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Jonathan: Welcome back to another addition of the List Building Lifestyle Show.
Here is your host, the wisest List Builder on the planet, Mr. Igor Kheifets.

Igor: Is there is there a word actually like the wisest, is that an actual word?

Jonathan: You are.

Igor: I think like of the definition of the word.

Jonathan: [Laughter]

Igor: That’s right, that’s right. I’m going to get it tattooed on my back, The
Wisest List Builder.

Jonathan: The wisest, the wisest wise guy

Igor: That’s right. [Laughter]

Jonathan: What’s up Igor? What’s good in your world today?

Igor: Well you know Jon it hasn’t been easy carrying these bags of wisdom.
[Laughter] You know of list building wisdom. But I’ve been I’ve been managing
somehow. I have been managing. I just came back from a week’s long vacation in
Russia. Not bad, not bad. I got to tell you the bigger cities in Russia have
really stepped up their game. It feels like there catching up with the rest of the
world which is surprising because you know I grew up over there. Like post Soviet
Ukraine, Russia same thing and I always had the feeling we were way behind. Now I
come back to Russia it feels like we have caught up like as a nation and it feels
nice and I hope we can somehow help List Builders bridge the gap as well because
there is a big problem here that I spotted recently. And see the problem is that
everybody is so busy chasing fads and looking for that one amazing, incredible,
system that sells; that converts like gang busters that they forget how things are
supposed to be marketed. And specifically, I see a huge mismatch between the
products that are being sold and the awareness of the people to whom they’re being
sold to. And what I mean by that is back in the day Eugene Schwartz who’s
considered to be one of the greatest copywriters out there or at least one of the
greatest teachers of copywriting out there, who’s of course now deceased. You know
he spoke about the five levels of awareness when it came to your customer. He was
able to break down the entire market for your product no matter what you were
selling. No matter if it’s your product or even if you an affiliate marketer.
Right, he was able to break it down into five different stages of awareness. And
these stages dictate how you’re supposed to market your product to those
audiences. And you know this is the one thing that I have never seen anyone talk
about even though at least in our industry of course if your like studying Agora
and all the people that are like in the financial space or something like they do
talk about that stuff but you know in our space the IM space nobody talks about
that. Nobody’s even remotely aware of the fact that different prospects require
different sort of angles, different approaches and they’re never able to identify
the market they’re working with. In fact, one of the most common ways I guess to
stifle a marketer today is to ask him what is your, or her what is your perfect
customer, like what who is that person you’re marketing to, who’s your avatar? And
most of the time all we get is that dumb look of a person that doesn’t know what
to tell you. Because a lot of times they’ll get the swipe, or the copy, or the
sales funneling from whoever has given it to them. But they never, ever, ever,
ever, stop to consider how do I need to frame this, to create like this perfect
match so my customers or my potential customers feels like there in the right
place at the right time. And that this product is capable of solving their

Jonathan: You used an interesting word there that I would like a definition of.
You said how do I frame this what is this frame concept?

Igor: Frame I believe correct me if I’m wrong it comes from the NOP world where
it’s how you position something in the eyes of the other person. So, for example
one product could be positioned as several different, as a solution to several
different problems. Like a car can be positioned as a solution to a movement
problem, or an inability to move. Right, so if you want to move from point A to
point B, a car can be that thing that moves you. Now at the same time a car can be
positioned as a prestigious thing that defines your social status. So, if we are
talking about a Bentley or Rolls Royce right or if were talking about Israel a
Buick or a Mercedes Benz which is considered to be this incredible status thing.
So, that’s a solution to a status problem. Right, or if we are talking about say
an ambulance right that’s actually a solution not to a transfer problem but more
so to a lifesaving thing. Right, so it’s what’s going to keep you from dying; that
or a helicopter. But, my point is that one product, the same product can be
positioned or framed as different solutions, different problems which is important
to remember because your market you can break it down into a bunch of different
segments. And that’s what I kind of want to teach on this episode is what are
those five different segments of your market and how do you approach them how do
you frame your product? Same exact same product whether your product or someone
else’s. So, if you’re an affiliate marketer it goes I mean it works for you as
well how do you frame that in order for the product to make sense as a solution to
the problem or the goal that they want to achieve?

Jonathan: You had me up until you said teach. Then I just started glazing over.
Don’t teach me anything. [Laughter]

Igor: Alright, let me show you, let me allow you to discover.

Jonathan: [Laughter] I’m in. I’m in.

Igor: Because we don’t want to work. Alright yeah, yeah, we don’t want to work.

Jonathan: No, no, no.

