Information Overload Quick-Fix

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Do you find yourself stuck buying courses, learning, and consuming information but never seem to make any headway toward your financial goals? This episode sheds light on why list-building failure rates are higher than ever, in spite of there being no shortage of good advice out there. And finally, Igor’s going to put the pieces of the puzzle together for you by presenting a simple way to put a stop to information overload forever.

[00:00] The podcast solves one of the biggest issues in Internet marketing, and that is the good old-fashioned information overload.

[02:00] Self-awareness is key:

  • Self-awareness is how you move forward.
  • The moment you realize that that’s you that you’re buying and then going through all this information, but you’re not doing much with it, welcome, my friend. You are now ready to advance forward.

[02:21] The next step towards success:

  • The next stage is going to be. But the problem with that stage is that you don’t know where to start.
  • Stop consuming information and start instead of observing what the gurus were doing.
  • Stop buying all the guru courses and instead observe the way they sell them and the mechanics of the systems that they set up to sell these courses.

[04:19] Funnel hacking will save your business:

  • Russell Brunson talks a lot about funnel hacking. Rather than being a prospect and being taken along for the ride, going in and deconstructing what they are doing to sell.
  • He would actually go into your funnel with Camtasia on and he would go through it and buy the stuff. And then he would either watch the recording and try to deconstruct it or have an assistant or a person he trained to do it for him.

[05:35] Take a break from consuming:

  • When there is a void, something must fill that void. And my void was the consumption void, so I was no longer consuming. And what I filled that void with was creation.
  • I think it’s necessary for life that you take a break from consuming so that you have time to create.
  • You’re going to get so busy creating that you will simply not have the time to consume.

[08:04] The formula for success:

  • You will make as much money, as you will make only as much money to the extent to which you consume the correct information, but also when you aggressively implement it.

[08:18] The 72-hour rule:

  • If you subscribe to this 72 hours rule, what’s going to happen is you are going to do a whole lot more. You’re going to find a whole lot more things that work for you and you’re also going to have less stress.
  • Whatever you learn, whatever you pick up, if you don’t implement it within the next 72 hours, throw it away because you’re never going to do it.

[09:29] Dan Kennedy’s definition of success:

  • Success is all about fighting human nature, laziness, and procrastination.
  • Dan Kennedy said that success is 70% discipline and only 30% scale and all the other stuff.
  •  That’s why if you got a routine, if you ain’t got a routine, get on the routine.

[12:52] How to climb any mountain?

  • One bite at a time. So look, if you got an elephant, you gotta eat. Just take it one bite at a time.
  • Small, consistent, imperfect actions. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be a giant leap. You just have to do it every day and hit it.
  • Money is attracted to speed when you’re implementing and when you’re creating fast, you’re also going to fail fast.

[16:00] It is okay to fail:

  • Failures are just opportunities.
  • All challenges and all failures hold an equal seat of opportunity.
  • Your failures will stir in the right direction.

[19:08] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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