Perfect Solo Ad Squeeze Page

Squeeze is the gateaway into your funnel.

It’s kind of a big deal.

Imagine if you could double your opt in rates overnight by tweaking your squeeze page.

Wouldn’t that put your money in your pocket?

Of course, it would.

And that’s why I decided to reveal my 5 golden rules to creating the perfect squeeze page.


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Jonathan: Welcome back List Builders to another edition of List Building Lifestyle
with your Royal Highness of List Building, Mr. Igor Kheifets.

Igor: I think the right term here is the Royal Judaist.

Jonathan: [Laughter] Okay I don't think I can get away with that. Yeah, so what's
up Igor what's good in your world?

Igor: Well, a lot its hot as hell literally. I'm not exaggerating it's not a
metaphor; it is as hot as it is in hell if hell actually exists. Really hot here
in Israel today. And I'm just beat it's only 1:24 PM but I'm just so tired because
it's so hot.

Jonathan: Yeah, that heat takes it out of you. Like when you were saying it was
hot and I'm thinking I just went to Puerto Rico I know hot. But it was like 95,
100 and you got 122 over there. It's kind of sickening.

Igor: Yeah, yeah. And humidity and you combine these two together and it's like
you're in a sauna all the time, like 24/7. Have you ever tried sleeping when it's
wet and hot?

Jonathan: No, no but I think this explains a lot of what's going on over there.
It's just two hot and people get pissed. That's what's going on.

Igor: Yeah, that's right. That's why were pissed on the Middle East.

Jonathan: [Laughter] Oh man so Igor what do you have for us today?

Igor: Today I want to share about squeeze pages because you know it dawned on me
just like we never spoken about you know where to buy Solo Ads on a Solo Ad or
list building podcast up until like an episode 150 something we also never really
devoted an entire episode to a squeeze page because you know frankly I just take
it for granted. I figured out squeeze pages early on and I never had issues with
the opt in rate but to many of my clients it's a big deal. In fact, I was just
recording an interview with Major Lance Sumner that has been published recently.
And you know he said and I quote he said "before meeting Igor I may have gotten
like a 10 percent opt in rate and an occasional sale but once I started working
with Igor my opt in rates went above 50% that's where I started getting sales
consistently. Now of course if you're running a thousand click Solo Ad the
different between a 10% opt in rate and a 50% opt in rate is incredible. That
means that you're getting 500 subscribers instead of 100 and that's a big deal.
So, I wanted to you know share how I build squeeze pages and exactly what do I
work on and how do I make sure that every single page I create pulls at least 30%
usually much higher which is, Jonathan, one of the reasons why you know we
guarantee opt in conversions to our clients when we work with them. You know a lot
of people actually they find it fascinating how can we do that. But, when you've
built as many squeeze pages as I have you just know what works.

Jonathan: Igor, one thing more people listening that may have just crawled out
from under a rock. What the heck is a squeeze page?

Igor: Oh no, okay see I take this thing for granted so. [Laughter] So, a squeeze
page is a page that has a headline in and opt in form and its hooked up to your
email autoresponder account. So, when someone opts in which means types there
email address into the form and hits enter there added to your mailing list and
then there redirected to the next page in your funnel. Now a squeeze page has only
one agenda to squeeze hence the name squeeze page to squeeze your visitors' email
address and that's how you build a list. In fact, you can't build a list without a
squeeze page because, that's the place where you ask for the email. Now the common
misconception with a squeeze pages is that people think that you have to offer an
ethical bribe, a value piece of free information in order to get people to share
their email address because otherwise this transaction doesn't seem fair. And our
people do treat is as a transaction as if you know somebody is sharing their email
address, it's almost like there giving you money. The strategy is called moving
the free line. And it's been first introduced ages ago by Eben Pagan during one of
his famous ignition talks. But, I'm here to tell you that it's just not relevant
anymore. In fact, you know I subscribe to the same school of thought that Todd
Brown subscribes to and Todd Brown in case you don't know he's what would you call
him Jonathan, Todd, a sales funnel specialist?

Jonathan: Oh man, I don't know, he is a deep thinker like too deep for me to even
keep up with but yeah, he's really into his companies marketing funnel automation
I believe, and that's what it is, is just creating a bridge between your prospects
and your product digitally.

