you so much for tuning in, this was Shannon Lavenia again you can go to for more information and until next time we chat, have a
good one.

Thank you for listening to The List Building Lifestyle Show, make sure to
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This is Igor Kheifets until next time we talk, have a good one.

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