Igor: So, so there are five stages. Okay there are five stages of buyer awareness
and if you want to study those deeply which I suggest you do. I suggest you read a
book that’s called “Good Leads” by Michael Masterson. Because that’s where I had
first seen this concept really explained in great detail, as well as you know,
there were a lot of examples; tons of examples given for each one of these
segments. So, were going to go from top to bottom. Meaning that were going to go
from your absolute best to most easiest to close prospect to the prospect that is
the hardest to close. At the same time, you have to remember that there is going
to be fewer prospects that your able to close right away like that versus you know
a wider market of prospects that are closable but require a different approach.
Alright, so it’s like a pyramid so the top it’s; like the best type and the lower
you go the wider it gets and the more the market grows but it’s hard to convert
because it’s more generic. So, at the top of the pyramid we got the Most Aware
buyer, most aware meaning the prospect knows your product and knows the deal. So,
for me the example of my business Igor Solo Ads if were talking about somebody who
would be the most aware of a prospect. For me, that’s somebody who understands
what Solo Ads are, knows that I exist, understands how Igor Solo Ads are different
from other Solo Ad providers, is familiar with our guarantee and this point it’s
now a question okay Igor what do you got? Like what can you offer me, how much it
costs, and let me make a buying decision. That’s the Most Aware Type of Prospect,
obviously the easiest one to close. And it’s the person willing to make a buying
decision pretty much right away. It’s the dream prospect for any business. Okay,
but like I said those are the few because to create the Most Aware customer you
have to do what we have been talking about the show along; aggressive daily follow
up, putting out infotaining content, repurposing content, etcetera, etcetera,
etcetera, so everything we have been talking about until now that’s how you create
the Most Aware buyer. Now the one stage below the Most Aware buyer is the Product
Aware. So, the Product Aware buyer is somebody that knows what you sell but not
sure that its right for him. So, in other words again let’s just keep on with the
example of my business, Igor Solo Ads. It’s somebody who understands what Solo Ads
are and knows that Igor Solo Ads exist. At the same time, they are aware that you
know other Solo Ads agencies also exist and they are at a point where they are not
able to make an indefinite decision about whether my company is right for them. So
that’s the Product Aware buyer and that’s the second-best customer you can hope
for because this customer has already moved beyond the point of being sold on the
concept of Solo Ads, right, and now there just searching for the right source.
Again, pretty good chances for you to close such a prospect. Now the one below
that so were getting the middle of the pyramid is the Solution Aware customer. Now
the Solution Aware person is somebody who knows the results they want but not
which product to provide those results. So that prospect is aware of the solution
in the general form of it which is Solo Ads, however they are not aware of Igor
Solo Ads, and they are not aware of other providers, there still at a point where
of okay Solo Ads exist and they are studying about them. And they seem like a good
idea so there like at that point just before they start researching specific Solo
Ads sources. Alright so these are the three levels the first three levels. Now the
fourth one is the Problem Aware customer. Now the Problem Aware customer, he or
she I probably should be saying prospect because they are still not buying
anything. You know he senses that he’s got a problem but he doesn’t know the
solution. So, in other words this is probably somebody who’s a member of a
multi-level marketing company who’s still going door to door trying to do flyers,
right or whatever. And you know he’s aware of the fact that he ain’t got enough
leads to make enough money to pay his bills. So, now he’s at a point where if you
talk to him about his problem he is going to listen to you but you also need to
sell him on the right solution. Because for him the solution might not be the Solo
Ads, it might may be direct mail, it may be Facebook, it may be YouTube, it may be
blogging or SCO, so, solutions now is where he’s at, like he’s trying to pick that
solution and what he is only aware of is the problem. Okay, so again the
conversation you begin with is not about the Sol Ads it’s about “oh you ain’t got
enough leads that’s your problem”. So that’s number four and it’s a pretty wide
market but by far the widest market the market where you can get I guess the most
money of course it comes with the down side to having to work harder to close, to
convert, is the absolutely Not Aware customer. That is not even aware that they’ve
got a problem. So, you not only need to explain to them what the solution is but
before that you have to explain to them what their problem is. So, somebody who
doesn’t get enough leads right you have to explain to them that they aren’t
getting enough leads that leads are the problem then offer a solution to that
problem. So again, it requires a lot of work as far as drilling deep and starting
the conversation from the very, very bottom and leading them by the hand all the
way to your solution which ends up solving that problem.

Jonathan: So, Igor where do you see most people going in, because you said that
there is a disconnect between where people are in there buying process and where
marketers are marketing to them. So, are they marketing to the low hanging fruit,
are they marketing to the wide market, where’s the big mistakes that you see?