Igor: Yeah, so I mean I describe Todd as somebody who's done hundreds of millions
of dollars in sales when it comes to direct response marketing on and off the
internet. He wrote copy for Agora, he works with Rich Schefren, I mean this guy
knows everything there is to know about list building and sales funnels. And so
what Todd talks about is instead of offering a bribe to your potential subscribers
is to do something better is to appeal to the one thing that works so much better
then appealing to greed and that is curiosity and you do that by offering a big
idea. A big idea that your product stands for. Okay now most people you know don't
know what the big idea of their product is, that is why creating a squeeze page is
such a great exercise in marketing because if you can find out what your big idea
is you will not only generate higher opt in rates and get more people on your list
with the same amount of money your spending already. But, you'll also make more
sales. Now this episode however is not about how to find your big idea. In fact,
I'm sure if you Google it you know big idea of Todd Brown, Todd probably has a
blog post or a video where he talks about that and he can probably teach it much
better than I do. But what I want to share with you today is the five things that
I consider the golden rules of building squeeze pages that I always follow and
that never fail me in helping me create high converting landing pages. Now before
I do Jonathan is there anything else I may have forgotten?

Jonathan: Absolutely, I didn't want to interrupt your flow there. But is there a
difference between say a squeeze page and a landing page or are they all the same

Igor: Well, a lot of people treat it the same way you know they believe squeeze
page is the landing page however a landing page technically speaking is any first
page that a prospect lands in your funnel. Now if were talking about say Google Ad
Words, your landing page should not be a squeeze page. It should be a different
sort of page that gets you higher stick rate on the page and then makes people
kind of you know go through the contents of your website. So, no technically
speaking a squeeze page is a squeeze page also known as the capture page and a
landing page is just a general idea of the very first page that the prospect sees
when they land in your funnel.

Jonathan: That helps yeah. Okay that helps a lot. Okay let's get into these five
that you have for us.

Igor: So, there's five rules that I follow I never break them okay and then the
like you can do whatever you want I'll never break these rules, any time I do I
regret it was a really low opt in rate. So, rule #1.) Is your headline is about
sixty percent of the success of your squeeze page. It actually introduces the big
idea and peaks curiosity and creates a desire for the prospect to unlock the next
page in your funnel by entering their email in the form which is again the number
one purpose of your squeeze page. Rule #2.) No video. Now this is big because a
lot of people for some reason there are married to this idea of using video on the
squeeze page because they believe that somehow the video will produce a higher
quality prospect. Now I don't subscribe to this belief one bit. It's actually not
true. I split tested it. My subscribers are just fine whether I make them watch a
video or not. But, without a video I always get more of them.

Jonathan: Oh.

Igor: So, I yeah yeah. Unexpected I know but you know if it's not controversial
don't teach it as our mutual friend, Ben Settle, says. [Laughter] So rule #3.) I
never ever break is I never use any heavy graphics. And you know even if I have to
use one of those stylish high-quality backgrounds I make sure to get that image
into like a format that is high quality yet very, very low in size. Now I'm not
big on graphics I actually have Dennis do it for me and he was the one to first
teach me that by the way like that loading times matter a lot like a second in
loading times can make a difference between a 35% opt in rate and 27% opt in rate.
Something as short as a second of load time. So, I never, never, never use heavy
graphics that make my sites load really slow plus with the recent changes we were
making to our funnels you know Dennis came up with another incredible thing which
is way to advance for you to implement right now and way to advance for me. I'm
only blessed to have him working on it. But, he came up with this crazy idea that
you know we were using a service I have no idea what that service is so don't ask
me but this service identifies where you're coming from when you visit my website
and it loads the website from the closest server to you. So, if Jonathan.

Jonathan: Really.

Igor: If your like log into my site from Florida it will find a server somewhere
in Florida or New York or whatever is in the area figuratively speaking and will
load the website from that server and if I am logging in from the Middle East it
will load the website from Europe or you know some maybe Israel maybe not but
basically, it's going to be much closer to the actual location so you can load it
faster. Now how incredible is that?

Jonathan: You guys are something else but then again you guys are pushing likely
more traffic than most of the people listening so you have to do that.

Igor: Yeah, your right. So, for us at 2% difference in opt in rates could mean
thousands of dollars every month. So were taking this shit very seriously. Now
rule #4.) Is opt in form above the fold. Now the fold is anything your visitor
sees the moment they land on your page without having to scroll down. Now
obviously there are different sizes to the fold depending on the device your
visitor is using whether mobile, or desktop, you know it's going to be an 11-inch
screen, a 13-inch screen, a 15 inch, or maybe just a cell phone that's just kind
of you know narrow and high, right? But whatever the case you shouldn't let that
concern you all you have to do is to make sure the mobile version and the desktop
version of your website has the opt in form above the fold so the person can see
it without having to scroll down. Do not ever hide your forms because that will
hurt your conversions.

