How I Went From Rejection To Magnetic Attraction Nearly Overnight

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Ever felt like you were pushing a massive rock uphill in your affiliate marketing journey, desperately trying to convince people to buy your products? Igor understands your struggle and reveals his transformation from a pushy salesman to an opportunity presenter. Join us on this episode as he shares his pivotal shift in mindset, moving from persuading reluctant buyers to offering solutions to a pre-existing demand. Learn how presenting opportunities rather than pushing products can make all the difference in your affiliate marketing success, resulting in eager customers knocking on your door.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor discusses his journey as an online affiliate marketer, highlighting the shift from desperation to success by marketing to existing demand rather than trying to convince potential customers.

[00:40] The Uphill Battle of an Affiliate’s Journey:

  • Starting out as an online affiliate marketer felt like an uphill battle, akin to pushing a massive rock up the stairs of Trump Tower. Nobody seemed to pay attention, let alone make a purchase.

  • I believed people would be ecstatic about what I had to offer, but when I introduced them to my programs, I faced a wall of silence and rejection. Admittedly, my sales skills were mediocre at best, if not downright terrible at the time.

  • I began to believe I was cursed because it felt like people were avoiding me, metaphorically speaking, of course. I wasn’t making any money; instead, I was spending both money and a significant amount of time prospecting on social media, following my upline’s advice.
  • I found myself begging people to join my business, thinking it was my responsibility to convince and satisfy their demands, essentially forcing them into buying my products. In my determination, I delved into books on persuasion, influence, manipulation, mind control, and even seduction.

[06:17] Transitioning from Pushy Salesman to Opportunity Presenter:

  • The harder I pushed to persuade, the more people pushed back, and the harder I sold, the fewer conversions I achieved.

  • It became clear that my prospects didn’t want to buy from me, and I felt the need to force them into purchasing my products. My approach resulted in a slew of silent rejections, and I took each one personally, feeling as though I was getting my toenails pulled.
  • Things took a turn when I embraced a more fluid marketing strategy. I experimented with launch sniping, a method where I built review sites targeting products yet to be launched. It was a cost-effective strategy, requiring only a $3 hosting account and a $7 domain. I already knew how to set up WordPress on my site and just needed to optimize it for relevant keywords. I constructed several sniper sites and left them alone. A few weeks later, I noticed a few sales in my ClickBank account, leaving me wondering where they came from.
  • Rather than pushing my offers, I presented opportunities to people who already had a desire for what I offered. I aimed to unlearn my desperation, shifting from a desperate salesman to someone who appeared indifferent. I was now offering leads the chance to make an informed decision rather than trying to persuade them.

  • By providing educational content in video and article formats, I allowed them to read and watch it on their own terms. As a result, they approached me with questions, and engagement became their initiative. This change made all the difference.

[09:48] Providing Solutions, Not Just Products:

  • In marketing, when you offer a solution to a problem, your prospect often needs that solution more than you need the money you’d earn from the sale.

  • I understood that offering opportunities was more effective than trying to convince or manipulate people. Overcoming the initial urge to desperately make money allowed me to have different, more meaningful conversations with potential customers.

  • They began trying to convince me to let them buy from me, a far cry from the scenario where I was begging them for their money.
  • The key takeaway is to market to a pre-existing demand rather than trying to create a demand. This shift in mindset is crucial, as convincing people to want what you have can be an arduous battle.

  • So, I encourage you to seek out markets that already desire your product, saving you the struggle of trying to educate and persuade reluctant buyers.

  • In the end, your goal should be for customers to knock on your door, eager to do business with you. This is the ideal scenario, and it’s one I strive for in every product I market.

[12:08] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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