Autoresponder Wars Volume 2 – Self Hosted vs 3rd Party Mailing Software

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Igor dives deep into the realm of self-hosted email autoresponders. Who should use them and why? Are they newbie friendly? How do they stack up against 3rd party mailers like Aweber and GetResponse?

[01:20] The podcast settles the war between self-hosted versus third-party mailing software by outlining how each autoresponder works and benefits its user. 

[01:50] Igor’s opinion on self-hosted autoresponders:

  • I’ve seen a whole lot of products out there that require me to connect my autoresponder to my domain.

  • Those are called self-hosted autoresponders or self-hosted systems. They are usually pitched to you in the form of an interface.

  • Let’s take something like GetResponse, you’ll see an interface, which is the website you interact with. And then there’s a backend. The backend is where the mailing servers are, where all that automation and software is. It’s all the things you don’t see, lots and lots and lots of code and lots of complicated systems.

  • Usually what is required is for you to buy a website, for you to install WordPress or something like that on that website, get some hosting, and then connect your server or your, I guess, system, to an SMTP service. SMTP service is what allows you to email because you can’t just email from your computer.

  • You have to email from a very specific regulated email service. And these programs which are becoming more popular every day, allow you to easily figure out how to make that connection.

  • The GetResponse interface will be different from the AWeber interface, and those two will be totally different from the self-hosted solution. And that’s really what they sell.

  • The self-hosted software that keeps popping up just offers you an interface. They don’t often offer you the ability to mail. And the ability to mail is, you’re responsible for that by signing up for a different service called SMTP.

  • An average person who just wants to mail just doesn’t have the patience to go through that massive learning curve.

  • And that is why in this volume of Autoresponder Wars, I highly recommend that if you’re not technical, and if you’re not experienced with email marketing, you stick to third-party mailing software like GetResponse. 

[06:50] Why is your sender score important for email marketing? 

  • There’s a scorecard that every email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail keeps a scorecard.

  • And if they check your mailing domain or your email and or your server IP, they can rank that IP domain or email on that scorecard from zero to 100.

  • And if you rank, if you score high on that scorecard, then they let you through. If you score low, they don’t let you through.

  • Learn more about checking and improving your sender score via Igor’s 301K Challenge Program.

[09:20] Are self-hosted autoresponders worth it?

  • I really don’t see a point in using self-hosted systems anymore. Unless you’re promoting something that’s illegal and you won’t get accepted into third-party solutions with terms of service.

  • That’s basically black hat or spamming or whatever. So then you kind of have to do self-hosting because nobody will just want to work with you.

  • Just stick to third-party and there are so many different options these days, and so many different interfaces with so many different automation and integrations and features that, in my humble yet accurate opinion, there’s no reason for anyone to do self-hosting.

  • In many cases, there’s no technical support or it’s very slow.

  • Why not just focus on being productive, being effective with your time, and focusing on marketing instead of getting bogged down by building that system yourself?

[11:55] Mustang vs. Ferrari:

  • You get to choose between a Mustang, and let’s say it’s not a brand new Mustang, let’s say it’s a 2010 Mustang. But it’s a pretty fast one and it’s in decent condition, versus putting together your own Ferrari.

  • We’ll send you all the tools and we’ll send you all the blueprints, but you have to put your own Ferrari together. Would you do it? Would you choose the Ferrari or would you go with a Mustang?

  • The point being is a less glamorous solution, but that works, is more important than a glamorous and potentially insanely effective and money-saving solution that you basically have to figure out on your own and go through an insane learning curve. And even when you set it up, things will still break. So what’s the point? 

[15:27] Applying the Pareto Principle when choosing mailing software: 

  • Electricity goes where there’s the least resistance. And I think that rather than chasing features, we all have to look at whether it is working.

  • Is it getting me that 20% that gets me the 80% of results? Remember that there is the Pareto principle, where 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions.

  • Your email autoresponder just needs to get the job done. Don’t over-complicate it. Its job is to get those emails out and get those emails delivered.

  • You can tweak and optimize to help the delivery and do that of course, but don’t over-complicate it.

  • If those emails are going out and they’re getting delivered, that’s most important.

  • Then the next step is to make more offers and stop getting bogged down by the technical stuff.

[16:28] List Building Lifestyle Podcast:



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