Bypassing The 3 Typical Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

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Did you know that many beginners face numerous challenges and common mistakes when they venture into the world of affiliate marketing? It’s like navigating through a dense forest filled with obstacles and potential pitfalls, leaving aspiring affiliate marketers feeling lost and overwhelmed. Tune in as Igor reveals the most common mistakes made by beginners and how to overcome them.

[00:00] Samuel Jackson Introduces The Show!

[00:20] In this episode, Igor unveils his proven strategies, insider tips, and industry secrets to help you steer clear of those treacherous pitfalls and pave your way to affiliate marketing greatness.

[02:00] Common Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing:

  • One of the most common mistakes people make in affiliate marketing is choosing to partner with big brands like Amazon for affiliate commissions.

  • Amazon’s low-profit margins result in meager payouts for referrals, making it challenging to generate significant traffic and create a sustainable income.

  • Promoting a $20 product that pays only $3 in commissions won’t yield substantial earnings, especially when you factor in the expenses of running an affiliate business, such as website costs and tools.

[03:10] How To Increase Your Income?

  • To maximize your income potential, I recommend focusing on private and recurring affiliate programs that offer substantial commissions for a single referral.

  • Partnering with programs that pay you big commissions every month for the same referral means you put in the work once but continue earning passive commissions on an ongoing basis.

  • Within a few months, these commissions can accumulate into a substantial income, covering your expenses and providing you with extra money.

  • Another strategy is to promote higher-priced products that offer 50-70% commissions. With just a few sales, you can achieve a great additional income.

[04:15] Build Your Email Lists:

  • Building a following or an email list is crucial for long-term success in affiliate marketing.

  • An email list is a powerful money-making asset because you can continually send product recommendations and earn affiliate commissions.

  • On the other hand, affiliates who solely rely on traffic sources without building a solid following can quickly find themselves in trouble if they lose access to those traffic sources, like Facebook groups or Google rankings.

[05:13] Igor’s 30-Day E-Farming Challenge:

  • Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money, but it’s a vast topic with many facets to explore. If you’re interested in getting started with affiliate marketing, I encourage you to check out my 30-Day E-farming Challenge.

  • This system is designed to help beginners enter affiliate marketing, spending just 30 minutes per day over 30 days, without any previous experience. 

[05:47] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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