Jonathan: Get out bro, the whole internet says that you have to have a two click
and your telling me you don't.

Igor: Um no. [Laughter] I mean as far as two click and it's like okay, so here's
the difference if you're talking about the two click as in you have to click on a
button that kind of opens the form that's a totally different feature to placing
that actual button for them to click above the fold and not making them to scroll

Jonathan: Ah, okay. I got clarity on that now.

Igor: Yeah, as far like the two click the concept of that I think was first used
by people over at Lead Pages were instead of showing the opt in form they show you
a button you click on it and that brings up the form. You know that is something
for you to test. I have pages that converted better this way and the other way so
I don't have any undisputed facts to support each either way. That is why I didn't
include it in the rule list. But what I do know is that the form has to be above
the fold no matter what.

Jonathan: The action whatever action you want them to take they have to see it
when they land.

Igor: That's right. That's right. And last but not least ask for the email without
the name or the phone number. Now it's cardinals sin to collect too much
information on your squeeze page. I'm telling you it's a sin, it repels prospects,
it makes you look needy, it ignores one of the most sensitive issues your prospect
is concerned with and that is privacy. Okay, especially online people are very
touchy about their privacy so they would much rather share their email address
anonymously then having you know to be forced to give you their real name and a
phone number. In fact, if you test this out for yourself you'll probably find that
an opt in form that collects a name and an email will produce about I don't know a
10% difference verses the one that just collects the email address but if you test
name and email versus name email and the phone number you can see a gap as big as
20%. So, were talking about you know the difference between just email which can
produce 30, 40, 50 percent opt in rate and sometimes even higher to name, email,
and phone that usually gets stuck around 12%.

Jonathan: Crazy. But then how am I supposed to do those emails where I'm like
Jonathan I have your downloads. [Laughter]

Igor: Well first the first thing to remember is that people know that you don't
actually sit there and manually put in their name. They know you're using a code,
people aren't stupid. So that's where a lot of the people even you do collect the
name they'll put in silly stuff like Mickey Mouse, and Donald Trump. Right? I
think I told this story of how I was registered to a poker website and I then said
my name was Chuck Norris. I put in a fake Social Security number and I got a
letter two weeks later saying, Dear, Mr. Chuck Norris thank you so much for
joining poker and blah, blah, blah, blah. That was like when I was barely
18 years old. You know.

Jonathan: Nice.

Igor: So, don't worry about the name. Name is really overrated. I know that there
is studies and there's like blogs that tell you that personalization is critical
but I think that people get caught up too much into trying to personalize the name
instead they should be personalizing the marketing. Right? So, the kind of stuff
that say Ryan Levesque is teaching where every person put themselves into some
sort of bucket. Right, we all think of ourselves in terms of buckets. So,
personalize your marketing and you content by bucketing your leads into these
categories, and adjusting your marketing accordingly now if you want to learn more
about that you should read "Ask" by Ryan Levesque, right, just to kind of give you
an idea where not going to get into this into this episode.

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah. Alright so were talking squeeze pages. Can
you just give us a quick recap of the five?

Igor: Yeah, absolutely. So, the first one is your headline. It's by far the most
important part of the entire process. Get this one right and you like 70% in.
Second rule don't use video; video does not produce a higher quality prospect;
video doesn't do anything for you that a page without a video can do. Don't use
any heavy graphics because the page will be slow to loading and you will lose
prescribers. Keep your opt in form above the fold. Don't make people scroll down,
and last but not least only ask for the email address don't ask for the name or
phone number, please not until later in your funnel. Because this way you will be
generating opt in rates sometimes 3 or 4 times higher than your other wise would
have generated with collecting names and phone numbers.

Jonathan: Boom. Straight from the sultan of squeeze pages. Get it. What's coming
up next time?

Igor: Well next time I'm going to share with you Igor's Five Rules to Email
Marketing. I think we've done some of those before so this is going to be five
additional rules to what to do, what not to do with your emails.

Jonathan: Uh oh, uh oh. We're talking email. Alright, I can't wait for that
another List Building Lifestyle Show is in the can. List Builders will be back
with you next time. Thanks for tuning in.

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This is Igor Kheifets until next time we talk, have a good one.

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