Igor: Well that’s the problem Jonathan there all over the frickin place. I see
offers that are really ultra IM specific where they use the lingo, where they talk
about the problems that somebody who’s been in internet marketing for three years
is experiencing, somebody who tried a bunch of things and failed, right and they
come into a market that’s basically only problem aware which is second from the
bottom. At the same time, I have seen companies approach us where they have got
these sell funnels or I guess I can’t even call that a funnel it’s more like a
website more like a homepage, that all they do is they try to sell the solution.
Right, because they basically say, “hey we got this amazing product, we got this
ground-breaking thing”, it’s usually MLM companies right. But there trying to sell
this to a customer that’s really not seeking a solution yet but they are aware of
their problem. So, there is no one big mistake that I am seeing it’s just constant
mismatch and it depends on the product itself and on the person, you’re trying to
attract. You know I usually bash all the other traffic sources and I build up Solo
Ads as this one thing that’s the best thing that ever happened to this planet
right, would have to recognize the fact that there is a product for every traffic
source and an offer for every traffic source and a traffic source for every offer.
For example, I told you the story of how I have been working with a friend of mine
who owns a local deli. And we used Facebook ads and video marketing, not email
because he ain’t got a website, he’s not building a list or anything like that,
but we used videos infotaining videos. So same as like I would write an email I
just taught him how to do these videos. And we would upload Facebook ads
specifically to our community so we would limit the location. And by doing so we
have increased his meat sales to a point okay where he is selling as much as a
store that’s twice his size. And we did it in less than six months. Now that is an
incredible feat for a small town like where I live in. Okay, so my point is that
we were aware of the tools and of the market we knew where the market hung out, we
knew what was the best tool to get to them, and we knew what was the conversation
we had to have. Because if we were to take the same approach as I would take with
a different traffic source or different offer to a different crowd like it
wouldn’t work. And that’s a whole other issue within our marketing. Because and
tell me if you notice this, tell me if you notice this, the marketers tend to
generalize the crap out of everything. Like there looking for the one thing that’s
solves all of their problems. Right, there looking for that one thing that makes
everything bad go away. And as soon as they find something all of sudden that
becomes the ultimate solution to all their lives problems. It doesn’t matter that
it works only in that one specific niche, it doesn’t matter that they got lucky,
right but all of a sudden, they generalize the crap out of it and they stick it
everywhere. Right, so that’s the wrong way to go about promoting your product.

Jonathan: Yeah, I might have seen that once, or twice. [Laughter] That might be
why your cleaning up in the Sol Ads business you’re not playing that game. So, let
me ask you a question about I think I have the title of this episode correctly,
How To Create An Irresistible Offer For Any Affiliate Product, where does that
fall in the pyramid of awareness?

Igor: Well, that falls into probably a Problem Aware market. Because what this
title does it targets people who are considering to make money with affiliate
marketing but don’t know how to get started or people who try it a little bit like
they deviled with affiliate marketing but failed miserably. So, there aware of the
fact that they have got a problem. And the problem is that they want to make money
as affiliates but they don’t know how the hell to do it. Okay, so what this title
does is it attracts the people in that category by focusing one specific problem
that there thinking about hopefully a lot. Okay now it doesn’t for example attract
people who have already decided how to position their affiliate offer. Like if
somebody like Jon Chow is actually listening to this episode, he won’t find much
value because he already understands it. That’s why he makes nine hundred and
forty something thousand dollars this year alone with MOBE. So that’s not for John
Chow you know what I mean. Like that’s not for shoe money. That’s for people who
are at the early stages of affiliate marketing that are still trying to understand
what is the best way to promote their products. And who exactly they are supposed
the patient promote them to.

Jonathan: I like that. So, let’s do one more, let’s do one more. [Laughter] So,
let me read you another title of one of your older episodes. So, number IKS 144
How To Build A Five Hundred Thousand Dollar Per Month Business Opportunity With
John Christani. Hopefully I said his name right.

