3 Secrets To Getting Big Traffic For Affiliate Marketers

If you’re an offline marketer trying to get drive more leads online or if you’re marketing your own product or service – this episode isn’t for you. I’m addressing beginner affiliate marketers who are trying to get their foot through the door with paid traffic. Here’s the 3 things you need to do to make it as an affiliate in the super competitive online markets.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host,
Igor Kheifets. This episode is, I want to take this episode and I want to really
talk to the affiliate marketers in the crowd. If you're listening to my podcast
and you're an affiliate marketer, and you're either trying to be a full-time
internet marketer through affiliate marketing or you are maybe just building an
affiliate marketing income stream in your existing business; then, there's
something you need to know.

As an affiliate, when it comes to traffic generation, you're in a really awkward
position because on one hand, your entire income depends really on not only just
on the amount of traffic you're bringing in, but also on the quality of that
traffic. In other words, as an affiliate, the only thing you really need to do is
to drive the target or the visitor to your link. Not to mention that, you're then
are being judged by the person who owns the product, by the company or the person
who's basically the vendor of that product and they look at the quality of your

If your stats are crap, they'll cut you off for sure. Trust me, I know, because
not a single vendor in the world would want to ruin their stats by allowing an
affiliate that's sending a non-converting traffic they offer to continue promoting
because one of the ways they attract affiliates in the first place is showing,
"Oh, look at my stats. Look, look. My stats are saying we're making crazy EPCs,
crazy earnings per click, so you should totally promote my product."

That's one thing. The second thing is that as an affiliate, the other reason
you're in an awkward position is because most traffic sources are off limits to
you. I'm saying this because, let's just take, say Facebook. If Facebook finds out
you're promoting affiliate links, they ban you immediately. Most affiliate
marketers on Facebook or at least, the ones who were on Facebook before Facebook
upped their prices again, they drove traffic to their offers, to their own list
first and only promoted affiliated products in the backend.

Same thing for Google. Google and Bing, and all these companies, they don't like
affiliate marketers. Same thing for search engine optimizations. Search engine
optimization, they won't rank your affiliate links and if you're on Google Labs,
if you ran AdWords with the affiliate link, they will actually stop you from doing
it by either disabling your campaign or by taking you out. Again, you need to
drive traffic to your own website, to your own funnel to build your own list
before you can pop an affiliate link in front of the customer.

This naturally complicates things because if you are an affiliate marketer besides
fighting this battle, the battle of, "Oh, I need to draw a traffic, but I can't
tell them I'm an affiliate marketer." The other battle you're fighting is that
you're only getting a part of the money. You're only getting a part of that money
and this is really big because let's just say, you're promoting a $47 eBook and
you're getting 50% commissions as an affiliate, so you're getting what? 20 bucks,
$20-something, right?

How much money will you make or how much traffic can you get if you have to buy
that traffic if you're all getting is 20 bucks? Well, not much, right? But, let's
just say, the vendor is actually smart and they have multiple offers in the
funnel, so they keep paying you on the backend as well. This will be probably the
first step in picking an affiliate product that allows me to breakeven or to run
paid ads, even if I found a traffic source that worked for an affiliate.

That would be, this is something I called the average commission formula, ACF and
the average commission formula basically allows you to figure out how much money
you're making per sale. We're talking about the max possible amount of money you
can make per sale. Let's just say, again, I'm going to try to keep this simple for
the sake of the math, but let's just say you're promoting an affiliate funnel with
a front-end offer that costs $5 and you get a 50% commission.

With the upsell number one that costs $20 and you're getting a 50% commission, so
that's $10 and another upsell that costs 50 bucks and you're getting a 50%
commission on that, so that's $25. Basically, the average commission formula
basically says that you can expect to make at best, at best about, what is that?
25 and two-and-a-half, 27-and-a-half, and 10 bucks; that's 37-and-a-half, right?
At best, you can make $37.50 per sale. That's your absolute, best case scenario.
What does that allows you to do? What does that tell you?

