How I Went From Rejection To Magnetic Attraction Nearly Overnight

Starting out online, promoting products as an affiliate felt like pushing a 16 ton rock up the Trump Tower staircase.

I couldn’t get anyone to listen, let alone buy anything!

Getting rejected as many times as I had conditioned me to feel like a beggar.

Eventually, I would make a belief-switch that would instantly turned the table.

People went from rejecting me to begging me to sell them.

Find out what happened to me in the all new List Building Lifestyle.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle, with your host,
Igor Kheifets. Starting out online promoting products as an affiliate, felt like
pushing a 16-ton rock up the Trump Tower staircase. I could not get anyone to
listen, let alone buy anything. At first, I thought people should jump from joy
when they knew what I had for them. But when I told them about my programs, I got
the silent rejection treatment. Now, I admit my salesmanship skills was mediocre
at best, if not downright horrible at the time, but I had feelings, you know, and
my feelings were deeply hurt each time a prospect would stop returning my instant
messages and emails. At one point, I thought I was cursed or something. Prospects
crossed the street when they saw me coming, figuratively speaking of course.

I was making no money, I was spending money, I was spending lots of time every
day, prospecting social media. That's what my upline told me to do by the way, I
didn't know any better at the time. Remember, I just started and I thought I had
to go through these hardships and this learning curve like it was some kind of
rite of passage but it wasn't. It was just a stupid waste of my fucking time. And
it came with a horrible side effect. Getting rejected as many times as I had,
conditioned me to feel like a beggar. I went from an internet marketing enthusiast
who wanted to spread the uplifting message of financial freedom to a miserable
loser who expected to get rejected anytime he opened his mouth. At that point, I
was begging people to join my business.

I thought I'm supposed to convince them to do it. It was getting harder to talk to
people now. I felt I was a nuisance, at best, I thought it was my job to prove my
claims and satisfy their demands. I thought I needed to argue them into purchasing
my products. Being the determined Russian that I was, I started reading books in
persuasion and influence and manipulation and mind control, and even seduction. I
accepted the idea that my prospects did not want to buy from me and that I needed
to force them to want my products. But the harder I was trying to convince, the
more they pushed back. The harder I sold, the less I converted. The more I told
them why they should buy from me, the more they rejected everything I had.

The thing about rejection is that, at that stage of my business, it was silent.
This is different from the kind of rejection I usually get today. Obviously, I
still get rejected, by the way, in case you think that I'm living some sort of
rejection-free world, and that's fine. I don't take it personally anymore like I
used to. But the thing is, most of the time, I know why I'm being rejected these
days. It's not like people tell me, Igor, I'm not buying today because you have a
disgusting beard and I hate men with beards. No, it's just that I made so many
offers to my customers from so many angles, that I figured out why they say yes
and why they say no. I just paid attention. My knowledge and experience allow me
today, to determine exactly what I must change about my offers in order to
increase conversions. But that's today. Back then, it was all silent rejection.
And I just couldn't tell why people weren't buying. I took it personally every
single time. Every no felt like getting my toenails pulled.

Things started turning around for me when I got into fluid marketing. I used to do
launch sniping for a while. Launch sniping is when you build review sites
targeting your fluid products that haven't launched yet. It was a popular strategy
back in the day for broke and miserable people like me. It didn't cost anything
besides having a $3 hosting account and a $7 domain. At the time, I already knew
how to install [inaudible 00:04:11] on my site and I just needed to optimize it
for the right keywords. I built several sniper sites and forgot about them. A
couple of weeks later, I got a few sales in my click bank account. Hmm, I thought,
where did those come from? All right, I got a sniper site.

And this is where I've experienced a mega paradigm shift, that, I don't want to
say changed everything, but it made things a lot easier. I realized I was going
about my marketing completely wrong way. I thought I needed to convince people. I
thought I needed to spark their desire to want my products. I thought I needed to
educate them about why my products were better than other products. I told them
about the features. I followed up. I was the classic misinformed marketer. You
could smell my selling from a mile away. People hate being sold to though, even if
they want what you got. So anytime I opened my mouth, or if anything that gave
away my ulterior motive to sell them something, which pretty much meant anytime I
did anything at all, because I was so desperate to sell, prospects would run the
other way, as if I had chickenpox or something.