Igor: Yeah, that’s right. So, John Christani he’s big now. He’s really up and
coming the biz op space. He originally came from a different niche and he was very
successful there. And he came in and pretty much just dominated. So that’s why I
hurried to get him on the show because this guy’s going to make a splash for sure.
He’s already making a splash but he’s going to be bigger in a couple years from
now. So, the people that are being targeted through that subject line are really
ambitious entrepreneurs in the make money online space. It’s the people who
succeeded at least on some level of business opportunities and are now asking
themselves the question if I am making so much money as an affiliate imagine what
I can do if I owned the actual company. Imagine what I can do if I knew how to
build my own business opportunity and have other people pulling it for me. So,
it’s a small segment I agree I mean it’s probably less than five percent of the
entire market place. But that’s who you target because that’s an ambitious frickin
goal right. I mean it is. Now at the same time it can also not necessarily but it
can also target people who are aware of the solution. In other words, people who
are members of several business opportunities and there still dreaming of becoming
that somebody who’s making a ton of money with business opportunities, so they are
at least somewhat interested of making five hundred thousand dollars a year in
this particular space. But, I doubt they dream this big, right. So that’s what I
am saying I mean there still listening to the episode because they would be
thinking if I could if I could only make like ten percent of that I would be
frickin happy. So, let me so what Igor and John Christani have to say. Right, so
that’s but again the primary segment for that particular episode are the ambitious
entrepreneurs who really are considering let me see if I can get my own company up
and going. Like what can I do, what can I make happen if I take that step in my

Jonathan: Yeah, so each episode, or each piece of content, each piece of
marketing, targets one particular spot where people are. That’s what I think you
were saying earlier people are trying to cram everything into each piece and it
just doesn’t work that way.

Igor: Exactly, exactly, you have hit it right there. Basically, let’s just take
email marketing for example right, people ask me Igor how long is your like follow
up sequence, how long is my follow up sequence supposed to be? And they expect for
me to say to give them a number like 14 days I’m not sure why that’s the magic
number for people, but they think it’s 14 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days that’s
why I say your email follow up cannot be limited to a certain number of emails
because there is like a never-ending amount of topics, and angles you can take to
check in different segment on your list to get them to sign up for your product.
Like if you’re going with something like MOBE or Digital Altitude right, you’re
actually solving your money problem. But imagine the angles, imagine the
approaches you can take if you’re aware of the five different stages of buyer
awareness. Are you targeting the person who is working a really good job but feels
like he is in the golden cage? So, he wants to get out and he wants not to have a
boss. Right, but he needs to place his income with something that equal as awesome
as what he’s making there. Like I have had a bunch of clients like that. I have
had one client I remember I spoke to him on the phone. He was working for Boeing
the plane company right. He was making like twenty grand a month, he had three
cars, and two houses. He was freaking miserable. The guy was miserable and he
wanted to get out and at the time I was doing the whole Solo Ad coaching thing.
So, he wanted me to help him build a Sol Ads business right. So, at the same time
you could be at the exact same solution you could be targeting the retired person
who’s now at a point where they are now running out of money before they run out
of life. Now at the same time you could be targeting a twenty-one-year-old person
who is already aware of the fact that he doesn’t want to have a job and they want
to live the freelance life style. Right, so they want to be in a different country
every month, perhaps even living on a very slim budget, right, maybe staying at
different like cheap hotels and what not but being able the to support themselves
strictly through their laptop. Right, so they don’t need a lot of money they just
need some money to support themselves. Maybe you’re targeting a couple that just
had a kid and the wife had to walk away from a job. So now they only have one
income. So maybe the level of awareness is the problem the problem is I had two
incomes now I have one. What do I do? So, usually the husband or the wife will
sign up with a business opportunity simply because that seems like a legitimate
way right to have a second income without actually having what’s called a job
while being able to take care of their child. So again, so many different levels
of awareness and it’s up to you to figure out what’s the content piece, the email,
the sales letter, video that you’re producing today. Who are you targeting because
that’s how you really do it? That’s really how you start when you’re considering a
content piece. You don’t think oh what is that content I am going to produce
today? That’s the wrong way to go about it. You said you ask yourself who am I
producing it for, and what is their awareness at this point what are they
wondering about, what are they thinking about, and then producing the content is a
piece of cake.

Jonathan: Yeah, I like how you hid this deep marketing psychology lesson in an
irresistible offer for any market package. [Laughter] Good stuff Igor. So, do you
want to give a quick tease of what’s coming up next time?

Igor: Yeah, next episode were going to continue with what we begin in the recent
weeks. Where we started talking more about the actual process of buying Solo Ads
and were going to talk about how to write the perfect Solo Ad’s swipe. Now the
reason I decided to finally approach this topic is because you know Google that.
You just literally I dare you Google that and you’ll find so much contradicting
advice about Solo Ad swipes. People just have it completely wrong. So, on the next
episode I want to simplify it for you, I want to make easy to understand, and I
want to have you by the end of the episode have your ideal swipe you can take to
the Solo Ad vendors right away and run some traffic.

Jonathan: Oh, big promise there on the next List Building Lifestyle. That’s a wrap
for this time. We will be back in your ear buds for the next one.

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