Igor’s 7 Rules Of Marketing

How do you create a high converting offer?

Most marketers start with a blank slate and try to get creative.

Others plagiarize offers from their idols.

But that’s not my style

Almost every high converting offer I ever produced follows the exact same set of rules.

Discover the 7 marketing rules you ought to follow when putting together an offer or enhancing an existing one.


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. Today I would like to talk about a topic so fascinating to
almost anyone interested in marketing that it seems to eclipse everything else
when it comes to buying traffic. The concept lies in what converts, right? Which
offer convert the best, which offers have the highest chance of giving me the
positive ROI, what am I supposed to promote to make money because essentially the
mindset out there that I'm noticing anyway, is I need to find the perfect offer
and the perfect traffic source and that will give me the perfect business. This is
true both for business opportunities, e-commerce, websites, and pretty much
anything else with the exception perhaps of marketing coaches and consultants who
are creating their own offers but then again, they pretty much sell the same
thing. They sell improvement. So anyway, what I want to chat about today is Igor's
Marketing Rules. These rules give you a general idea of what you need to have in
order to make money online. In other words, what your offer needs to have, what
your funnel needs to have, what your follow up sequence needs to have in order to
capture the prospect and convert that prospect into a buyer. Now by the way before
we begin, I want to make a very clear distinction, this is something that Dan
Kennedy talks a lot about; conversion is the concept of changing someone's mind.
It's not a concept of pushing somebody into buying something; it's a concept of
changing their mind and belief system. So you want to keep that in mind when
you're marketing, you want to keep that in mind when you're creating offers, when
you measure your ROI, when you create your follow up and when you write your sales
copy, you want to remember that to convert means to change their mind and not to
push them into a sale. There is a big distinction there and we may chat about this
in future episodes.

But for now, I would like to give you seven marketing rules that if you stick by
these rules, as a rule, you will make money. As a rule, you will convert more than
if you were to ignore these rules because these rules are universal. Now these
rules apply to pretty much any niche, any offer. They apply just as well to
somebody selling physical products as they do to somebody selling consulting or
business opportunities. They work for e-commerce websites. They work for bloggers
and Instagram stars and everybody else. Basically these are universal marketing
rules that help you convert.

So Rule Number One: there will always be a no-brainer offer. Now we spoke about
this on earlier episodes, your offer has to be a no-brainer because with the
amount of competition today, with the amount of options that people have when it
comes to buying anything and I mean anything. I mean if you go to your local
supermarket and you check out all the kinds of cookies they got, you'll find like
180 something types of cookies and then you'll find 52 types of crackers and then
you'll find 62 types of sodas so there is always going to be a competitor fighting
for your prospect's attention so when you have the privilege of holding their
attention you better present a no-brainer offer that makes the prospect go "Hmm,
I'll feel stupid later by not saying yes to this offer right now" or sometimes the
prospect will go, "Hmm, tell me more I really want to hear more about this." Now a
no-brainer offer can really be structured in many different ways, it can be about
a bonus that they really want, it could be something that they actually genuinely
want because they have been experiencing some kind of problem in their life for
the past two months; it could be a lot of different things and you should study
how to create no-brainer offers. There have been a few episodes that we have done
about it but you absolutely have to have a no-brainer offer without one you're
dead in the water.

Now Rule Number Two: there will be scarcity. It's really important that you have
scarcity. It's really important that you limit the amount or the time or limit
something whatever you can limit go ahead and limit that because people do not
value anything that is easily accessible to them. So if you're selling something
that you know that will be available tomorrow and the day after and the day after
then you want to create additional value and limit that or maybe you want to
literally put your foot down and say that "you get in today or I'm not going to
let you in tomorrow." Or perhaps you can reposition the product in a way that
allows you to create some scarcity. Now don't try to do bullshit scarcity because
people can see right through bullshit scarcity but always have scarcity or
limitation of some sort that does not allow everyone and their brother to buy your
product at any time they want. You're not selling Coca-Cola here, you're selling
something of value; you're selling an info-product, you're selling a business
opportunity, maybe you're a coach, maybe you're selling a physical merchandise in
your e-commerce store, whatever that is make sure that the client understands that
they cannot dillydally, they cannot sit on their hands and wait until next week to
make this buying decision without consequence.

Rule Number Three: there will be clear instructions given on how to respond. Now
this seems like common sense honestly but I see it missed so many times like a lot
of the websites I visit, a lot of the sales presentations I see; there is no clear
direction on how to buy. As simple as that, we see this mistake a lot on TV. TV
advertisements, they pretty much just advertise the product and leave it at that
and you're supposed to find the product on the shelves of your local stores but
even advertisements on TV that advertise non-tangible goods like services, there's
rarely that I see that there is a phone number that you're supposed to call or
website to visit or coupon code you're to use. A lot of times you're just not
given any instructions. So whenever you're selling something or you're marketing
something make sure to clearly tell them where to click, where to go, which
website to visit and what to do on that website once they land there.