I decided to test a different approach. I promised myself to stop trying to talk
to people into buying from me. I decided to stop trying to explain why my products
are superior, what are their features, and how they stack up against competitive
products. I decided to stop giving into the urge of making uninvited pitches.
Instead, I was only going to pitch my offers to people who really, really wanted
them. I believed, launch sniping worked for me because I was going after the
people who were already interested in buying that particular product. They were
actively looking for information about the product itself. I just had to offer
them a way to submit their order. And in some cases, present them with an excuse
or to jump off the fence. So I stopped convincing people. I stopped talking up my
offers to them. I worked really hard in my buy. I went from being the desperate,
to close a sale, to being someone who appeared as if he didn't care. I often even
pushed people back for that very reason. More than anything else, I wanted to
unlearn my desperation.

Instead, I was now presenting my leads with opportunities, rather than convincing
them they were doing the right thing, or that my product was unrivaled. At that
point, if they had even the slightest desire for what I had, they start asking
questions. They engage me, not the other way around. This changed everything. Now,
I wasn't a desperate salesman anymore. I was now an authority on the manner of
life-changing opportunity. I had something they wanted. I didn't try to make them
want it or even buy it. I changed my marketing style completely. I put all the
educational stuff in video and article formats and I published it on the web. So
they read it or watch it, rather than getting it from me directly, or having me
pitch them in a Facebook chat or over the phone. This way, I was still the one who
was showing them the ropes. They were still getting it from me, but I wasn't
selling or convincing because it was done purely in an informative style. And by
the time they came knocking on my door, after consuming my content, and after
reading about that sort of stuff, they were already trying to make a buying
decision, at which point, I never appeared as that desperate salesman anymore.

And when I say that I was presenting them with life-changing opportunities, I
don't mean that I was chasing them with income opportunities. What I mean is that
rather than trying to push them into a sale, I offered them a chance to make a
buying decision. So I presented them with an opportunity to make a change in their
life, but it wasn't done from a perspective of here, come in, get inside, pulling
them by the hand, grabbing them with both hands by their shirt collar and dragging
them into my "store." Instead, what I've done is that, hey, if you have this
problem, you may want to take a look at this. And that was the vibe. The vibe that
isn't really intrusive. The vibe that's not violent. The vibe that doesn't
pressure people into anything. In fact, when they spoke to me, it appeared, which
is great because I felt better and of course, it appeared the same way to them. It
appeared that they needed this more than I did. And the fact is, that was exactly
the case. Because anytime you offer a solution to a problem of any kind, your
prospect needs that solution more than you need the money that you'll get as a
result of introducing them to the solution.

Now, I realize how backwards it is for anyone who just gets started in the
business because we're all desperate to sell something. We're all desperate to
make some money when we just get started. And even after, just to maintain our
track record, we're also kind of desperate. But if you can overcome this built-in
urge, to desperately make money, and you're able to reposition yourself, and
reprogram yourself to be the opportunity presenter, and be absolutely fine with
them saying no or being absolutely fine with pushing them back and saying no to a
prospect yourself, then you'll notice a complete change in the kind of
conversations you start having with people. Because what's going to happen is,
they're going to try and convince you why you should allow them to buy from you.
People will literally be knocking on your door, begging you to take their money.
Imagine how different this is, from the situation you may find yourself in right
now, where you're the one begging them to give you money, versus them begging you
to take their money. That's a situation I want to be every single time when I
market any product, which is why I never market anything unless I know there's an
established demand and a hungry market for that thing. Because doing it the
opposite way, and going out there trying to convince people they need what I've
got, is just a really hard, almost impossible to win battle.

The other day, a company reached out to me who wanted me to help them with
marketing their product. And it's a really cool product, although, I don't know
whether or not there's a demand for it, but it's a really cool product. They're
going to have a really hard time trying to find a market for it because there's no
database, there's no group of people or tribe, there's no segment of the market
that I know, that is actually looking, actively looking for that particular
solution. It's kind of like trying to sell shoes in Africa in 1700s where people
don't wear shoes, right? On one hand, you may say, oh wow, it's incredible,
nobody's selling it because it means so much opportunity for me. And in some
cases, that's true. If you're coming up with this revolutionary and groundbreaking
and absolutely incredible brand new thing that the world really, really needs, but
most of the time people don't buy that stuff because they don't need it, or
because they don't really want it, or they don't even understand why they should
be wanting it in the first place.

So that is why when it comes to a lean startup business, when it comes to a
regular person who wants to walk away from their 9-to-5 job, what I recommend is
going after a market that already wants what you've got. And not try to create
something and then look for people that, to educate about it, which is again, such
a difficult way of marketing your business which most often fails badly.

So, this concludes another episode of the List Building Lifestyle. Thank you so
much for tuning in. And hopefully, what you're selling today has an established
demand. And if you're not sure, feel free to reach out to us at [[email protected]
00:12:00] and we'll see if we can help you out. So thank you again and until next
time we chat. Have a good one.

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