It tells you that you are not able to spend more than that amount to acquire that
sale profitably. In fact, you're probably want to be spending about half of that
amount to acquire that sale profitably and be able to make money, to keep some
money, to reinvest some money back into traffic. Here is the challenge though. The
challenge is that if you drive traffic directly to your affiliate link, even if
you find a way to do it, you will still end up in a situation where you're not
building any assets for yourself.

If your goal is to become a full-time affiliate marketer, the best thing you can
do for yourself besides picking a product with a high margin, meaning that you're
able to make not tens of dollars, not 50 bucks, but you're able to make hundreds
if not thousands of dollars per single referral. When you do that, you also want
to be building your own list.

The reason you want to do that is because when you're driving traffic, you first
off, you open up more channels because when you're building your own list, you're
able to use things like Facebook Ads, you're able to use things like Google
AdWords, you're able to use things like search engine optimization because they
don't ban you for it. Should you use Facebook Ads? Probably not, probably not.
It's gotten too expensive. Should you use AdWords? Probably not either because
again, it is very, very, very expensive and for affiliate marketers, it just makes
no sense anymore.

But, let's just say you use solo ads. Solo ads, which is affordable enough and
easy enough for affiliates, and you don't get banned from promoting affiliate
links, which is the best part about it. Knowing your maximum earnings per
referral, you'll be able to identify exactly how much money you could spend to
acquire that sales. Let's just say your solo ad cost you 500 bucks. Let's just say
you went to someone expensive like me and you got a $500 solo ad, and you know
that your average referral value or max referral value is somewhere around $250.

The most you can make per a single sale is going to be $250, right? You're
spending $500 on this campaign, which means you need to hope to make at least two
big sales, and at least two, you need to hope basically to refer at least two
clients who will go all the way in the funnel and get you that $250. The thing is
that it may be tricky depending on how much traffic you're getting. Ideally, what
you want to do is you want to get products or offers that you're promoting that
pay you so much money that one sale, that one referral can actually cover the
entire cost of your campaign and then, some.

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That is why I've always recommend to people who want to become full-time affiliate
marketers to not simply go on clickbank.com and pick offers there because most
offers in Clickbank kind of cap at maybe $150 per referral. What I always
recommended is getting funnels and products with a high ticket backend. A hight
ticket backend where one's sale could cover not one, but even two, or three, or
four solo ads or basically, allowing you to cover a lot of money when you're
driving traffic.

That instantly enables you to start scaling your business and it actually allows
you to build a business in the first place because, I mean, if you're making $50
per referral and you're chasing traffic all the time, that's really not a
business. But, if you're getting one customer that's resulting in big profit
allowing you to cover your operating expenses and then, pocket some money, and
then reinvest into more traffic to scale, that's when you've got yourself a

Not to mention that if you're also and you should be, if you're also building your
list in the process, you can then start using that list to promote your own
products in that list once you've created your own products and I highly recommend
that you do regardless of whether you want to become a super affiliate or not. You
can also promote other people's affiliate products, too. For example, you're
building your list with affiliate product A and you're doing it profitably, and
that's great and that sort of allows you to get your foot in the door, start the
relationship with your customers, and get things going but who said you should
stop there?

Because there's other products out there for your people that showed interest in
buying that sort of thing. You can promote other stuff. Because for them, a
buyer's a buyer's a buyer. If I'm Harley-Davidson enthusiast, guess what? If I buy
one thing, I'll buy more. Like, say coffee, right? I'm big on coffee. Like, I'm
probably addicted and it's probably an issue. Like, I have to look into that but
coffee is something I'm willing to spend money on irrationally.

I'll spend money on mugs. I'll spend money on different types of beans. I'll get
that coffee from Nicaragua, the one that they find by picking out some cat's poop.
Others like this considered to be one of the best coffees in the world. I'll go
and I'll order organic coffee from a website, from an eCommerce store. I'll get
myself a really expensive coffee machine like I did for 700 bucks. I don't know if
that's expensive but that was expensive for me at that time. I spent 700 bucks. I
used to make 700 bucks a month. For me, to spend that on a coffee machine was

I'd get all kinds of accessories and all kinds of tableware and spoon ware. I'll
spend money on coffee and I'll do it with a passion like there won't be any logic
to it but I'll keep doing it. The same way as an affiliate marketer, your
potential customers and your existing customers will always be spending more money
on the solutions that you're promoting.

