Are Open Rates Useless?

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Things are never that black and white in the world of email marketing. Open rates may be not as accurate as they used to be, but they’re still a valuable metric that you can rely on to improve some aspects of your business. Tune in to learn how to analyze and use your open rates effectively. 

[00:00] In this episode, Igor shares how he analyzes his open rates, and how to use them to adjust and improve your conversion rates.

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[01:53] Current status of open rates:

  • Open rate today is a lot trickier to track than it used to be. There are a lot of fake openings, especially if you’ve got lots of Apple devices.

[02:05] Are open rates useless?

  • I’ve never really based my business on open rates, but I’ve also never discarded them completely because it still tells me whether a subject line is good.

  • It still tells me whether a list is of good quality, and it still tells me whether there’s any kind of interest in that particular angle.

  • I will also look at the open rate for the sake of maybe trying to understand whether mailing at a certain time of day is more effective than at another time of day.

[04:37] Reasons why a campaign doesn’t work:

  • Particular angle for that particular webinar or that particular audience didn’t seem like people wanted to attend the webinar.

  • Maybe the interest wasn’t there, but the ones who did attend converted, which means we do have good webinar content, but maybe we should work from a different angle.

[04:50] Change your mindset:

  • You have to be very agile in your thinking.

  • You can’t just say this matters or this doesn’t matter.

  • Opens matter, clicks matter, sales matter, opens don’t matter.

  • If I’m mailing out a subject line and I’m getting a crappy open rate, it tells me something. It gives me something.

  • It’s an information piece I can then use to make a decision whether it’s a creative decision or a technical decision. 

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