How Many Exposures Does It Take To Convert A New Customer?

We’re bombarded with over 14,000 marketing messages a day.

The marketing onslaught continues 24/7.

It’s inescapable.

Ads follow us around in the malls, on TV, on radio, on the parking lot, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and even in bed.

Ads are the first thing we see in the morning and last thing we see before going to bed.

Which begs the question…

How do you stand out in all that noise?

The new episode of the List Building Lifestyle reveals how


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. The first time a man sees an ad he doesn't see it. The second
time he doesn't notice it. The third time he's conscious of it existence. The
fourth time he faintly remembers having seen it. The fifth time he reads the ad.
The sixth time he turns his nose up at it. The seventh time he reads through and
says, "Oh, brother.” The eighth time he says, "Here's what that confounded thing
again." The ninth time he wonders whether it amounts to anything. The tenth time
he's going to ask his neighbor if he tried it. The eleventh time he wonder how the
advertiser makes it pay. The twelfth time he thinks, "It must be a good thing."
The thirteenth time he thinks it might be worth something. The fourteenth time he
remembers he wanted had such a thing for a long time. The fifteenth time he's
tantalized because he can't afford to buy it. The sixteenth time he thinks he'll
buy it some day. The seventeenth time he makes a memorandum of it. The eighteenth
time he swears at his poverty. The nineteenth time he counts as money carefully.
The twentieth guy he sees the ad and buys the product. Now you may feel this is
something that has been said, I don't know, last week because of all the
retargeting, all the other crazy tools they're now available to us as marketers,
but no. This has been said by Thomas Smith and I have no idea who that is in 1885.
Think about it, 1885, even then people did not respond to ads immediately. People
took time to make buying decisions, people were skeptical, people claimed they
don't have the money to buy something, people said, "Look, I really want this, but
I just don't know if I can afford it." And at 1885, come on. So do you think now
in 2017 people will actually just jump when you're stuck because you ask them to?
Don't be so naive, they won't. They will never do so, because primarily besides
just wanting to make a wise intelligent decision and not knowing whether they can
trust you, they also get hit with so many different choices every single day,
think about it. When we just started this industry, when I started personally
about ten years ago, there were already a bunch of different companies that you
could join to make money from home, there were dozens of them.

Today there's hundreds, there's hundreds of these programs that an individual has
to choose from when he or she decides to make money from home. So how are they
supposed to make a sound decision having being exposed to all these programs at
all times no matter where they go? I mean the log in on their Facebook and they
scroll through the feed, bam, they see an ad. They go in YouTube, bam, there's an
ad for the IM Jetset. They go on Google and search for something, all the sudden
digital latitudes are jumping you down. Or maybe they're just talking to a friend
and a friend mentions Duplicate Dave, I didn't know. Like think about it this way.
You're brand new to the marketing place, you're brand new the whole scene, and now
you're thinking, "Okay, so I want to make $4000 a month. I want to just replace my
income. Let me just make $1000 a week, I'll be a really happy man or woman." So
what's the best way to do it? And all of a sudden they start searching for answers
on Google, they get on YouTube to watch some tutorials and before you know it they
get on bunch of marketing lists and now they're being hit with offer after offer
after offer.

Now many of these offers are crap of course, but there are some good ones out
there too, and now they're trying to make up their mind between about six
different opportunities, and they don't know which one they should join. And now
you show up with an opportunity number seven and you're like, "You should join
this." So you're just added to an already impressive list of different options
that they can choose from, and the decision is virtually impossible to make,
because for every "yes" the customer has to say, like if they say yes to option
number three on that list, they literally have to say "no" to all the other
options. And this is so painful that a lot of people simply cannot make a
decision. Now there's also another type of person, another type of prospect that
sees all these opportunities and instead of saying "no" to all but one or not
deciding at all, this person, and I'm saying this because there's only a handful
of these people out there, I call them "the 10%-ers", and they are my favorite
type of customer because this buying behavior is crazy, and I'm like that when it
comes to certain types of products and we're all like that comes to basically a
certain category. Like my wife is like that with the shoes and all the face creams
and stuff like that, and I'm like that with technology. Like with Apple or with
computers. So anyway these people, the 10%-ers what they do, they say "yes" to all
of them. It's virtually impossible for them to choose, so what they decide to do
is join all of these programs and start promoting all these programs
simultaneously, which in my opinion isn't as productive as trying to build on one
income stream and adding in the other one once you've successfully built

So what is the point, what is the lesson of today's episode for you, if you'd like
the condensed version, I guess after all the ranting and rambling. And that is,
you must expose the prospect to your product multiple times. When I say multiple
times I mean like 30, 60, 90 times. I'm talking about ridiculous amount of
exposures. That is why I've been preaching all this time that you should email
your list every day, even if it means mailing them twice or three times a day,
because you need the prospect to always be thinking about your product, to always
be reminding him about your product even existing, and how the products solves
your prospect's problems. Better yet, if you're coming in every day with a
different angle, then you're doing even a better job because one of these angles
will push the prospect over the fence, and just literally go back, just rewind and
listen to the intro one more time with this first time, second time, third time.
Because I've literally had people tell me about their experience of how they
signed up with, me and it reflects to a tee what I've just described to you, what
Thomas Smith said in 1885. I've had people tell me that they started online as a
result of reading Anik Singals Circle of Profit book that got them into the 4%,
the big 4% opportunity. From there they learn about traffic, from there they learn
about Igor Solo Ads, and then they look at it and they say, "Okay, well cool, I'll
just bookmark the link. Whatever." And then all the sudden they see me on
Facebook, all of a sudden a friend mentions me, all of a sudden they see a YouTube
video, they see a download, a pdf or something, and Igor Solo Ads is freaking
everywhere. So they couldn't help but investigate further and decide to eventually
join Igor Solo Ads and buy traffic from us and then become a VIP member too,
simply because we were everywhere. And this is such a powerful marketing concept
which tells you that of course it's great if you have the proven traffic sources
and everything figured out, but at the end the day regardless of the traffic
source you're using, it will always come down to your ability to relentlessly
follow up with your list through email. Now we already spoke about the fact that
email is really intimate media. It's way more intimate than Facebook, which is
social. Email is when the prospect is giving you a silent permission to get into
their world, it's a private environment where the prospects. Social media is an
environment where it's social, it's public and it's also a place where people go
to, I guess, to escape. They don't go on Facebook to make decisions, they don't go
on Twitter to make a decision about their career path. They don't go on Tumblr to
fix their back pain, they don't. They just they go to their email looking for that
sort of stuff.

So your ability to constantly hit your prospect with emails, with good emails,
with infotaining emails, not some obnoxious spam emails of course, but some
infotaining email constantly offering your solution in a very ethical and
entertaining way, that ability, that skill set will always determine how
successful you are with virtually any traffic source. Be it Facebook, be it Solo
ads, be the YouTube ads, be Twitter, LinkedIn ads, Google Display network, Native
ads, whatever that is for you expect for all these people to never buy right away.
You have to be willing to pay whether with your time or with your money or both to
get them on your list and then market to them every single day. And this is really
the challenge, isn't it? Coming up with something to say every day. And if you're
having a problem right now with that, I invite you to check out Done for You daily
email service at, where I personally write your daily emails for
you, and I'll also have my team to load them into your auto responder accounts so
you don't have to ever miss a mailing day. So this is Igor with another episode
the List Building Lifestyle, thank you so much listening, and until next time we
chat, have a good one.

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