How To Make Your Life Suck A Little Less With Mark Manson

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Buddha said, “Life is suffering.”

Best-selling author, Mark Manson takes it a step further.

“Embrace that life sucks sometimes.”

Guest: Mark Manson is a New York Times bestselling author of the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” He is known for his brutally honest and insightful writing, and he has helped millions of people to improve their lives.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Mark Manson to explore effective ways to make life suck a little less.

[01:41] Why Is Mark Anti-Self Help?

  • The more you go around telling yourself that you need to be really happy, you need to be really successful, you need to be loved and admired and have all these great things, what you’re actually unconsciously doing is reinforcing the belief that you don’t already have enough.

  • It’s only by embracing the fact that life sucks sometimes that we’re never going to be completely fulfilled, nothing is ever going to make us completely happy.

  • It’s only by embracing that and accepting that, that we’re actually able to be content with our life and have a healthy emotional relationship with ourselves.

[03:10] Life Is Always Going To Suck:

  • You’re suffering a certain way right now. And when you achieve your goal, whatever that goal is, you will suffer in a different way, but you will still suffer.

  • A homeless man has money problems, Warren Buffett also has money problems, it’s just that Warren Buffett’s money problems are much better than the homeless man’s. So, the problems never go away, and the quality of the problems gets better.

  • It’s the whole approach to self-improvement of removing problems from one’s life that is actually counterproductive because what you end up doing is just end up avoiding reality, you end up deluding yourself into thinking or chasing some perfect life that doesn’t actually exist.

[05:40] Keep Improving Your Life And Stop Comparing:

  • I don’t want to discourage anybody from improving their life, I just want people to be realistic about what they actually need to be improving.

  • We don’t have the same problem. We’ve solved that problem for ourselves, but we have other problems in our lives.

  • So the correct question to ask, in my opinion, is not necessarily what I need to do to be happy. What problems do I enjoy solving?

[10:00] How To Identify The Most Important Thing For You?

  • Start out by simply listening to your emotions.

  • It was actually that re-orienting myself to that struggle that I enjoy something that invigorates me and excites me that my business and my career really took off.

  • My philosophy is always that it’s better to try something and fail at it than to simply not try it.

[14:30] Passion Is Practical:

  • I have a saying that I’ve talked about for years and actually I’ve given a few talks at conferences about as I say his passion is practical.

  • People see passion as this, do what you love and follow your dreams.

  • The point I tried to make is that actually leveraging passion and your business, leveraging your own emotions can be extremely efficient and profitable, it can add way more productivity.

  • If you’re focusing on work that you really believe in, and you really care about on an emotional level, you’re going to be more resilient for failures, you’re going to be more curious, more inspired to solve problems, you’re going to be more innovative to try new things.

  • As soon as something goes wrong, you’re gonna be more inspired to try to see what went wrong and fix it.

[21:00] Mark’s 3 Biggest Lessons:

  • The first one that definitely comes to mind is learning your strengths.

  • It’s important to learn a little bit and try a little bit of everything. Eventually, something will stand out as something that suits your natural strengths.

  • The biggest principle that I’ve learned over the years that I still practice today is just double down on what works double and that goes for not just ad campaigns like that go for yourself. Double down on your skills that work.

  • The third one, treat yourself. A lot of entrepreneurs are workaholics, but they think workaholism is a little bit celebrated. It’s a badge of honor among entrepreneurs.

  • If you’re just starting out, and you’re broke, working 16 hours a day is necessary sometimes.

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