Rule Number Four: there will be tracking, measurement, and accountability for
every marketing dollar spent. Now this is by far one of the most important rules
of your business especially if you're doing paid traffic which I hope you are
because without it, you're going to be in the same place 10 years from now.
Measuring every single dollar spent is critical to the point where you're not only
measuring the ROI on these dollars but you know your cost per click, cost per
lead, earning per lead, earning per customer, average customer value, you
absolutely have to know all of your money math even getting down to a point where
you're tracking not just how much a customer costs you to get off a specific
traffic source but comparing the average customer value traffic wise so give an
example; if I'm generating clients on Facebook Ads $7 a pop and at the same time
I'm getting clients on Ad Words for $24 a pop, it may seem like the best option
for me to go with if I have to cut my marketing budget is to sit to Facebook but
that would be false because if I measure my average customer value, my average
revenue per customer coming from Facebook that revenue comes down to just say $400
and the Ad Words customer produces $800 so while it costs me almost $20 more to
get the customer on Ad Words I'm making double the money and that difference is
more enough to cover for the added cost in Ad Words so this is just an example of
what usually happens in the business by the way. That's what usually happens.
Traffic sources that cost you more money to get the customer often times not
always but often times will result in higher quality customers but there are of
course some exceptions. This is where you'll have to test it for yourself.

Rule Number Five: There will be only organic social media marketing. Now why do I
say that? Because I see way too many people waste too much time and too much money
on social media marketing buying tools, buying ads, buying all kinds of services,
you know hiring designers to design their Facebook cover for $2000 claiming that
it's a strategic investment and all that kind of stuff. In fact, I remember when I
was part of Kevin Nation's Mastermind which is a $10,000 a year membership, there
was one guy there who was selling design services and I got on the phone with him
and he quoted me $1800 for a Facebook cover and that was four years ago. I said,
"Man, this is just a Facebook cover, what the hell are you trying to sell me?" He
was like, "Well, you know my client wrote a book and used my graphics and he
became a bestselling author." To which of course I said, "Look dude, he would have
probably become a bestselling author even if he did not use your graphic services,
he is probably becoming a bestselling author because of the content of the book or
the marketing of the book not because of the way the cover looks, not to mention
that you weren't the one to come up with the title in the first place and a lot of
these books that become bestsellers are about the title like "The 4 Hour Work
Week" or "The Millionaire Fast Lane" and all these different kinds of books. So
you have to take responsibility for the money and time you're putting into your
social media marketing into everything that goes around branding and building your
presence and stuff like that. A lot of that stuff usually does not work. Again
with exceptions, depending on who you are like if my Ryan Dice and I'm running the
digitalmarketer.com, I will absolutely invest $1000 into custom graphics set for
my website to position myself further blah blah blah simply because I'm already
making a good $8 million, $10 million a year and now I'm taking things to the next
level by creating better look and feel to the website but if I'm on a shoestring
budget and I'm just getting started, I'm going to invest all my money into paid
traffic, copywriting, offer creation and tools I need to do that and not into
increasing my social marketing, buying fans for my fan pages or whatever that is
not a smart investment.

Rule Number Six: There will be daily aggressive non-apologetic follow up. Now this
is the subject of much controversy and I have done several episodes on how you're
supposed to follow up if you missed them go to www.ListBuildingLifestyleshow.com
right now and just search in the search box for email marketing, email follow up
and stuff like that. But in short, you have to follow up daily and you have to be
unapologetic about it, you have to be super aggressive about it and you have to be
okay with many people not liking it because those are going to be the people who
are not going to buy from you and this is just an excuse they are using to tell
you about it. Most people who are planning to buy from you will be happy to get
more emails from you if you're doing it the right way. Again if you want to find
out how to do that the right way make sure to listen to the previous episodes and
if you're marketing business opportunities and you're not sure if you're marketing
the right way then check out www.bizop.emails.com which is our "done for you"
email marketing service so we can do your aggressive non-apologetic email follow
up for you.

And last but not least Rule Number Seven: there will be strong sales copy. Now
this one cannot be underestimated. I've spent about 12 to 14 months writing copy
daily either rewriting old stuff by hand or writing something for myself or
writing something for clients. I then invested another year in studying under Ross
Bowring, the person who taught me how to write good copy where we took my existing
pieces and we rewrote them for better impact and I got to tell you that's probably
one of the most important and most profitable skills I've ever invested into
during my online career that allowed me to build my empire. So when you're
creating offers, when you're enhancing offers, when you're marketing something I
highly recommend to never rely on the existing ad copy of your opportunity. Now
with a few exceptions, okay most opportunities, their copy just sucks in fact the
people who put together these websites have no idea how to market because a lot of
them are either focused on the product too much or they have really done any
marketing to cold online traffic and they just kind of keep warm leads in mind
when they write their copy so it won't hit with cold market just as well so you
absolutely have to write strong sales copy for anything that you're marketing, for
anything that you're selling because without it you're leaving a ton of money on
the table and chances are you're not going to even make a single sale in the first

So there you go these are the Seven Rules, the Seven Marketing Rules, we are going
to have more rule down the road but for now, take these seven and apply them into
your business to make more money. Thanks for tuning in. This is Igor Kheifets,
take care. Bye bye.

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