You're probably thinking, "Okay, Igor, but this may make sense in the make money
online market, but what if I'm promoting something like bedbugs? What if I'm
helping people buy ... referring them to a product that helps them solve their
bedbugs issue, which appears to be a big issue in the United States? It's actually
a big niche. What else can I sell them?

The thing is that there are people with bug issues. So, guess what? You can sell
them all kinds of different bug related solutions or you may ask them, like you
may run an e-mail and say, "Hey, you're in my list because you purchased this
product. But, if you have this problem, you may want to look into that." That's
how I made the transition into promoting crypto stuff.

I can easily now mail my make money online list and shift the direction towards
crypto and we've seen that happen in the industry last year where pretty much
everyone [inaudible 00:13:20] all of a sudden shifted to BitCoin and it's like,
"Hey, we've been promoting this make money on line opportunity but guess what?
This is way better. Crypto is way better. This is where you make big money. Come
and see."

All of the sudden, everybody is on crypto. Everybody's buying and selling.
Everybody's trading. It just exploded. To the same extent, you can manage your
list, manage your customer database and pretty much promote anything that makes
sense to them because they're buyers and that's what they do.

In order to drive traffic as an affiliate, again, let's recap. First off, you need
to be building your own list. If you don't do that, it's going to be infinitely
harder for you to breakeven on the traffic, it's going to be way harder for you to
close more sales because, you know, if you've been listening to the show, you
already understand older versions of list building.

If you still don't get it, if you maybe are brand new, maybe you never paid
attention; then, I highly recommend you go to igor.cx and attend my free webinar
where I teach you about driving traffic and about list building if you're an
affiliate marketer. The second thing you need to remember is that you can't just
drive traffic straight to an affiliate link because you'll get banned. You need to
basically, while building a list, you also need to be sort of masking it all.

But, if you are interested in driving traffic straight up and building a list in a
way that's affordable, in a way that's easy, in a way that it doesn't require you
to do anything black hat or grey hat, or build any sort of stages whatever, then
you want to check out solo ads as a traffic source because for affiliate
marketers, there's no easier way than to just buy the click. Buy the engaged
click. You can get sales pretty much for any niche if you look hard enough.

Again, if you want to find out how to do that, you can go to igor.cx and attend my
free web class where I'll show you exactly how to do that. Knowing that, you also
need to remember to pick affiliate products with high potential profit. In other
words, if you're promoting an affiliate product that pays you 20 bucks a sale and
that's all you're getting, you may have an issue, you may have a problem with
getting traffic because you're not making enough money.

What you want is you want high profit margins and preferably, a high ticket
backend too, because even if they don't buy that high ticket backend say the same
day or the same week, or even the same month, six months from now, trust me.
They'll come back and they'll be looking at it and it'd be like, "I still haven't
solved my problem. Maybe I should have bought that high ticket thing." They will
go back and they will find you, and they will join your high ticket backend offer.
That's just the way it's going to work. Trust me. That's how people are.

When that happens, guess what? Bam! You're instantly in profit for many of the
campaigns you've done months ago. But, of course again, if the offer is a
high-converting one, and there's a message to market match then, some of them will
be joining that high ticket backend way, way, way sooner. Of course, multiple
streams of income. If they purchased one product in that niche, that means they're
going to be purchasing other products in that niche. Not to mention that any
niches will cross reference.

Again, if you're on the make money online market, we can do BitCoin stuff and vice
versa. If we're in the real estate market by the way, we can actually do the make
money online stuff. You'd be surprised but make money online list and real estate
list work really well with each other. Something for you to keep in mind.

Anyway, this is Igor and this episode was all about helping you if you're an
affiliate marketer to drive more traffic, to breakeven, and to scale your
business. Until next time we chat, have a good one.

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